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President John F Kennedy was never assassinated. He and his family were ordered to go along with a fake assassination. The reason they agreed was because JFK survived a real assassination attempted by Richard Pavlick. The family was told that JFK would have to endure more real attempts at assassination if he remained in power. The reason for the assassinations was simple - JFK, a prototype Rex Bellator modeled after Adolph Hitler was rapidly preparing America for War with Russia. JFK was starting new wars in Asia and mobilizing American troops abroad after America was sick of war. The Deep State calculated that they could continue scaling up the Asian war if JFK was assassinated, but would encounter resistance if he was allowed to remain president.

On November 22, 1963, JFK decided to start his campaign for re-election a year early for no apparent reason at all, and in a location (Dallas Texas) that hated him, and during a time he was aware of assassination attempts from the far-right. The motorcade through Dealy Plaza was an elaborate ruse to fake an assassination in a controlled environment with very few witnesses. An automatronic mannequin filled with blood was modeled after his body and timed to explode as if a gun shot had struck it. Jacqueline, Connolly (another Democrat), and his wife went along with the hoax.

Inconsistencies Haunt Official Record Of Kennedy's Death

After Oswald denied the assassination, he was himself assassinated. Later the Warren Commission issued a Magic-Bullet Theory to further confuse the public and draw attention away from the hoax. By feeding the public contradictions under the guise of a newly coined term 'conspiracy theory', the CIA effectively convinced the public at large that such theories are ultimately unfounded, and that those who pursue them are operating on contradictory logic and poor reasoning skills. A major cover-up of incriminating evidence of the actual JFK conspiracy ensued. The Vietnam War began. Richard Pavlick fears had come true.

All the facts are available, including on the assassin Richard Pavlick. Frankly I'm astonished that no generations including mine have been able to conclude what was obvious about this event - that it was entirely faked . Lots of people agree it was 'kinda faked' but for some reason won't make that final leap in deductive thought. For that reason I don't find many people willing to talk about JFK for real.

It seems they are all in some kind of illusion - that JFK was a hero. They totally misidentify his quotes, attribute quotes he never said, and think of him as some kind of peace maker role model when he was a war mongering nazi philanderer - a Rex Bellator or "Warrior King" appointed for the next attack on Russia. He started the Vietnam war to further contain russia and then fake died to make sure it would happen. How isn't any of this obvious to everyone? Because everyone has been 100% played on this and no one wants to admit it.
















"The ultimate purpose of that assassination was not political or economic, but sorcerous; for the control of the dreaming mind is the underlying motive in this entire scenario of lies, cruelty and degradation.
Something died in the American people on November 22, 1963.."

James Shelby Downard

THE LONE GUNMAN AS PROPHET: A Tribute to James Shelby Downard

by Geri Roberts

On November 22,1 963 I was sitting in my third grade classroom in a parochial Catholic school when Mother Superior entered the room. She told us to get up, get our bookbags and coats and go home, that President Kennedy had been shot and killed. My father picked me up and I kept staring at the people, trees and houses I saw through the car window. I knew that everything was different, altered in some indescribable way. Something had happened and the world had changed. I would feel the same way many years later on September 11, 2001.

Those of us who have seriously thought about and studied the Kennedy assassination, even people who weren't even born at the time, tend to say the same thing about it:

"It was the day everything started to turn to shit."

I cannot begin to tell you how important John F. Kennedy was to my devout, Irish Catholic family. He and his family were gods on Mount Olympus. Pictures of them were all over our house, as if they were saints we prayed to. In some way, we did, And we prayed for them in school and in church. JFK was going to make the world a better place. We knew nothing about the less salubrious aspects of his political and personal life and, if somebody had told us, we wouldn't have believed them.

The assassination brought a change to our home: The presence of television. Yes, my family watched TV before the assassination. My sister and I watched cartoons in the morning and when we came home from school. Then my father came home for dinner and the TV was turned off until the news with Walter Cronkite came on in the evening. Then we all watched prime time shows like Bonanza and Perry Mason from eight o'clock until ten. Then my sister and I went to bed. My parents occasionally watched the Tonight show or more news but usually the TV went off for the night at eleven o'clock. Anyway, there was not that much on. I think TV itself went off the air around two or three a.m. The flag would be shown, the national anthem played, then there would be a humming and a test pattern appeared until the morning programs began. The weekends were a wasteland with little on TV except old movies.. In short, the TV was not turned on unless we wanted to watch a specific show. Afterwards it was shut off. Nobody considered letting it play continuously.

After the assassination every household in America had the TV on constantly. We were caught up in a drama we couldn't escape. We found ourselves unable to switch the TV off, as if we were under some kind of magical spell.

