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Earth History Timeline Reconstruction

Tartarian Structures around the world

Tartarian 'Neo-classic' architecture exists world-wide. This is evidence of a world-empire - the Rus-Horde 'Tartarian' Empire - which ruled over all continents between 12th and 18th centuries before it's breakup in 1775.

Questioning the 'official' timeline of Earth's history is not a new phenomenon. Since the 16th century historian critics like Jean Hardouin, Robert Baldauf, Edwin Johnson, Wilhelm Kammeyer, Heribert Illig, and Immanuel Velikovsky have accused church chronologists of the Holy Roman Empire such as Joseph Scaliger (founder of modern chronology) of conspiring to obfuscate historical records before the 13th century C.E. In modern times, state-sponsored historians like Anatoly Fomenko have used statistical analysis of published records from 2200 sources including Scaliger, House of Romanov, The Bible & OT Apocrypha, Quran, Book of Mormon, Maya-Kiche, etc. His team revealed duplicated matching chronology spanning periods of hundreds or thousands of years, often with the names and locations changed. In his New Chronology, modern human history started less than a thousand years ago:

Christ was born in The Crimea on December 25th, 1152 A.D. and was crucified on Joshua's Hill in Constantinople/Istanbul. The Trojan War and the Crusades were waged in revenge of the Crucifixion and were in reality the same historical event. Genghis Khan and the Mongols were actually Russians. The lands west of the 13 colonies that now constitute the American West and Middle West were a far eastern part of Siberian-American (Rus-Horde) Empire prior to its disintegration in 1775.

Earth was Saturn's Moon

Earth may have been a satellite of planet Saturn in primordial times

In 1952, Immanuel Velikovsky posited that 'ancient' history was also in need of a major revision. He used comparative mythology and ancient literary sources (especially the Old Testament) to argue that Earth suffered catastrophic close contacts with other planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and especially Venus and Mars) in our past. In 1997, Wal Thornhill presented the Electric Universe theory which provided a new foundation in inter-planetary physics that neatly explained why these cataclysms occurred in the past. In Saturnian Cosmology, Earth's recorded history is less than 4 thousand years since the start of the Golden Age.


Saturnian Cosmology Timeline Video

Here is my (Part 1) video documentary for this timeline project. Part 2 coming soon!

Project Objective

Anatoly Fomenko's books

USA has Issues with British Maps of 18th-century analyses in detail the maps of the 1771 edition of Encyclopedia Britannica and concludes that the Northwestern part of the United States of America was built on remains of Moscuvite Tartary.

The objective of this timeline is to compile an alternate history of Earth based on Saturnian Cosmology and Fomenko's New Chronology into an accessible sequence of events from the first memory to modern day. As new research comes to light, I plan on making corrections to this timeline. I'm hoping this project helps others navigate the dissonance of consensus, and be able to access the unredacted origin story of our planet and our species. This timeline focuses on the causality between major events (i.e. why one event led to the next), so not all events of world history are listed.

The length of a Year changes throughout Antiquity

The Earth's Orbit changed over time from the collinear configuration (Golden Age), to the non-linear configuration dominated by Jupiter (Dark ages), and into it's final orbit in modern times. With each jump, the number of days in a calendar year changed dramatically. Jno Cook writes:

The whole idea of even suggesting that the length of the year could have changed in the past, comes from the solidly established changes seen in the 8th century B.C.E., when worldwide calendars of 360 days were superseded by calendars of 365 days plus one quarter day. Earlier changes in the calendar are noted from Egyptian sources (during the Hyksos period), and in Exodus, and this would suggest that the orbit of Earth had changed incrementally a number of times. Earlier yet we have the "mythological" records of Yao (in China) and Marduk (in Babylon) who both established the calendar after 2349 B.C.E..

Timeline synchronization

As a result of the deliberate destruction and obfuscation of indigenous cultural worldwide by the Holy Roman Empire, we have an array of conflicting dates of common events. Some examples of different dates of "Creation" are:

5969 B.C. - Antiochian by Theophilus
5872 B.C. - "dating of the seventy interpreters"
5508 B.C. - Byzantine dating a.k.a. "The Constantinople version"
5493 B.C. - Alexandrian, the Annian era, (also 5472 or 5624)
5515 B.C. - by Theophilus (also 5507)
5500 B.C. - by Hippolytus and Sextus Julius Africanus
5199 B.C. - by Eusebius of Caesarea
4700 B.C. - Samarian
4004 B.C. - Hebraic dating by Usher
3761 B.C. - Judaic
3491 B.C. - by Hieronymus

This project's starting point was the reconstructed timeline of events by Jno Cook's starting with a creation date of 4077 B.C which is based on the Quiche Maya. His book Recovering the Lost World provides a reconstruction of events based on indigenous records which re-interpret Earth's Origin Story in the words of our ancestors who were alive when it all happened.

Hollow Earth Electric Universe Model

The Electric Universe Theory posits that galaxies, stars (including our Sun), and comets can be best understood through the well-tested behavior of electricity—the one force about which astronomers seem to know almost nothing, a force that is 1036 or more times as strong as gravity.

Cosmic lifecycle

We are taught in school that our Universe began with a Big Bang, however every prediction by this popular theory has been refuted by more available data since the 1990s. And yet, every civilization that remembers the Golden Age described it as having started with a "big bang" or incredible brightness. Therefore, a Big Bang event indicates the moment of rebirth in the lifecycle of each Solar System, rather than in the entire Universe. The lifecycle of our Solar System is as follows:

First, our Sun converts light gasses to heavy elements which fall to the Sun's interior and combine into a proto-planet with lightning scars across the surface (and no life yet) orbiting the Sun from the inside. As it grows in mass, energy from the Sun charges the proto-planet, like a capacitor, forcing it to develop hollow spheres within to contain the energy. This in turn generates a stronger magnetic field around it.

This is a video from 2012 demonstrating a proto-planet being born out of our Sun and heading to the outer solar system.

Next, after a proto-planet has become too big and energetic to sustain a stable orbit within a Sun, it forces its way out and is violently born out of the Sun's surface (also known as a coronal mass ejection). As a proto-planet rips away from the Sun's surface and forms it's own EM field, the positively-charged outer shell of the proto-planet's EM field pushes it away from the Sun's positive environment, and it falls to the outer solar system where many unborn planets can be found.

Proto-Saturn as an L-Type Brown Dwarf

Before the Golden Age began, (Proto-)Saturn was once a Brown Dwarf System floating through our galaxy.

In order to become a planet, a proto-planet must then be consumed by a larger host body and carried back to the Sun. Proto-Earth was lucky to encounter the brown dwarf Proto-Saturn as the dwarf system passed into our Sun's orbit and connected with it electrically. This was the moment of our planet's conception as our Sun's current passed into the Proto-Earth, filling it with heat and energy, and eventually forcing it out of its mother's (Saturn's) womb via electromagnetic repulsion.

Unable to contain the smaller charging bodies within it the plasma Sheath exploded, creating all the gas planets, and pouring plasma and solid material into the Sun's orbit. This material coalesced and polarized around Birkeland currents forming the moons and rock planets (Mercury and Mars), and forcing all planets into a collinear configuration connected at their poles. This high-energy idyllic period is remembered as the Golden Age for any planet - a time when all forms of life are created.

The planets continue to grow and eventually the collinear system breaks up into a non-linear 'round-table' system marked by epic cataclysms spanning the "Dark Ages" (i.e. Old Testament). After the instability is resolved, the planets violently break away from each other and eventually find their final orbits around our Sun. The cataclysms come to an end and modern history begins (i.e. New Testament).

After many thousands of years of stable orbits, each planet loses density and conductivity and drifts towards the outer solar system, slowly at first, but increasing in speed until it finally rips its way out of our solar system and dies, along with all remaining life on it. At this point the Sun's system has become empty and ready for another cycle to begin.

3 Plasmoids in the Southern Hemisphere

Before the Golden Age began, 3 Plasmoids lit up the Southern Hemisphere, but was difficult to see above the equator.

Before Creation

Ancient testimony from different civilizations seem to agree that there was no history (or time) before the "creation" event. In all accounts, the time before the Golden Age was a lasting darkness. During this dark period, Saturn's dwarf system was beginning to receive its first energy from the Sun, and with this energy came the first life forms capable of having memory. As Saturn had not yet joined the Sun's orbit, there was no way to account for time.

3 Plasmoids in the Southern hemisphere

There was another bright source of light which was seen only from the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth before the Golden Age remembered as Hurakan in the Central American Popol Vuh and other Mesoamerican sources, and Muspelheim in Norse cosmology.

Spawning of the First Life Forms

The memory of the moment of 'creation' shared by different mythologies were witnessed by life forms that had already spawned and were capable of remembering it and recording it later during the Golden Age. The Younger Edda states:

And when the heated blasts from Muspelheim met the rime [of the rivers], so that it melted into drops, then, by the might of him who sent the heat, the drops quickened into life and took the likeness of a man, who got the name Ymer.

Every mythology (including the Bible) states that powerful forces in the sky spawned all life forms (including humans) after its own image - an image which changed many times. As the Golden Age approached, the 3 southern plasmoids took on different shapes, generating different animal energy patterns until finally the plasmoids formed the First Man pattern. This ideal pattern in the southern sky provided the scalar blueprint for spawning the first humans.

Scalar Energy as the basis of Creation

The physics behind Scalary Energy (aka ZPE) can be applied to determine how the original species were created in a high-energy environment without the need for evolution over many generations. Scalar Energy from large electromagnetic fields causes quantum fluctuation on single points of space within the field. As the plasmoids in the southern sky took on a new energetic shape, quantum fluctuations of energy upon the Earth forced similar energy patterns to generate within the inert matter (raw material like metal or clay), and thus bringing the first animal forms to life. These primitive conscious entities, known as Golems did not need to eat, see, or move about, in order to survive and thus had no organs. This early 'Golem' form of life (including humans) then evolved organs throughout the Golden Age as necessary.

The Golden Age

A painting of the Golden Age by Bosch

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch depicting the beginning, middle, and end of the Golden Age.

This period of stable collinear configuration is remembered throughout the civilizations of the Earth as the Golden Age. The Hindu Brahma, Yama, Vishnu, and Manu describe the age of the “Brilliant Yima“. To the Chinese, it was the reign of “Yellow Emperor” Huang-ti, founder of Taoism. In Northern Europe, Peace of Frodi. In the Christian Bible, this 930 year period was the Garden of Eden. In The Myth of the Golden Age 1997, David Talbott describes Eden:

"The world was quite other than what it is today: the trees were forever in fruit; the animals lived in perfect harmony, and the little Agouti played fearlessly with the beard of the Jaguar."

As each planet was connected in-series, their axial tilt would stay synchronized even as the entire system Orbited the Sun, but after the planets left the configuration, each would connect to the Sun's environment in parallel and their axial tilts would be fixed indefinitely. This is the reason Earth, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune have matching axial tilts within 3 degrees. By the end of this period, each planet in the configuration had become a "fully charged" capacitor, unable to accept more charge or grow larger in size. The configuration violently came to an end, and the age of cataclysm began.