Two days later we went to visit family friends, the Snyders, The memory of that day is even more vivid than the assassination itself. My father and Mr. Snyder were sitting in armchairs on either side of the TV, watching Lee Harvey Oswald walking through the Dallas police station I was standing slightly behind my father and was startled when he suddenly stood up and yelled "Did you see that?" Mr. Snyder stood up too and said something like "My God!"

The shock and dismay of the adults made a great impression on me. For the rest of the day my father kept saying that the police lallowed Oswald to be shot. That they just stood there and did nothing while this person walked up with a gun and shot him. He said it over and over, with anger and disbelief.

Years later I was surprised when my older sister told me that our father believed that Lyndon Johnson was behind it all. I had had no idea that he thought that. In those days adults didn't discuss such things with young children.

Back then, we all kept watching TV, waiting for the news to tell us exactly what had happened and wondering when it would all be over. It never was. As in the movie "Poltergeist" the specter of television, a foul and undead creature, had a foot in the door of the American home. We had invited it in and once it passed over the threshold, it grew and grew with coverage of the Vietnam war, the Apollo program, the Manson murders and Watergate until it morphed into the monster CNN and the twenty-four hour news barrage we have today

The JFK assassination became a black hole that sucked up our attention and our energy. Anyone who studies twentieth century history is drawn to it like a magnet. It is the mothership of conspiracy theories. All roads in conspiracy land lead to Kennedy.

Patrick, a good friend of mine, would never introduce me to his father because of his father's fanatical interest in the assassination.

"Patrick, I don't mind if your dad talks about it.." I told him. "I'm interested in the assassination too."

"You don't understand," he said wearily. "He can't talk about anything else. IT IS HIS ENTIRE LIFE! "

And Patrick's father is not alone.
Actually, enormous amounts of information have been unearthed in the long years since November 22, 1963. Too much information, even. We have reasonable explanations about WHO did it, HOW they did it and maybe even WHY they did it. But facts are never enough. We know most of these facts because we were permitted to discover them or they were given to us. And, as I will say with my dying breath: the Nefarious Elite give us nothing for free. Everything we receive from them has sticky, poisonous strings attached that lead back to some unhealthy hidden source, usually the intelligence agencies. If we don't learn to understand from whence these strings come we will just keep tugging on them until their poison is spread everywhere. Facts can be weaponized. Truth, never.

We believe the lie that an assassination is carried out in public by a lone gunman because that it the only way a powerful figure can be approached and killed. That is never the reason. The death has to be in front of an audience to witness it and receive the intended occult message.

We believe the lie that powerful figures must be surrounded by specially trained guards to protect them. That is never the real reason. These guards are placed around the powerful figure to control them, spy on them, control access to them and, as in the Kennedy assassination, to do the actual killing or cover-up of the killing. Yes, Kennedy could have been killed by the highly trained squad of snipers rumored to have been placed there. He also could easily have been killed by the Secret Service agents themselves. Think about it.

I keep thinking about the Kennedy family immediately after the assassination. Not to feel sympathy for them. That ship has sailed a long time ago. But to understand why they did nothing (that we know about) to reveal what was happening. What were they afraid of? They had money and definite political power. Robert Kennedy was the Attorney General, for goodness sake! Why did they tiptoe away? Why did Jacqueline Kennedy stand there in her blood-and-brains stained designer suit next to the man who helped murder her husband and say nothing while he took the Oath of Office?

Because the Secret Service had the Kennedy children in their "protection." The John F. Kennedy children are a topic I've gone into elsewhere.

Here is a side note here to illustrate my thesis: I firmly believe that Ronald Reagan and the others were not shot by Hinckley in 1981. They was shot by the Secret Service. Think about it. Since the attempt failed, the Nefarious Elite didn't bother with a lot of distracting song and dance.. And while the Bush family certainly endorsed the idea and helped it along (they knew the Hinckley family), I doubt they were the engine behind it.

James Shelby Downard presents the best explanation of what happened to all of us on that day in November. Of course he is called a madman by the mainstream "normal" world.. I used to think he was mad too; an outlier of the lunatic fringe that gives conspiracy studies a bad name. But I've come to realize that the more a prophet is telling us about ourselves, the crazier he sounds. Prophets aren't concerned with facts. They deal in truth, which doesn't translate well into modern English. Which is the reason we all were taught to speak modern English, by the way.

Downard's masterpiece ""Sorcery, Sex, Assassination and the Science of Symbolism" (which Jim Keith described as a "fleshed out version of King Kill/33") far out shines the Bible or anything else our culture serves up to us in school or in mass media. Most JFK assassination researchers have never heard of it, much less read it. And there's a reason for that, too. The true identity of Oswald, Dr. Mary's Monkey, the origin of Permindex, the murders of Dorothy Kilgallen and Jack Ruby are nothing but meaningless chatter surrounding the event; traps to distract us. They are just facts that lead everywhere and nowhere. They are the trees hiding the forest.

The Kennedy murder and the Lincoln murder are entangled at some deep quantum level we can't see but we can sense. They can't be separated. The long list of "coincidences" between the two are not just coincidences. They are meaningful synchronicities. And synchronicity is the universe trying to tell us something. What is it trying to tell us about these two assassinations?.

The two men had legions of enemies. With Kennedy, it would be easier to list the people who DIDN'T want him dead. It would be a very short list. Same with Lincoln. And both men had legions of admirers. Their deaths ignited orgies of mourning and hunger for newspapers/television reporting. Both Lincoln and Kennedy could have been removed from office quietly and secretly, as I'm sure has been done on many occasions, perhaps in the case of FDR's sudden death. Lincoln could have been easily approached by an assassin in the White House or anywhere as he traveled all over Washington with little escort..

Kennedy was not a well man. He was under the care of various doctors and (reportedly) received regular injections from the notorious "Dr. Feelgood", Max Jacobson. Any of these medical people or White House staff could have been suborned.to administer a lethal substance. Kennedy could have been carried off by a "heart attack" as supposedly happened to J. Edgar Hoover when a bottle of medicine in his bathroom was replaced with a deadly drug.

No, the Killing of the King ritual has to be performed with the King sitting with his wife and his court in state in a theater box or a motorcade and, most importantly, in front of his people. The death had to be violent. The assassin had to strike quickly and be immediately identified and then later himself killed (or permitted to be killed) by the people entrusted with bringing him to justice.. And the killing had to fall under the aegis of the "Praetorian Guard."

According to Downard, and I think he is right, we do not understand what happened in Dallas that day because we are looking with three-dimensional eyes at four-dimensional reality. We know there is more to this event than we are seeing. We sense it. It is a murder, a plot, a coup d'etat. of our own government but it cuts deeper. Other leaders have often been assassinated in public and there are hidden depths to those killings but they don't echo within us the way the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations do.

Downard talks about the play Macbeth. and indicates that the Kennedy death is Shakespearean. This means it is in a language that has to be processed the way we process the story in a play or a movie. And plays and movies mean nothing without an audience. They are just letters on paper or puppets on a screen without observers to give them life and meaning. .

The occult message of the Kennedy assassination is this: Government itself is an occult message to its people. I'm not trying to be enigmatic here but I don't know how else to say this. Government always, ALWAYS carries the seed of its own destruction and if left to its own devices, as all our global governments are, will implode in front of our very eyes. Unless we the people change ourselves, this will happen over and over. The Nefarious Elite understand us and how our minds work better than we do. Unless that changes, nothing will change.

This ugly Killing The King ritual was created not to take over a government but to seize control of the very mind of a populace. The Nefarious Elite doesn't care what puppets are performing in the halls of government. The puppets that occupy the White House, or Buckingham Palace are not important to the beings who consider this world their property. They can be changed at any time. We were the target of the Dallas coup, not Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover were certainly the movers behind November 22, 1963 but they deserve our pity, not our hatred. They have discovered that they too, are as expendable as John F. Kennedy was. And they might have suffered more than he did.

I was part of the first TV generation and maybe that means something. I can look back over sixty years of television-ruled America and get a glimpse of what has happened to us. I can faintly remember the world before the TV invasion. It wasn't the Garden of Eden, but it might have offered a better chance for us humans to run our own world. We might have made mistakes but it still would have been a better world for humans and their families.

Television and movies are not bad in themselves, any more than a gun is. A gun is just a piece of metal. Any technology can become a weapon in the hands of people who use it to lie to us. We need to peel our eyes from the action on the stage and stand up and look behind the curtain or this play will be repeated over and over until the audience finally wakes up and leaves the theater.. .

Each and every Elite family has to serve a term as a scapegoat, the pharmakos. The individual members of the family probably don't realize this but each family has to pay the piper and offer up a person or even a generation to be sacrificed. The Kennedys are a good example of this. The families are willing to make this deal because they perceive the benefits far outweigh the death and misery of a few of its members. Perhaps our families were not fooled by this and refused the deal if it was offered. I have come to believe that is the real reason our families are being targeted, why our history is distorted and hidden. The Nefarious Elite need to control us "common" "ordinary" "lower class" people. We have the power to see that the Emperor garbed in gold is really naked. We just need to learn to use our true sight. .