The Cosmic Mountain artifacts and symbols

Sumerian Tablets - Cosmic Mountain and Wheel of Heaven: The cosmic mountain celebrated around the world, seen as a pillar of fire and light rising along the world axis; as a radiant city or temple of heaven, as the prototype for any sacred space on earth.

4077 B.C.E. Proto-Saturn joins the Sun's orbit and lights up

"An oft-repeated occurrence in the traditions of the world ages is the advent of a new sun in the sky at the beginning of every age. The word 'Sun' is substituted for the word 'Age' in the cosmogonical traditions of many peoples all over the world." - Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision

Saturnian Collinear Configuration description

The discovery that objects from the Neolithic or Early Bronze Age carry patterns associated with high-current Z-pinches provides a possible insight into the origin and meaning of these ancient symbols produced by humans. Part I deals with the comparison of graphical and radiation data from high current Z-pinches to petroglyphs, geo-glyphs, and megaliths. Part I focused primarily, but not exclusively, on petro-glyphs of some 84 different morphologies: pictures found in laboratory experiments and carved on rock. These corresponded to mankind's visual observations of ancient aurora as might be produced if the solar wind had increased (T. Gold) at times between one and two orders of magnitude, millennia ago. Part II focuses on the source of light and its temporal change from a current-increasing Z-pinch or dense-plasma-focus aurora. Source

As Saturn's body entered our positively charged Sun's orbit, Saturn became connected to the Sun's electrical environment as a negatively charged cathode. Saturn's system drew energy from the Sun into itself as a super-capacitor would until it became 'full', at which point the Saturn system exploded creating the gas planets Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and Neptune. Adrian Bonnington writes:

The violent flaring of Saturn into a polar sun brought mankind into its fabled Golden Age. A translucent stairway now reached all the way to heaven, a pillar of Auroral light that was the Earth's Axis Mundi — and with it came death and destruction. The extreme earthquake activity and climatic changes brought about by Saturn's sudden increase in radiated energy would also have resulted in the intensification of the invisible electrical plasma currents spanning the distance between the two bodies (called Birkeland currents today and largely responsible for the aurora borealis). As a result, there would have been the sudden manifestation of auroral activity at the Earth's poles, unseen before Saturn's flare-up, followed by electrical arcing displays into space towards the new polar sun. Due to Saturn’s polar position in the heavens, a mound of water would have previously formed at the North Pole due to Saturn’s gravitational effect (in the same way that the Moon today affects tides, but in a stationary way). The sudden flaring of Saturn would have disrupted this gravitational pull and released the mound of water where it would have spread out destructively over the northern hemisphere.

The length of a year was 225 days

In this time Saturn was called Kronos, the God before time began and Creator of the Universe (i.e. our solar system). Before clocks and calendars, the positions of the planets and stars were the only way to tell time. Saturn's system was now orbiting our Sun, and with this apparent motion - time began. Our current Sun was still hidden behind Saturn (and Jupiter) and was not yet visible to humans. As the spin of the Earth did not change significantly from antiquity until modern times, so we can regard on the length of a 'day' on Earth as a constant. In this time the length of a year of orbit around the Sun was 225 days. This orbit was 40% faster than our current orbit of 365.25 days. The changes of the length in the year occur periodically and suddenly in history as the Earth jumps from one orbit to another, eventually reaching its individual orbit around the Sun. With each jump, the Earth becomes part of a smaller configuration and draws in less energy from the Sun. This results in a slower orbit.

Norse Mythology Yggdrasil Tree of Life

In ancient Norse mythology and cosmology, Yggdrasil is an immense tree that sprang forth in the primordial void of Ginnungagap, unifying the 9 worlds of Asgard, Álfheimr/Ljósálfheimr, Niðavellir/Svartálfaheimr, Midgard (Earth), Jötunheimr/Útgarðr, Vanaheim, Niflheim, Muspelheim & Hel

Saturn's Collinear Planetary Configuration - The Tree of Life

Until the moment of 'creation', Earth had been hiding like a seedling safely inside Saturn's nurturing "brown dwarf" system. Then, suddenly and lastingly, there is a catalystic light source that causes life to spring into action.

Genesis 1:3: And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Birkeland currents course through the planets and force them into a new collinear configuration, connecting each planet from north to south pole, like an array of batteries. Here is a minimalist video depicting part of the collinear configuration. In "The Saturn Myth" David Talbott describes:

Accounts of Saturn’s appearance suggest that the planet hung ominously close to the earth. In early ritual and astronomy Saturn appears as the primeval sun, described as a figure of terrifying splendour. Today, Saturn appears as a bare speck of light following the same visual path as the solar orb. But during the legendary Golden Age, Saturn stood in the north. Legends from every continent depict the primeval sun as an immense, fiery globe at the north celestial pole - the visual pivot of the heavens. Unlike the rising and setting solar orb, the primeval sun remained fixed in one place.

Absu layer around Earth in ancient times

During the Golden Age, the Absu plasma layers of Proto-Saturn (also known as the Firmament in the bible) surrounded the Planets.

The Absu layers surrounded the Planets

Visible on the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth was "the Absu", also called "The Abyss" or Firmament in the Christian Bible. This 'seal' represented multiple outer layers of Saturn's plasma sheath and appeared to humans as obscuring equatorial rings of a cosmic 'sea' in the southern sky. Jno Cook describes it:

"I had no trouble identifying the Sumerian Absu, the Egyptian Duat, and the Maya House of Nine Bushes as a set of rings seen in the southern night sky. The rings were almost universally, throughout the world, understood to be an ocean standing up from the south horizon. By the Talbott / Thornhill model, Earth would have existed within the glow level plasma discharge (the coronal envelope) of Saturn before the intersection with the Solar System, and within the memory of mankind. The stars and other planets might not have been visible, and perhaps not even Saturn would have been seen — just the 'waters above'."

All planets and suns are hollow

The reason for the Absu having multiple layers, as depicted on ancient artifacts, is described in the theory of Electromagnetism. In this theory, any object with energy passing through/around it will polarize, causing the lines of magnetic flux to appear in layers of different charge. At high amplitude, matter sticks to each layer eventually forming concentric circles within the body to increasingly capacitate that energy. As a result, charging a space body (like a planet) with additional energy will cause to grow in size. As a planet grows in size, the gap between the inner circles expands, causing the planet to become hollow.

Watch: What's Inside Jupiter?

Saturnian Configuration: Northern Hemisphere

From anywhere on the northern hemisphere of the Earth, one could look northwards and see in order: Mars, Venus, then the gas giant Saturn. Behind Saturn was the gas giant Jupiter, which was not yet visible. Behind Jupiter, at a 26.7 degree angle, was our Sun. All together, they form an unmistakable Star and crescent in the sky worshiped throughout the Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires, and throughout Islam today. This deity was known in Egypt as Osiris the Triform God, and as The Trinity in Babylonian and Abrahamic religion.

Northern Hemisphere Configuration

From anywhere on the northern hemisphere of the Earth, one could look northwards and see in order: Mars, Venus, then the gas giant Saturn. Behind Saturn was the gas giant Jupiter, which was not yet visible. Behind Jupiter, at a 26.7-degree angle, was our Sun. All together, they form an unmistakable Star and crescent in the sky worshiped throughout the Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires, and throughout Islam today. This deity was known in Egypt as Osiris the "Triform God", and as "The Trinity" in Babylonian and Abrahamic religion. This crescent was slowly rotating causing a separation between night and day:

Genesis 1:4: And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

In Norse mythology, each heim ('house') in the configuration was named so: Muspelheim (Realm of Fire / Mercury), Alfheim (Bright realm of Elves / Venus), Midgard (Middle Land / Earth), Jotunheim (Realm of Frost Giants / Mars), Asgard (Realm of the Aesir / Jupiter), Vanaheim (Realm of the Vanir / Saturn), Svartalfheim (Dark realm of Dwarves / Uranus). Niflheim (Realm of Myst / Neptune), Helheim (Realm of the Dead / Underworld / Pluto), The Norse also had a name for the Birkeland currents that bridged between worlds: The Bifröst.

Sometimes locations were personified; Mars was Fenrir/Fenris the Wolf and appeared as a spherical planet, while Venus was the Midgard Dragon / Serpent / Doomsday Comet and appeared stretched out in many shapes and colors, none of which resembled a planet. It is during this time that Mars makes eight descents to Earth creating the appearance of Osiris, the Triform God.

Saturnian Configuration: Southern Hemisphere

Still there was before a world to the south which was called Muspelheim. It is light and hot, and so bright and dazzling that no stranger, who is not a native there, can stand it. This means darker-skinned humans who could 'stand the heat' came from high-energy realms like Mars, Mercury, or the southern end of the Earth. The fiery apparition of the Squatter Man figure in the south was recorded many times by many civilizations as the Phoenix, Burning Man or Wicker Man, and the myth of Quetzalcoatl.

Southern Hemisphere Configuration

In 2003, Anthony L. Peratt described ancient testimony of 3 intense "plasmoids" in the southern region of the world. The 3 "plasmoids" were the planets Mercury, Neptune, and Uranus forming the lower end of the conjunction. While authors like Jno Cook suggest the 3 southern plasmoids of "Peratt's Column" lit up between 10,900 and 8347 B.C.E., before Saturn was connected to our Sun in 4077 B.C.E. Snorre's Edda states:

Still there was before a world to the south which was called Muspelheim. It is light and hot, and so bright and dazzling that no stranger, who is not a native there, can stand it.

This means darker-skinned humans who could 'stand the heat' came from high-energy realms like Mars, Mercury, or the southern end of the Earth. The fiery apparition of the Squatter Man figure in the south was recorded many times by many civilizations as the Phoenix, Burning Man or Wicker Man, and the myth of Quetzalcoatl.

Atlantis and the Tree of Knowledge

The planets in the northern configuration create a spectacular Tree of Life display which appear directly above the continent of Atlantis, and it's three major cities Og and Aryan, and the 'Emerald City' of Poseida. The city of Aryan was the largest and most populated city. The city of Poseida was the capital of Atlantis and exist at the very center of the continent appearing as a massive pyramid or ziggurat built out of synthetic emeralds. This construction allow for maximized conductivity of the cosmic currents of energy streaming into it from the planetary configuration. The rulers of this city considered themselves the 'upper class' of the human race, and jealously guarded all of their inventions and knowledge until the city itself became known as the Tree of Knowledge. After the fall of Atlantis, the upper-class citizenry of Poseida escape preserving their knowledge (and class-system) in the secret places of the world. This was the beginning of the so-called Deep State.

Golden Age: Jacob's Ladder

The appearance of Priori-Mars as the Cosmic Mountain during the Golden Age was also remembered as Jacob's Ladder

Priori-Mars as the Ladder / Stairway / Mountain of Heaven

Annis Pepion Scott describes the Cosmic Mountain:

Might the flowing hair of Venus, or the "fiery dragon" (as that planet is depicted in many ancient myths and drawings) actually have been the glowing ions of twisting Birkeland currents (or "stringy things" as mainstream astronomers call them)? Pictographs showing ladder formations and tales of a "Ladder to Heaven" or Jacob's Ladder might well be based on sightings of Birkeland currents and plasma instabilities such as those Peratt has seen in his plasma laboratories. It is interesting to note how often a sphere (planet?) is included in pictures of the Chinese dragon.

The hollow planet Mars was much larger than it is today, containing several more outer shells of decreasing density. Each shell is supported by opposing magneto-spheres. During interplanetary encounters, the outer shell of Priori-Mars collapsed, and the inner shell would exit the planet's outer surface leaving a long streaking cone shape behind it. The inner shell would then approach Earth, sometimes causing cataclysm, before retreating and returning completely to its spherical shape repeating until Priori-Mars finally loses its outer shell in 686 B.C.E.. This cosmic mountain would be remembered as the Yggdrasil: The Tree of Life, The Tower of Babel, Ladder or Stairway to Heaven, and many other myths. The cone shape would appear in famous artifacts such as the Egyptian White Crown, the Persian Crown of Mithra.

Quantum Entanglement

During the Golden Age, there was an over-abundance of high-amplitude, low-voltage energy flowing through each planet in the configuration which Norse refers to as "The Bifröst". As the planets in this configuration did not spin, each North and South Pole acted as a strong quantum entanglement between planets. Building pyramidal structures upon these locations enabled humans to travel instantaneously through the Bifröst. This may sound outlandish, however Egyptian mythology has a symbol for the "Boat of Ra", which transported Ra between each planet , and it looks a lot like a modern day depiction of a "wormhole":

Egyptian Worm-Hole as depicted in egyptian mythology

The Egyptian "Boat of Ra" resembles a quantum wormhole

The First Jews of Atlantis (First Jerusalem)

Atlantis was the first holy city - First Jerusalem

Atlantis was the first holy city - First Jerusalem - built on the north poles of Mars and Earth to harness the energy of the Collinear Configuration and Golden Age

The term 'Jew' refers to anyone who worships the planet Saturn as a Creator God of the Earth (and it's Universe) going by the names YHWH, Adonai, El, Elohim, Shaddai, Tzevaot, Ehyeh, Ba'al, Elah, El Roi, Elyon, or simply HaShem i.e. "The name". In history, the term 'Jew' refers to a closed society of people who claim to have been chosen by and represent that same Creator God. The priest class of this closed society (a.k.a. Rabbis, Pharisees, Pharos) seek to execute God's Authority over all aspects of life - finance, food, procreation, death and afterlife - even over humans outside their society (i.e. the gentiles). They operate at the highest levels of human society (i.e. deep) and form the protective outer layer of the so-called Deep State throughout history.

Until modern times, Jews managed to avoid intermarrying with non-Jews. By keeping a strict separation between their lineage and outsiders, they could pass down their inherited authority over the gentiles to their ancestors and keep their power structure intact over the centuries. It is for this reason that Jews pop in and out of the histories of the gentiles, and appear to have no origin or homeland themselves. Therefore, the first time the Jews appeared in history was in before the fall of Atlantis. In this time and location, the Jews represented a priest class who would exchange advanced technology as gifts for obedience to their authority and the authority of Saturn, the Creator God.

In modern times, Abrahamic religions refer to this period in history as the Garden of Eden, and the city of Atlantis as the Tree of Knowledge. This story is also reflected in the 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and the 1902 musical (both ground-breaking successes).

Kronos (Saturn) devours its children (planets and moons)

Kronos (Planet Saturn) consumes his children

The Dark Ages

The period of stability that pervaded the Golden Age would suddenly come an end. Each planet had been absorbing matter and energy from the Sun growing in size throughout the Golden Age period. Eventually the planets become too large and too energetic, and begin to oscillate violently in a new non-linear orbit beginning a long period of instability that would come to define the Dark Ages.

3147 B.C.E. The Golden Age Ends Violently.

Within a very short time, all 9 planets (including Earth) break from the configuration and exit the outer layers of Saturn's protective plasma sheath. The planets, having left Saturn's collinear configuration, violently compete with each other for a place in a new orbit. They form an in-parallel circular non-linear configuration that together orbits the Sun for the next 1655 years. Humanity encounters a new unfamiliar influence - death - as it enters a period of extended darkness, famine, pestilence, and confusion.

The length of a year increases by an additional 15 rotations per year to 240 days total.

The Maya calendar starts with Earth jumping into it's second orbit under Jupiter's influence on 3114 B.C.E. with each year (orbit around the Sun) recorded as 240 days long. This would be the first time humanity got a peak at our Sun and gas-giant Jupiter, which were hiding behind Saturn until now. This new Sun would prove to be too bright for most to bare and life on earth escaped into dark caves to avoid it. Occasionally Jupiter would orbit in front of the Sun, and together they would appear as a radiant throne in the sky.

And the heavens departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? —Revelation 6:12-17

Golden Age Ends in a Great Deluge

The Golden Age ends in a Great Deluge

The Great Deluge

As Earth and the other planets pass through Saturn's outer plasma sheath (The Absu), the layer cools into sodium-salt water becoming heavy and crashing into the planet surface causing the first great deluge by each civilization. Earth receives its salty oceans from Saturn, which is why the Atlantic ocean is also called Sea of Kronos. In modern times, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration cannot legitimately answer the question: Why is the ocean salty, but rivers flowing into it are not?

Many great deluges have taken place during the nine thousand years since Athens and Atlantis were preeminent. Destruction by fire and other catastrophes was also common. In these floods, water rose from below, destroying city dwellers but not mountain people. The floods, especially the third great flood before Deucalion, washed away most of Athens' fertile soil. -Plato's Critias 111-112

When the Sun Age came, there had passed 400 years. Then came 200 years, then 76. Then all mankind was lost and drowned and turned to fishes. The water and the sky drew near each other. In a single day all was lost, and Four Flower consumed all that there was of our flesh. The very mountains were swallowed up in the flood, and the waters remained, lying tranquil during fifty and two springs. -Aztec Codex Chimalpopoca

Humanity was then cast out of the Garden of Eden

From humanity's perspective, they couldn't contemplate why their creator (planet Saturn) had tossed them out of its Garden (the collinear configuration) changing their world for the worse. They search for answers to simple questions: Why don't the trees produce fruit anymore? Why can't women have babies anymore? Why are the animals eating each other?

Finding no simple answers, the priests of the fallen Atlantis offers their fellow survivors on Earth a rather ominous explanation: The creator (Saturn) was punishing its creation (humanity) for our choice to seek forbidden knowledge. This lie functions to coalesce some humans under the influence of the Deep State. Humans were then ordered to erect graven images of the "Bull of Heaven" and sacrifice the weakest of the brood to it, in order to convince the fictional deity Moloch to restore the "Golden Age". The Human Sacrifice became a central policy of the Deep State as families were ordered to conscript their children into war, re-educate them, or sell them into slavery.

Kronos (Saturn) devours its children (planets and moons)

Pyramids built around the world in ancient and modern times

Formation of the Deep State Pyramidal Empire

The second time Jews appeared was in the Egyptian Pyramidal Empire. As Sigmund Freud (and others) pointed out, the Jews of the Exodus were the upper class, not the slave class. During the dark ages, the priest class ordered Pyramids built across the Earth forming a New Atlantis under God's Authority.

However, no amount of human sacrifice or idol worship would stop what was coming next. Detatched from the collinear configuration, each planet became subject to the influences of the Brown Dwarf Saturn. From Earth, humans watch as the other planets violently flip polarity and fall into the gaping mouth of Saturn. Roman Mythology describes the Titan Cronus, seeing his rule threatened by his own children, begins to devour each until Jupiter (Zeus) intervenes.

Cosmic Thunderbolt

The Cosmic Thunderbolt was a series of electric discharges between Jupiter and other planetary bodies

3067 B.C.E. The Planets are at war.

With each violent interplanetary action, the Brown Dwarf Saturn continues to lose it's influence over the other planets. Jupiter hurtles violent plasma discharges seen from Earth which strike Saturn. This exchange was the Cosmic Thunderbolt which brought the planets into electrical balance within a new nonlinear configuration. Jupiter's assault upon Saturn forces the latter to once again shift polarity and eject all consumed planets. This ends Saturn's influence and begins the reign of Jupiter. Saturn begins a journey into its final orbit in the outer solar system. The new nonlinear "Round Table" configuration dominated by "King" Jupiter kept the planets (knights) close together in a circular mini-orbit which altogether orbits the Sun. This new configuration would be remembered in the Arthurian Legend of Camelot along with the period of peace that followed.

The recently discharged Absu layers of Saturn still surround the non-linear configuration. The planets within endure violent cataclysm as they vie for a position within the configuration. Icelandic Epos present the battle of Mars and Venus as a fight between the wolf Fenris and the serpent Midgard. Mars again appeares as a hard sphere, but Venus appeares as a comet with long disheveled hair. Scandinavians recall the Ouroboros or Weltumspanner, as it “Stretched-a-round-the-Earth” and ate its own tail. Mars competes with Earth's orbit and is seen visiting Earth as Horus 10 times over the next 300 years.

Planets and The Narnia Chronicles

2860 B.C.E. All planets enter a stable non-linear orbit.

Jupiter's benevolent reign was a model of the 'Good King' that inspired the religions of many human nations for ages to come. Festivals around the world celebrate the death, resurrection, and intervention of Jupiter: "All Saints Day" and "All Souls Day", Halloween, and "Day of the Dead" in Mexico. In Greek legend, Zeus ( Jupiter) punishes Prometheus (Mars) after he provides Earth with the gift of Fire. This "punishment" was Mars was being hit by Jupiter's thunderbolts once per orbit, causing the "liver scar" of Valles Marineris. To the founders of Mosaic law, Jupiter was the Monotheistic God upon Mount Sinai who delivered 613 commandments. The greek story of Prometheus would later be re-written as the "Son of a Monotheistic God" Jesus Christ, or the "New Moses".

C.S. Lewis's "The Chronicles of Narnia" featured an evil witch (Venus) who is intervened upon by a resurrected Lion (Jupiter). Each Narnia book secretly represented a planet. Jupiter: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Mars: Prince Caspian. Sol: The Voyage of the “Dawn Treader“. Luna (our Moon): The Silver Chair. Mercury: The Horse and his Boy. Venus: The Magician’s Nephew. Saturn: The Last Battle.

Pyramids were Star Gates

Pyramids were functioning Star Gates during the Dark Ages. They no longer function today.

Jupiter replaces Saturn as the new Saviour (aka Zeus, Thor, King Arthur)

Resolving the electric imbalances between the planets, Jupiter became King of the planets in Roman Pantheon and reigned over a 511-year period of stability. King Jupiter sat upon the Cosmic Mountain, also remembered by different populations as Mount Olympus, Mount Parnassus, Mount Sinai, and others. This appearance of a 'cosmic mountain' was actually Jupiter's south pole plasma outpouring extended out into a massive coma tail. Once per orbit, Jupiter would eclipse the Sun, and the King would wear the Sun's Corona as a Crown. Pre-Galfridian Arthurian legend describes King Arthur (Jupiter) orbiting a 'round table' along with the greatest knight of all - Lancelot (Mars), and the lesser knights. Together, the Knights of the Round Table defended Briton from fire-monsters (The Sun), as well as dragons and witches (Venus). During this period, the nonlinear orbit between planets grew larger and more unstable resulting in the inevitable Breaking of the Round Table.

Pyramids are Portals

During this time, it was again possible for humans to exploit powerful natural Birkeland Currents coursing between the planets in Jupiter's orbit. Humans on each planet uncover natural electromagnetic ley lines and built Pyramids upon those locations. With the help of human giants, civilizations build all pyramids in Egypt, Mesopotamia, England, China, and in South America Andes in less than 200 years. This "Artificial Bifröst" quantum entanglement facility made it once again possible for humans to travel between the planets. All pyramids are man-made quantum tunnels built at locations of concentrated cosmic energy (entanglements) between planets.

Planet Venus's Terrible Aspect remembered as **Medusa**

Planet Venus's Terrible Aspect remembered as Medusa

2349 B.C.E. September 8 - Jupiter disappears and Venus attacks Earth

The last Absu layer surrounding the remaining planets becomes stressed as the nonlinear orbit becomes too wide to support it. The configuration becomes unstable once again. Jupiter's coma-tail throne diminishes causing the gas giant to pass through the Absu layer and disappear. The Sun turns red and vanishes. Absent the influence of Jupiter, and with the Absu (heavens) sealed shut, Mars and Venus go to war. Gas planet Venus appears disheveled as she "laments" at the death of the King Jupiter. She becomes The Dragon and lashes out at Earth and Mars with her plasma tendrils. The violent exchange between Earth and Venus parts the sea forcing open the aerial Absu layer and turning the sea red, which bled across the sky for three days until only one Absu ring remained. This was the most terrifying moment in human history. In Recovering the Lost World Jno Cook writes:

Sodom and Gomorrah suffered their initial destruction in the collapse of buildings at this time (which were rebuilt). Some regions of Earth would have been absolutely devastated, as Claude Schaeffer has pointed out. But it was the ' blood' seen in the 'ocean [in the sky]' which would have convinced the rest of the world that indeed millions of people had died.

As the Absu collapsed, the Earth was inundated with a Second Flood of epic proportions. The Christian Bible remembers this event as Noah's Ark, but the real subtext for this event was the wholesale slaughter of humanity. All civilizations across Earth recall this destructive contact with the Raging Goddess, Witch (with broom), Dragon, or Comet. Venus was associated with Hathor, Sekhmet, and Anath in Egypt, Tiamat in Mesopotamian, Kali in Hinduism, and Medusa in Greek Mythology. In the epic poem Beowulf, Grendel (Venus) has his arm torn off "at the shoulder" symbolizing the severing of the plasma connection between Venus and Saturn (Grendel's Mom).

The length of a year increases by 20 rotations to 260 days.

The cataclysmic contact with Venus ends as "Messiah" Jupiter re-appears through the fading Absu. Jupiter, apparently risen from the dead after 2.5 days, once again appears upon it's coma-tail mountain (or throne). This "resurrection" seemed to have the affect of calming the destructive rage of Venus, and She returns to spherical form. Earth's orbit around Jupiter changes slightly resulting in a 260 day year and Earth manages to capture The Moon, which becomes visible for the first time. With the Absu significantly reduced, stars were also visible in the southern hemisphere for the first time.

2193 B.C.E. Earth leaves last Absu layer and Jupiter consumes Venus again

This new period of stability lasts another 156 years and ends abruptly when the nonlinear configuration loses its last Absu layer. Exposed to the Sun's electromagnetic field, each planet forms its own magnetosphere. Seasons begin on Earth for the first time. The formations of deserts during this period force the populations of Western Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and North Africa to migrate. The Egyptian and Akkadian kingdoms collapse. The Earth is still in the nonlinear orbit with Jupiter, and the year extends to 273 days. It would be another 200 years before Egypt re-populates beginning the Middle Kingdom period. As Venus becomes exposed to the Sun's field, it retreats into the safety of Jupiter's magnetosphere, and becomes once again consumed into the Gas Giant's interior.

Venus and Mars battle in the Earth's Sky

Venus and Mars battle in the Earth's Sky depicted in old paintings: 'Great Red Dragon and The Woman Clothed with the Sun' by William Blake, 'The Birth of Venus' and 'Mars and Venus' by Sandro Botticelli

The length of a year increases by 13 rotations to 273 days.

At the same time, northern populations of the Earth experienced an ice-age lasting well over 200 years. In Egyptian Myth and Catastrophism Robert Ackerman explains:

It is of interest that mythologies of countries where the fiery-dragon (proto-Venus) cannot be correlated with heat or drought, such as the Norse, preserve it as a representative of winter. This can be explained in the catastrophism scenario by the fact that during the Vedic Period, Proto-Venus, still sporting its comet-like tail, came closest to the Earth at the time of the release of priori-Mars from geosynchronous orbit. On those occasions the mantle of the Earth would return to its normal rotation about the North Pole, at which position the Norse lands would be much father from the equator than when priori-Mars orbited the Earth.

Jupiter as Mount Sinai

Jupiter was remembered as the Burning Bush on top of Mount Sinai

2167 B.C.E. Jupiter catches on fire

Within 25 years, Gas-Giant Jupiter, still appearing on it's coma-tail mountain, and having recently consumed Venus, becomes fully exposed to the Sun's field and catches on fire for 20 straight years. Humans world-wide remembered this epic spectacle as The Burning Bush (Mosaic) or Chilam Balam (Mayan) and many others, even the Grateful Dead song Fire On The Mountain. The Old Testament story of Moses redacts the planet saviour Jupiter (Zeus) into a mythical human prophet "Mo-Zeus" i.e. Moses who represents a 'Universal Creator and Saviour God' . Under the changing influence of the gas giant, the Earth itself undergoes further cataclysm. In Hebrew and Egyptian tradition, the Burning Bush was a sign that God (Jupiter) was unhappy with His creation ( Humanity). The Earth groaned, the ground vibrated, and a trumpeting sound was heard and felt by every creature on the planet up to 613 times. Humans interpreted each exultation as a new Commandment spoken directly by God. This became the basis of the 10 Commandments of the Mosaic Covenant.

Binding of Isaac is an astrological allegory of the Sun crossing the Zodiac from Taurus to Aries

Binding of Isaac is an astrological allegory of the Sun crossing the Zodiac from Taurus to Aries

This event symbolizes the end of King Jupiter reign as well as a changing of the 'rules'. To most humans, Jupiter's epic display meant once again that the powers that be did not represent any gods. The Deep State reacts to this new reality by creating the Abrahamic Covenant replacing their direct rulership with indirect religious mind-control. In Genesis 22, the Bible story of the Binding of Isaac describes the new rules of the Covenant. Abraham was originally called Abram which has the word 'Ram' in it. In this Old Testament narrative, God orders Abram to sacrifice his son Isaac as a test of loyalty. Abram complies and goes through with the sacrifice until he is stopped by emissaries of the age of Aries (the Ram). These emissaries inform Abram that he may slaughter a ram instead of his child, and he then does so under this new covenant. Going forward, subjects would be ordered to sacrifice animals to show their loyalty to the Deep State and to it's invisible god.

Mars destroys Sodom and Gomorrah

Close encounters with planet Mars destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah

1936 B.C.E. Sodom and Gomorrah completely destroyed by Mars.

With Jupiter's influence in decline and Venus absent, the nonlinear configuration continues to widen and destabilize. The periodic cataclysmic encounters between Earth and Mars increase in duration and intensity. Eventually an alignment between the planets Mars, Earth, and Mercury causes the complete destruction of the five cities of the plain named in Genesis 14:2: Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim and Zoar. Flaming sulfur from Mars fell to Earth as a miles-wide column of electric discharge decimated the plain.

"Yes, as in Sodom and Gomorrah from the Bible, Torah and Quran - the cities of sin supposedly destroyed with brimstone and fire sent from God." Forbes.com

The 1611 KJV Bible would later redact this famous natural cataclysm into a story of human sin and divine retribution with homosexuality as the scapegoat justifying the retribution. Nevertheless, some aspects of the story are true. Instant fossilization can occur during periods of interplanetary discharge.

Under conditions of powerful electrical discharge one element (such as carbon) might be transmuted into another (such as silicon). Low temperature electrical transmutation has been observed in the lab, though it has been kept fairly quiet and out of public view. As for the stratigraphic layers in which fossils are found, might it be possible that these were laid down more quickly, in a kind of electrical sputtering effect used in modern nanotechnology applications? Thunderbolts.info

Exodus from the Pyramidal Empire

Exodus from the Pyramidal Empire

1492 B.C.E. The "Passover" of Comet Venus and Exodus from the Pyramidal Empire

In the last 675 years, gas-giant Jupiter has been directly exposed to the Sun's field drawing energy into it and growing larger. This eventually results in Jupiter flipping polarity and ejecting the consumed gas planet Venus. On April 19, 1492 B.C. Jupiter unexpectedly expels Venus as a massive Comet that passes over Earth's sky and heads towards the Sun. The passage of Venus in proximity to the earth results in further plagues. Seeing the approach of this "angel of death", the terrified population makes ram sacrifices and splashes the blood on the sides of their houses. Jno Cook describes the event:

"Venus again made an electric contact with Earth, causing a crushing repulsive blow in the east Central Pacific. The Pacific islands were wiped clean of any trace of humans, except for the petroglyphs carved on every island thousands of years earlier. Coastal South America and Central America were inundated with water, leaving sea-water traces in lakes high up in the Andes, and possibly causing a sudden rise in the coastal range of the Andes by thousands of feet. The blow was followed by an electric arc traveling through the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and part of India -- following a path of increasingly higher latitude into the Mediterranean as the Earth's axis angled back toward the Sun. The event is recalled in mythology as the attack of the monster Typhon who is struck down by Zeus. The major result of the contact was a 30 percent increase in the orbit of the Earth -- the year went from 273 days to 360 days.'"

The length of a year jumps by 92 rotations to 365 days

Based on the increase in the number of days (+92) in a year, we can ascertain that Earth has finally left Jupiter's orbit and is on an independent orbit around the Sun. The newly independent inner planets begin to form final electro-magnetic fields. Full exposure to the Sun causes the Earth to become covered in a obscuring clouds and a plague of darkness lasting 20 years. In Worlds in Collision , Immanuel Velikovsky describes other plagues like frogs and locusts:

"When Venus sprang out of Jupiter as a comet and flew very close to the earth, it became entangled in the embrace of the earth. The internal heat developed by the earth and the scorching gases of the comet were in themselves sufficient to make the vermin of the earth propagate at a very feverish rate. Some of the plagues, like the plague of the frogs ("the land brought forth frogs") or of the locusts, must be ascribed to such causes. Anyone who has experienced a khamsin (sirocco), an electrically charged wind blowing from the desert, knows how, during the few days that the wind blows, the ground around the villages begins to teem with vermin."

The Ten Plagues of Comet Venus

The Ten Plagues were caused by the 'Pass-over' of Planet Venus in Comet form

Venus replaces Jupiter as the new Saviour (aka Joshua / Lucifer)

With the departure of the planets from the nonlinear orbit dominated by Jupiter, the pyramids would no longer function as quantum gateways. The Pyramidal Empire loses the ability to communicate between locations and simulate deities within the pyramidal chambers. People quickly lose faith in stone idols deities as the idols fall permanently silent. This event perpetually proved that the Deep State did not speak for any gods, visible or invisible. All systems of control rapidly fall apart and the Pyramidal Empire finally comes to an end. Without servants, the many hundreds of massive pyramids across the Earth became uninhabitable and are abandoned. Those humans who traveled to and from other planets like Mars would become stranded in those locations. Stranded on Mars, the human break-away society turned its focus towards survival and away from systemic control of Earth. It would be many hundreds of years before Martian influence would be felt on Earth again.

Venus as the Chinese Dragon / Comet

Venus as the Chinese Dragon / Comet

The significance of the Exodus Event is not the moving of a population, but the 'exodus' from a slave empire into freedom. For loyal subjects of the Pyramidal Empire, this event was similar to the fall of Atlantis; the Deep State would once again have an exodus from its position of direct ruler-ship as it re-branded itself and buried 'deep' within the various power structures of society, as well as hidden places of the Earth and other planets. The visible creator god "Ra" would become invisible, and be renamed "Amun-Ra", meaning "the hidden one", "invisible", and "mysterious of form". Amun-Ra would then be elevated from creator of the Solar System into Creator of the Universe; the "Lord of All". Faith in the existence of this newly refashioned invisible creator god would become the fundamental test of loyalty for all subjects of the Deep State, but such a faith would otherwise become scarce until modern times. As a result, the Jews would once again disappear from history until their appearance in the "greek" Rus-Horde Empire, and its vassal states in the 15th century. The freed slave populations remained in the regions abandoned by the Deep State and enjoyed a lasting period of peace as they developed indigenous ceremonies to maintain the memory of the divine intervention that freed them from bondage. To this day, many non-jewish populations especially in Africa remember and celebrate the 'Passover' of Comet Venus.

1442 B.C.E. The sun stands still for Joshua

For another 50 years, the planet Venus appears as a Comet in Earth's sky, until it too becomes 'fully charged' by the Sun's energy, causing a violent flip in its polarity. This state transition which functions similarly to atomic electron transition would force Venus into a nose-dive towards its final orbit around the Sun. During this transition, the Earth is subject to an incredibly strong tilt in the Sun's magnetic current flow, which passes from pole to pole through the planet. This temporary tilt resulted in the appearance of the Sun reversing it's motion in the sky, as recorded in Joshua 10-13. In Worlds in Collision Velikovsky explains how this might work:

Bayeux Tapestry: The Sun Stands Still for Joshua

Bayeux Tapestry: The Sun Stands Still for Joshua

The physical effects of retardation or reversal of the earth in its diurnal rotation are differently evaluated by various scientists. Some express the opinion that a total destruction of the earth and volatilization of its entire mass would follow such slowing down or stasis. They concede, however, that destruction of such dimensions would not occur if the earth continued to rotate and only its axis were tilted out of its position. This could be caused by the earth's passing through a strong magnetic field at an angle to the earth's magnetic axis. A rotating steel top, when tilted by a magnet, continues to rotate. Theoretically, the terrestrial axis could be tilted for a certain length of time, and at any angle, and also in such a fashion that it would lie in the plane of the ecliptic. In that case, one of the two hemispheres —the northern or the southern—would remain in prolonged day, the other, in prolonged night.

In the Biblical Narrative, Moses (Gas-Giant Jupiter) had a successor named Joshua (Planet Venus). With the "Death" of Moses, Joshua leads the fictional Israelites to Palestine. Joshua needs a decisive victory over the fictional 5 kings of Makkedah. To accomplish this, Joshua speaks to an invisible "LORD" and requests his intervention in battle. Joshua 10 of the KJV Bible states:

The day that the LORD gave the Amorites over to the Israelites, Joshua spoke to the LORD in the presence of Israel: “O sun, stand still over Gibeon, O moon, over the Valley of Aijalon.” And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day. There has been no day like it before or since, when the LORD listened to the voice of a man, because the LORD fought for Israel

The Sun's proxmity to Venus calms the dragon's rage as the gas planet transforms back into spherical shape. The orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter are now becoming stable around the Sun. The memory of planet Venus as the Dragon or Comet fades into myth. As expected, this story of natural cataclysm is then redacted into an epic fiction of divine intervention in order to serve the purposes of the Deep State. However, to normal folk this event symbolizes something else entirely; the end of cataclysm; the Pantheon of Gods taking their leave to be replaced by the one "Lord", our Sun. As they became no longer visible, humanity would forget the planets and polytheism would go into decline. A great confusion would begin over the nature of Gods. Velikovsky states:

With Macrobius in the fourth Christian century, there begins a tendency to see in many gods of Egyptian and Greek antiquity the personification of the sun. Macrobius compared Osiris to the sun, and Isis to the moon, disregarding the opinion of earlier authors. He also interpreted Jupiter as the sun. As the role the planets played in the history of the world retreated ever further into oblivion, the interpretation of nature myths as referring to the sun or the moon became more and more widespread.

Cathedrals are Cathodes

Cathedrals are Cathodes

806 to 687 B.C.E. Mars, Earth and Mercury finalize orbits.

Although the orbits of Earth and Mars were apparently stable, the magnetospheres of each planet would occasionally overlap the orbits. As planets came into proximity, large-scale electric discharge would occur between them increasing the orbital gap and further altering their orbital periods. With each encounter, calendars would have to be adjusted to accommodate for the change in the length of a year. Over the next 119 years, Earth would experience 9 encounters with Mars resulting in planet-wide lightning storms. During these deadly storms, the Earth's surface acted as a cathode absorbing a constant stream of energy from the anodal surface of Mars. Electric current flowed through Earth making caves unreliable sanctuaries. This prompted humans to learn how to harness electricity in a bid to survive the storms.

Contemplating the nature of electromagnetic induction, humans built the first cathedrals and minarets. This hollow spire design routed electric current around the structure preventing heat to build into electrostatic discharge thus protecting its inhabitants. All cathederals originally provided sanctuary from interplanetary lightning storms. The rapid onset of technological invention provided by Mars would be remembered in the myth of Prometheus. Ackerman describes the Greek myth:

Prometheus [was punished] for thwarting the initial effort of Zeus to introduce Pandora into the world and for his role in instructing mortals in the use of fire, thereby aiding in the development of civilization, which the gods generally discouraged. Prometheus was bound to a rock in the Caucasus Mountains with unbreakable chains, where a vulture tore at his flesh all day, with no rest, no sleep and no respite.

Prometheus was the planet Mars

Prometheus was the planet Mars

Mars (aka Prometheus) replaces Venus as the new Saviour

In the Greek narrative, Prometheus (Mars) thwarted Zeus's plan by forcing humans to invent technology too early. Pandora's Box is metaphor for the Deep State plan to rule earth through evil, or more specifically through the strategic release of suppressed technology, usury practice, religious mind control, greed, envy, hatred, pain, disease, hunger, poverty, war, and death. The electric encounters with Mars quickly teach humans how to harness electricity, as well as generate their own. In the 7th century B.C.E., humanity enjoys a lasting period of free energy, ideal health, and no Deep State influence as magnificent cities blossom across the planet. The conflict between Mars and Jupiter showed yet again that the Deep State did not represent their influence. The plan to rule humanity through evil would have to be stashed back in Pandora's Box to be released at a later date.

Humanity knew this gift had come at a cost. With each encounter, the outer shell of Priori-Mars collapsed making the inner shell temporarily visible. The lightning scars streaking across the surface of the inner shell of Mars lead humans to believe Prometheus is being punished for his gift to humanity. Nine times they watch as his 'flesh' was torn apart and sown back together only to be torn apart again later. On February 27 747 B.C.E., Mars bumps Earth's magnetosphere and once again alters the Earth's orbital duration. Calendar keepers introduce a leap year (every 4 years) to account for the new 6-hour offset.

686 B.C.E. March 23 - Priori-Mars loses its outer shell - Iron Age Begins

On the 9th close encounter with Earth, Priori-Mars finally grows unstable enough to lose it's outer shell forever. The centuries of interplanetary electric discharged had converted the light elements in the outer shell into heavy iron, and now the shell was too heavy to retain. Ackerman explains the break-up:

Its release was influenced by the tidal force of proto-Venus, when the latter's inferior conjunctions corresponded to its aphelions. At these times the solid core of priori-Mars exited the planet and swooped into a lower orbit around the Earth while the outer shell drifted away. The two recombined as they left the vicinity of the Earth and reformed during the fifteen years that it orbited the Sun. After the final encounter, the outer shell of priori-Mars failed to recombine with its solid core and slid out to its current orbit, forming the low density planet we now call Mars.

The iron shell of Mars permanently comes apart forming the asteroid belt and scattering star metal across the Earth's surface. This event kick-starts the Iron Age as humanity receives one more parting gift of metallurgy from Prometheus before Mars vanishes forever into it's final orbit - appearing as a red speck in the night sky. On June 15 685 B.C.E., absent of the extended magnetosphere of Priori-Mars, Mercury (known as Phaethon) and Venus both catch on fire. On July 9th, Jupiter catches on fire. 5 days later on July 14th, Jupiter releases a plasmoid bolt which travels for 11 days and strikes the Sun on the 25th. This event was remembered throughout Mesoamerica as the Death of Quetzalcoatl. The planets were striking their final electromagnetic balance and fixing their orbits that we know today.

Christ as the Sun

Christ as the Sun

684 to 670 B.C.E. Solar System becomes stable

By 670 B.C.E., the Earth's orbit becomes circular and the period of creation that formed the planets of our Solar System comes to an end. Earth's new orbit and season schedule would be pleasantly predictable. In religious texts, the one God (our Sun) drives out the many (other planets) to rule over a new age. Once again, Deep State Monotheism would lose ground with the general populations as no priest could have predicted this event. Free of their control, the general population forms Gnosticism around the concept of knowing - in contrast with the encrypted secrecy of Deep State religions. The gnostic evangelists would be known for spreading the Gospel meaning "good news". What was the good news? The new Sun God was of a very different nature from the old Creator God Saturn. The Sun provides endless abundance without asking for anything in return. The Sun reveals dark places and old secrets. The Sun would never die. The good news was that from now on - the world would remain free - as nobody could claim the authority of the Sun!

The length of a year jumps by 1/4th of. a rotation to 365.25 days

The year's length would no longer undergo significant changes as Earth's orbital period would remain constant in the future. This allowed for the formation of the first fixed lunisolar calendar. One problem to solve in the fixed calendar is how to count the number of years 'since creation'. As the length of the year changed many times, date ranges that span events during creation are inherently inconsistent. Therefore, the solution to this problem is to assign a label to each date indicating whether the year occurred before the Common Era (B.C.E.), or afterward during the Common Era (C.E.).

Fixed Lunar Calendar

Fixed Lunar Calendar

How many Lunar Months are in a Year?

1 month was the period of 28 days of the Moon's orbit around the Earth, and back then there were 13 months of 28 days in a year with the addition of one leap day. Over time, the period of Earth's orbit around the Sun changed slightly, causing less than 13 lunar months to occur 63 years per century. This caused a conflict in religious ceremony where some holidays would be skipped on some years, leading to the number 13 being considered unlucky.

The Deep State, which was seeking to control this new Astrological religion, took advantage of the calendar conflict by inventing the Zodiac and 12 month Roman/Julian/Gregorian Calendar. This gave the Deep State churches authority over religious ceremony, farming, and even warfare. The Deep State leveraged their new Zodiac religion as a buffer between the old testament secrets they wished to keep, and the religious texts propagated to the masses. The life stories they published in the modern bible about the resurrected Jesus Christ are all redactions of stories based on the Sun and seasons on a 12-month calendar. Similarly, the stories published in the OT about King David are also redactions based on the 12 Zodiac signs.

The Blip: 7th Century B.C.E. to 10th Century C.E. Never Occurred

B.C.E. 670, Year Zero, and CE 1053 are actually the same year. After the cataclysms ended, the Deep State jealousy guarded records in holy church vaults, forbidding outsiders from viewing them. As the old gods and stories were forgotten or fell into myth, it became easier for the Deep State to falsify the timeline. As a result of the success of the Anno Domini Calendar conspiracy, humans today (including catastrophist authors like Immanuel Velikovsky and Jno Cook) believe the events of creation ended over 2700 years ago.

In the model of catastrophism the date of the end of ancient history is the same date as the last cataclysmic event - 670 B.C.E when the final orbit of 365.25 days was reached, and the same date as the beginning of modern history - 1053 C.E.. In other words, the age of cataclysm ended just under 1000 years ago.

And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth.- Galadriel

New Chronology of Human History

Anatoly Fomenko's New Chronology complies with the most rigid scientific standards. It gives a coherent explanation of what we already know. Independent lines of inquiry all lead to the same conclusion. The predictions it makes are confirmed empirically.

Building the New Chronology

The roughly 1700-year period alleged to have existed between end of cataclysm date of 684 B.C.E. and the beginning human history in the 11th century C.E. is a complete fabrication by agents of the Holy Roman[ov] Empire. How was this determined? Between the 16th century and 19th centuries, various authors have written on the considerable contradictions in Scaliger Chronology, notably De Arcilla, Isaac Newton, Jean Hardouin, Petr Nikiforovich Krekshin, Robert Baldauf, Edwin Johnson, Nicolay Alexandrovich Morozov, and Wilhelm Kammeyer. In the first half of the 19th century, Catastrophist N.A. Morozov stated unequivocally that Scaligerian history should be subject to complete revision and published his main works on ancient history in 1907-1932. Between 1945 and 1973 the historical science community ridiculed his ideas and censored his works. All discussion of Catastrophism, redacted history, or flaws within Scaligarian history ended during this time. The only exception was Immanuel Velikovsky, who happened to agree that there were no flaws in Scaligarian version of modern history.

“He is considered to be the founder of the "critical school" in chronology, but what he really did was try to protect the Scaligerian chronology from drastic changes, so his inclusion in the list of the founding fathers of the new chronology is rather arbitrary. We reckon that the fact of Velikovsky's works are much better known than the earlier and more detailed ones by N. A. Morozov, inhibited the development of the new chronology in the Western Europe of the XX century considerably” - History of the New Chronology

Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko - a Russian historical theorist, mathematician, and professor

Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko is a Soviet and Russian historical theorist, mathematician, professor at Moscow State University, well-known as a topologist, and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

In 1972 American astrophysicist Robert Newton published an article where he described a strange leap in lunar acceleration, and the so-called parameter D. In 1973, A. T. Fomenko working as a faculty member of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Moscow State University noticed the article and began researching several problems related to moon physics. In 1980, he published his work on redacted eclipse dating - leading to the question - If Lunar Dating has been redacted in ancient history, what else has been redacted from history? In 1981, others join the New Chronology project:

“It became obvious that the complexity of this issue demanded the development of new independent methods of dating. Hence the main focus in 1973-1980 was on developing methods of analyzing historical texts that were based on mathematical statistics, a number of which was proposed and formulated by A. T. Fomenko in 1975-1979. They allowed for the elucidation of the global picture of chronological misdatings in Scaliger's version and elimination. More specifically, A. T. Fomenko had discovered three important chronological shifts, of roughly 333 years, 1053, and 1800 years respectively. These shifts are only inherent to the erroneous chronology of Scaliger-Petavius, and have nothing to do with the correct one. It turned out that "the Scaligerian textbook" was compiled from four copies of one and the same brief chronicle. Source

As scrupulous as the work was, it was still not possible for the historical science community at large to acknowledge the possibility that Scaligarian chronology could be in any way flawed, and Fomenko's work fell into obscurity. In this we once again see the enduring influence of the Deep State:

“Today we are being convinced that everything had happened "automatically" and that N. A. Morozov's research was of little enough interest to have been forgotten by everyone in a short time. We are now beginning to understand that the forces opposing N. A. Morozov were all the more formidable to have needed the participation of A. N. Kolmogorov. It is also noteworthy that A. N. Kolmogorov considered it possible for N. A. Morozov to have been correct.

11th Century C.E. Common Era Begins

With an end to the age of cataclysm, the Earth bloomed with life. Plants and animals multiplied in abundance. Predictable seasons and weather patterns prompted trade routes to be established between cities. The red rings of the Absu begin to fade revealing a clear sky. The old Gods have departed to become planetary specks in the night sky, replaced by the new Saviour, our Sun. The rainbow would become a common phenomenon signifying the promise of no more creation:

“I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.” - Genesis 9:11

The Phantom Time Hypothesis by Heribert Illig was published in 1991 and asserted that the Anno Domini dating system was fabricated by Jesuits retroactively adding in a ‘phantom’ millennium of a thousand years to the timeline starting in the special year of AD1053. Both Catholics like St Jerome and Protestants like Joseph Scaliger are accused of opportunistically reappropriating actual African, Asian, and American history into a false European history sometime within the last 500 years.

'Year of our Lord' Deception - 1053 Year Shift forward

With the start of the Common Era, chronologists would write the phrase In the year of our Lord before each date. This meant a date which was occurring in C.E. times after the Lord(our Sun) appeared and after the start of the fixed calendar. Writing the name of the Lord was forbidden and often only the letter < code > ι < /code> was used in place of the whole phrase. Later, in the 16th century the Jesuits would reinterpret the letter < code > ι < /code> as a digit in the 1000th place. This redaction shifted the calendar 1053 years forward in time. They also interpreted The Lord as referring to Jesus Christ. This lead to the erroneous assumption that the historical Christ must have been born(or even died) around 0 AD.

“A chronological shift of 1053 years leads to the mutual superimposition of the events that took place in the Second Roman Empire over those of the Holy Roman Empire that existed in the alleged X - XIII century, identifying them as each other’s duplicates.” - History: Fiction or Science?

12 Tribes of Israel/Disciples of Jesus are based on the 12 signs of the Zodiac

12 Tribes of Israel/Disciples of Jesus are based on the 12 signs of the Zodiac

The Sun replaces Mars as the new Saviour

Humans would begin to debate the meaning of this new post - creation period. Solar deity worship took center stage in all world religions including in Africa, Greece, Armenia, Arabia, Aztec mythology, Baltic mythology, Buddhism, Celtic, Chinese mythology, Christianity, Greece, Hinduism and Indian mythology, Incan and Indonesian mythology, and Yazidism. Sun worship posed a problem for the Deep State as this new God indeed seemed to be greater than those they used to worship. The Central Tenet of the Deep State religion, Deuteronomy 6:14 - 16 warns:

Do not follow other gods, the gods of the peoples around you. For the LORD your God, who is among you, is a jealous God. Otherwise the anger of the LORD your God will be kindled against you, and He will wipe you off the face of the earth.

With the dramatic appearance of each new Saviour planet(Jupiter, Venus, Mars, the Sun), the Deep State would lose control over world religion once again. They would have no choice but to tie the new Saviour back to the old Creator in an attempt to regain control(Christ - Son of Yahweh. Thor - Son of Odin etc.). However, it would be hard to convince the masses that our Sun was the son of some invisible deity i.e. Saturn.

Troy was also called Yoros short for Ierosalim a.k.a. Jerusalem (#1) a.k.a. Tsar-Grad

Troy was also called Yoros short for Ierosalim a.k.a. Jerusalem (#1) a.k.a. Tsar-Grad

Deep State Centralize World Religion at Jerusalem

After roughly 822 years in exile, it was time for the Deep State to resurface, rebuild their Monotheistic slave empire, and claim sole authority to speak for the Creator God of the Universe. To this end, the Deep State built a new headquarters in the narrowest part of the Bosphorus river in north - west Istanbul, a strategically advantageous location. There they built a metropolis called Yoros in Turkish, Hierosolyma in Latin, and Kiev / Tsar - Grad (City of the Czar) in Cyrillic text. In redacted Greek Mythology, it was remembered as Troia or Troy. In its time this was the holiest city on Earth - because it was modeled after the Heavenly Jerusalem described in the holy texts. This model (6 gates and 3 walls) was first seen as a series of hexagons surrounding the brown - dwarf Saturn in the Golden Age during the Collinear configuration of planets and is still seen today. In old versions of Jerusalem, each of the 3 walls had 6 gates resulting in the number 6 - 6 - 6 found in literature and often associated with Satan i.e. Saturn.

The invention of the fixed calendar provided the Deep State with a new system of faith based on the concept of constancy - that things change very slowly over time, or not at all. Jerusalem #1 in Istanbul was renamed Constantinople, and became the headquarters of the new faith. Since all information on the old Gods were kept secret in Jerusalem archives, the common people gradually forgot about them. The stories fell into mythology, replaced by new stories of the Sun traversing the seasons, which later became the farmer's almanac.

According to various paintings, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene were hairy giant humans

Christ was a hairy human giant. Here is a painting of his hairy giant mother from the Body and Soul exhibit in Italy. "I went to see the exhibition "Body and Soul: Sculpture in Italy from Donatello to to Michelangelo," and this was the first I had ever heard of the miraculous body hair of Mary Magdalene! I mean, what? I guess Christians already knew about this? That she's supposed to have lived in the desert until her clothes crumbled away, then her own body hair miraculously grew to clothe her? Why hasn't this found its way into a short story I've read? Did everyone just know this already?" @summerbrennan

Jupiter Saturn Conjunction occurs every 20 years

Jupiter and Saturn aligned as the Star of Bethlehem on December 21, 2020, marking the 840-Year Anniversary of the Crucifixion in Constantinople of Andronicus-Christ of the Crimea

12th Century C.E. Birth of Christianity

In Fomenko’s New Chronology, the first widely recorded and purely human event was the crucifixion of Andronicus Christ in 1185. Biographies of Czar - Grad's ‘Byzantine’ Emperor Andronicus and the Great Russian Prince Andrey Bogoliubsky exist as surviving testimonies about the historical Christ which match up nicely to the redacted New Testament literature put out by the Catholic Church, but differ in many significant details. For example, Christ was of a race of hairy human giants similar to the mythical Sasquatch. He was born in the year 1152 AD (rather than around 4 BC), in modern day Crimea(rather than Palestine), and his mother Katya(later renamed Mary in the Latin bible) was born in Cathaya, a far eastern region of Tartaria, and was buried in the Crimea.

During this period, the Deep State Holy Empire spanned from western Europe to Istanbul with Jerusalem #1 as their capital. Their slow - and - go plan was to spread a centralized usury religion based on redacted old - testament narratives and an invisible creator lord which their priests spoke for. This plan was foiled in less than a decade by Christ as this “prodigal child” returned triumphantly to Jerusalem proselytizing an anti - establishment religion promising freedom from tyranny and an end to usury. This forced the hand of the Deep State which saw no other option than to crucify Christ in a gruesome public display within the tall gates of Troy. The objective of the crucifixion was to put down his insurrection and make an example of its leader.

The naming of Christ

Christ means “anointed one” -meaning he was anointed with oil as part of ancient Deep State ritual of Baptism. This was unique for only one reason - Christ and his mother were large hairy humans from the eastern lands of Siberia - a land of giants that rarely participated in any Deep State religious ceremonies. This land would birth the first world empire since the dark ages and would come to be known as the Kingdom of Tartaria.

Books created by giant humans

Books created by giant humans

The Latin Bible contains a western perspective of the Crucifixion, a story originally written in the Cyrillic bible, but many of the facts are the same. The story of Christ begins with the census ordered by the religious leaders of Jerusalem in Istanbul. However, it is illogical to suggest that a pregnant woman (who is due) would be forced to travel to take part in a census. That never happens in any census. Instead, the census was of a very different nature; the Deep State was counting the giants of the region in preparation for a planned genocide of giants.

Deep State Eliminate the Giants

The normal - sized humans of the Deep State had a rocky history with the Giants - who remembered their enslavement by the Pyramidal Empire. Giants were notoriously difficult to convert into Monotheism. They had their own religions, (large) bibles, and a significant following of normal - sized humans. The Deep State knew they would never rule world religions as long as the Giants existed. If they could only eliminate them all, then normal - sized humans would fall under the influence of Deep State religions.

Christ's family flees ahead of the census

At the same time, the Deep State prioritized the conversion of giants into Monotheism(if at all possible). They saw the Baptism of the giant Andronicus Christ as a unique opportunity to spread their influence east. With the census, many giants were fleeing the Istanbul region knowing what the census would mean for them if they stayed put - and many giants were killed en route.

Map of Tartaria: Path of Christ's Family

Map of Tartaria: Path of Christ's Family

1152 C.E. Historical Christ is Born in Crimea

Christ's mother - Katya - was one of those attempting to flee the census. She made it as far as Crimea before being caught. However, the locals of Crimea took pity on her as she was moaning in pain with a difficult pregnancy. The language barrier prevented the humans from asking Katya who the father was, and many assumed she was a prostitute, or a virgin. It's possible her husband was killed by smaller humans, and she simply refused to talk about it. She couldn't fit inside the buildings and had to be put in a horse stable where the locals performed a cesarean section. According to eastern chronicles, the difficult procedure resulted in the stabbing of the infant Christ while still in the womb leading to the Holy Lance and Holy Grail. Eventually the local authorities agreed to let the giants live, as long as they were Baptized and inducted into Monotheism.

Christ later traveled with his family to Jerusalem in Istanbul where he trained as a Rabbi. In Jerusalem, rabbis would endlessly deliberate to bridge the gap between ancient Monotheism and the eclectic polytheistic indigenous religions of the east they were trying to subsume. This strategy backfired as Christ and his mother Katya remained unconvinced of the Church’s conclusions and authority deferring instead to the eastern belief systems Katya was raised in. As a result of Christ's clerical criticisms, his family was driven out of Jerusalem. The Gospel of Matthew contains a redacted version of this true story in the escape of the Holy Family from King Herod to Egypt, when in eastern records they were fleeing the persecution in Istanbul back to their home in central Asia - what would later become the Rus - Horde Empire.

Painting by Hans Bol: The Crucifixion 1587

Painting by Hans Bol: The Crucifixion 1587

1185 C.E. Historical Christ is Crucified in Istanbul

After arriving safely at home, Christ developed a following based on his hybridized religious teachings. The religion of Christianity formed around a series of parables as he demonstrated that people are born free from mental and physical slavery and don’t need to obey the Church or any God. This following spread quickly back to Istanbul, and once again challenged the foundations of Monotheism. The Deep State reacted - laying plans to capture him and neutralize his influence. He was invited to a passover celebration in Jerusalem, where he was promptly arrested, put on trial, and crucified. The charge against him was insurrection, but not for challenging Monotheism, but rather - for claiming to be the King of the Monotheists, the next Savior of Mankind, the Je - Zeus.

With the planetary orbits stable for over a hundred years, it was now possible for the first time to predict future eclipses. The date and time of the crucifixion was purposefully chosen on a solar eclipse to magnify the psychological impact of the event. To the medieval mind it meant that God passed over the judgment and did not intervene to save someone claiming to be his Son. This lie sufficed and his followers scattered in fear. The crucifixion of Christ was designed to end the influence of Giants like Christ by allowing the smaller humans to poke, stab, and laugh at the giants with impunity while they were bound to the crosses.

Painting by Tintoretto: The Descent from the Cross

Painting by Tintoretto: The Descent from the Cross

Alleged Death and Resurrection

However, Christ did not die on the Cross. After hanging bound to wood for 6 hours, the smaller human crowd got bored and left, and a limp Christ was removed from the cross by his own family who brought him into a nearby cave to recover. The smaller humans, fearing retribution, did not follow. After around 3 days, he emerges and his family departs for Crimea without fanfare or witnesses. There's no reason whatsoever to assume Christ was dead, or that the cave was used for burial.

The surviving of the Crucifixion by Christ is a heavily redacted detail from nearly all literature, and yet it’s simple to demonstrate that Christ was seen many times after his alleged death in Asia and even America. Logically, the Rabbis feared creating a martyr, and saw no reason not to let him return home now that he was defeated, distrusted, and possibly crippled for life. With the act of crucifying Christ, the Church had declared far and wide that he was not the messiah nor the King of the Jews. Ironically, the idea sprung into the medieval mind - that Christ was actually the messiah but had been denied by the Jews. To make things worse for the Church's authority, the locals started comparing Christ to the 2nd savior of Earth - planet Jupiter. In the legend, king Jupiter(i.e. King Arthur, Zeus etc) "dies" during the dark ages, disappearing into a cave(the Absu layer), and reemerging after 2.5 days to once again sit on a throne of plasma discharge and be crowned with the sun's light. The Church's crucifixion had backfired creating their worst nightmare - a human Savior of eastern bloodlines worshiped as a god by the west. Oops!

The Extraordinary Black Book: An Exposition of Abuses in Church and State, Courts of Law, Representation, Municipal and Corporate Bodies

An extraordinary document which details the corruption and financial abuses of the British government ax well as the sinecures and privileges of the army, church, and other groups. It was drawn up by John Wade as part of the radical movement to expand the franchise in England in.

Nevertheless, he returned home from Istanbul to Crimea where his congregation was reorganized and his influence began to rapidly spread. The foundations were laid for a new republic in defiance of the religious authoritarianism practiced in Istanbul. This new Russian - Hordian Empire would rapidly grow into a world empire until it's disillusion in 1775. After the fall, the memory of the founding of the Rus - Horde Empire would become redacted into other narratives - the founding of Rome by Romulus and his virgin mother Rhea - the founding of Medina by Muhammad after his flight from Mecca, and many others. More: One Hundred And Five Reflections Of Andronicus - Christ i.e. Andrey Bogoliubsky In The Scaligarian History

The Deep State had a secondary motive in letting this crippled giant return alive to a homeland full of Giants. They were hoping to trigger a revenge attack and route the giants into a trap. The tall walls of Jerusalem / Troy in Istanbul were built specifically on the strategic Bophorus river to fend off Giants. If one wall were to fall, there were 2 more within. If the Deep State could trigger a crusade against the walls of Jerusalem, they would be able to eliminate a maximum number of Giants in a single event.

1196 C.E. First Crusade begins as Revenge for the Crucifixion

The plan works as intended as the humiliation of the crucifixion triggered a violent reaction especially in the gathering Rus - Horde. Within 11 years, the Russians launched the First Crusade to capture the ‘Holy Sepulcher’ and take revenge upon the crucifiers of Christ.

Not all Giants agreed with the Revenge Crusade. The older, wiser giants knew it was an obvious trap, and that two wrongs did not make a right. However, the younger giants(up to 40 years old) were rash and began marching as soon as they had the numbers. This first wave(remembered as the Children’s Crusade in the 13th century) fell for the trap and were killed or sold into slavery. After this failure, the older giants got involved and drew more cautious plans to take the holy Sepulcher and end the war.

The Revenge Crusade eventually turned religious as a new religion was forming around Christ and his mother Mary (Katya). On the Trojan side, the ancient Deep State Bacchic goddess Aphrodite was worshiped. For this reason it is remembered that the Trojan War was triggered over a woman. A decade of fighting ensues which sees the death of many giants. The Iliad traces the lineage of some giants back to planet Mars where the Jötunn originated.

13th Century C.E.: The Russian Horde 'Tartarian' Empire emerges

Eventually the walls of Troy were breached, but not by any tricks involving a wooden horse (which makes no sense). Instead, Troy fell due to the widespread unpopularity of its government as well as the economic effects of an 8 + year siege. It wasn't difficult for the Crusaders to convince the local population that their religious leaders did not speak for any Gods as after 8 years no Gods had shown up to end the war. In other words, the population of Troy was compelled by the righteous narrative of the Crusaders to open the gates and allow them into Troy. Swift vengance was committed upon anyone associated with the Crucifixion of Christ.

Protected by Ares by Antonio Raffaele Calliano, 1815

Protected by Ares by Antonio Raffaele Calliano, 1815

1204 C.E. Capture of First Jerusalem

With the capture of first Jerusalem by the Russian Horde, royal families of the Deep State fled across Western Europe once again taking their slaves and holy relics. What many of the Crusaders did not realize was that the same Deep State which crucified their prince was also benefiting from their revenge Crusade. As the Russia - Horde were distracted organizing the Crusades on Tsar - Grad Istanbul, the Deep State quietly began relocating their headquarters to Jerusalem #2 in Moscow.

Their modified plan was now to eclipse and supplant the religions of Eastern Tartary, presenting Christ not as a popular Russian Prince and insurrectionist, but rather as the Son of an invisible Creator God. This plan would take centuries to achieve. First, they had to convince the Rus - Horde that their prince was so great that he must have come from the King David bloodline. This clever ruse played into the Crucifixion lie that Christ had claimed to be the King of the Jews and embedded Monotheism deep into Christianity.

Jerusalem #2 was the Kremlin in Moscow and was never located in Palestine

Jerusalem #2 was the Kremlin in Moscow and was never located in Palestine

Next they redacted Polytheistic Sun worship into Zodiac Monotheism attributing ‘miracles’ provided by the Sun in our sky to Christ the “Son of God”. He now claims to be the Light of Life, the stiller of storms, the feeder of masses, the healer of lepers, walker of water, and resurrectionist. Additionally, they redacted the real story of Andronicus Christ replacing it with a mostly made up story based on imaginary symbols of the Zodiac, just like they did with the story of King David.

After successfully appropriating the pagan hordian religions of their enemies, the Deep State ordered the reconstruction of Jerusalem in Moscow matching the 3 walls and 6 gates of Jerusalem in Istanbul, and the original Jerusalem in the sky during the Golden Age. Building on the success of their new hybrid religion, the Deep State drew plans to create a vast world empire.

Whom are the “Israelites” in history ?

Israel's history was stolen from Russia and relocated to Palestine

Throughout history, the Jews (those most loyal to the church's authority) and Israelites (those acting in defiance of the church's authority) were often on opposite sides of military and religious conflicts.

The Israelites are defined as a group of people who are wrestling against the will of God. Today the term Israelite is redacted with the definition specifically limited to a race of Semitic - speaking tribes in the middle east, but in eastern literature the term refers to the Religious Crusaders of the Rus - Horde Empire who destroyed Jerusalem #1 and rebuilt #2 as the Kremlin in Moscow (circa 1567 CE) in defiance of the Deep State(a.k.a.God's will). Christ's teachings were seen as blasphemy against the church he was punished with The Crucifixion. The revenge Crusade that followed was also an act of rebellion against the church. This religious schism between east and west became a social catalyst that would eventually lead to the rapid creation of a vast Eastern Tartarian Rus - Horde Empire which was remembered, among many other names, as the land of Israel. Throughout history, the Jews(those most loyal to the church's authority) and Israelites (those acting in defiance of the church's authority) were often on opposite sides of military and religious conflicts.

Russian Empire expands through conquest

By organizing the Crusades against Istanbul, the Deep State had a blueprint for expanding their conquest. Andronicus Christ - the first emperor of the Rus Horde Empire - spoke against usury and slavery, but still after seizing control of Istanbul, the Horde imposed both taxation and conscription on their new vassal. They would continue to do this in every region they conquered. During the war, the army raised by the Horde was predominantly horse cavalry as horses were native in the steps between the Volga and Don rivers. This allowed the army to move quickly over great distances. The Russian czars - khans were able to equip the Horde with iron weapons, which in the Mediterranean were quite expensive and unaffordable to many. To feed their army and new vassals, a new type of slash and burn farming was invented. Entire forests were incinerated to create agricultural land allowing for mass harvesting without fertilization. Deforestation continued for another 200 years until around 1503 when the Horde finally switched to the three - field system. They realized that farm soil dries up after 30 years, unless the land is reclaimed by nature.

At the end of the 13th century, a final unification of the diverse peoples of Russia took place, partly peacefully, partly through military means, under the Grand Prince(or khan) , Georgii Danilovich, aka Genghis Khan in western sources. More: The Epoch of the XIII Century

1258 C.E. Historical Christ dies

According to Japanese legend, Christ visited Japan for 12 years when he was 21. Per the legend, he survived his Crucifixion in Judea, went through the ups and downs of travel, and eventually came to settle down at Kirisuto no haka and died at the age of 106.

1285 C.E. First Olympic Games

In memory of the religious plurality that followed the Crusades the Olympic Games would be held every 4 years throughout the Empire. Coliseums were built to host the events in western states like France, Italy, Tunisia, and Croatia. They were never used for gladiator fights which mostly occurred on public squares outside the boundaries of imperial law.

15th Century: The Tartarian Empire Invades Europe, Africa and India

15th Century: The Tartarian Empire Invades Europe, Africa and India

14th Century C.E.: Great Expansion of the Mongol / Slavic Rus - Horde Empire

By the middle of the 14th century the Russian cavalry began their invasion of Europe, Africa and India, in a wide - reaching offensive. As a result a considerable part of Eurasia was colonized. Scaligerian Chronology remembers Rus - Horde as the Etruscans who founded Rome. However, in Russian history, the Horde chose Florence as their new capital.

With the expansion of the Empire came major works of construction. Magnificent Tartarian style cathedrals and chambers were built across Western Europe and North America. In Istanbul, the massive Hagia Sophia was rebuilt symbolizing peace and syncretism between religions. Back home, the Kremlin continued to grow in size and fortifications. In Egypt, great cemeteries were built close to the ancient pyramids to contain the mummified bodies of the Csar - Khans as well as other high - ranking officials. This location was ideal for burial as the dry sand preserved the mummified bodies. The Egyptian Book of the Dead describes the ferrying of bodies across the 'River Styx' i.e. the Mediterranean Sea.

1337 C.E. The "Hundred Years War" begins

As a result of this conquest, many vassal states formed across the planet. Some states were created by peaceful means and rewarded by retaining their autonomy. Others were forged by warfare, conscription, and taxes. Inevitably micro - injustices within the Empire caused pockets of resistance, forming the basis of Protestantism. The Hordian campaign would drag on in these regions leading to a war lasting over a hundred years.

Various paintings from Pompeii depicted the use of brothels

“There were several brothels located in Pompeii — appearing to be part of the Roman culture — that were vastly decorated with pictures representing different sexual similes above the entryways to the cubicles. A fresco from one such brothel depicts a man and woman making love on a bed. The woman is sitting on top of the man with what appears to be a breast band around her chest. Her right arm is outstretched with her hand resting on the bed to the left of his head.” Source

European Religious Schism Emerges

The Deep State learned during the Crusade that it can exploit religious schisms to trigger a war, and set upon achieving the next one. As it operated behind the scenes in the new Kremlin capitol, it also controlled the opposition by giving orders to scattered priesthood in Western Europe to resist the Empire and preserve Monotheism. In defiance of Christianity, Western Europe continued to practice in secret the Monotheistic religion of the Deep State. In public, they engaged in unlawful Dionysian orgy ceremonies. The Rus-Horde Officials were dumbfounded by this heretical behavior. They watched western pagans commit sacrifice rituals and attempted to communicate and take orders from invisible spirits. In the next 2 centuries the local populations would start publicly burning heretics at the stake leading the Rus-Horde empire to begin an Inquisition to find a peaceful solution.

Late 14th Century illustration from Tuscany: devils shoot down arrows to inflict horror upon a
tangled mass of humanity

In this illustrated manuscript painted in Tuscany at the end of the 14th Century, devils shoot down arrows to inflict horror upon a tangled mass of humanity. Religious processions were commonly held during plague outbreaks in medieval Europe to provide succour against disease. During the Black Death of 1347–52, for example, a flagellant revival occurred, although this was condemned by church authorities as it descended into anti-clerical violence.

15th Century C.E. Ottoman Conquest of Europe.

The religious schism in Europe continued to grow into the 15th century with no clear solutions available. Once again, this allowed the Deep State to exploit the situation laying the foundations for the next war. They just needed to find a good reason to trigger it.

By the middle of the 15th century, the popularity of Dionysian orgies had led to the widespread proliferation of transmissible disease. Knowledge of disease and medicine was still limited, and superstitious populations would regard the spread of illness with suspicion, often exiling the sick. The Empire had a serious problem and didn't know how to solve it. It was once again time for the Deep State to step in and take advantage. The fear of wide - spread disease could be exploited to bring Europe into a new Crusade. They had the reason to go to war - now they needed the means.

Predictive Programming for Children: Conan the Barbarian finds Star Metal

1421 C.E. Meteorite(Star Metal) falls on Yaroslavl

In the year 1421, a meteor unexpectedly fell to the earth out of a fiery cloud near Yaroslavl leaving behind giant meteorite composed of heavy metals. The object was considered a holy relic, but the significance of its arrival was unclear. Eventually the Hordian craftsmen experimented with the debris. They quickly found that when used as an additive, a strong resilient steel could be smelted - the famous Damascus(i.e. Moscovian) Bulat Steel.

This invention gave the Rus - Horde Empire a new war advantage. Not only would the stronger metal cut through that of any opposing army, but it offered a psychological advantage as well. The enemy would regard the metal itself as a gift from the Gods, and a sign that They favored Rus - Horde crusaders. Later this story was reflected in the literature of Islam, Christianity, "Ancient" Rome and Greece, as well as in modern media. During their military campaigns the Hordians and Atamans(Ottomans) carried the debris of the Yaroslavl meteor in a holy arcs called Kaaba.

Painting of Joan of Arc at the Stake

Even the supporters of the traditional version admit that the Maid of Orleans began to be called Joan of Arc only from the second half of the xvi century. But this implies that in the duration of more than a century the heroine was called something else. The question is, what? According to our results she was called Deborah. Under this name she entered the Book of Judges. Then in view of the growing interest towards Joan, her other names and nicknames also fell into common use. And later, in the XVII-XVIII cc. the former name Deborah was gradually extruded from the story of Joan. The fact that Joan and Deborah is the same person was slowly forgotten. The 'biblical events' were pushed into the past, two thousand six hundred years back! The following generations of historians began to sincerely perceive Joan of Arc and the biblical Deborah as two different characters. In our reconstruction Deborah = Joan of Arc lived in the epoch of the Ottoman conquest in the world of the XV-XVI cc. That is why the original geography of the events connected to her campaigns was much wider than the modern version.

1431 C.E. Jeanne d'Arc is executed in Rouen, France

The Rus - Horde(aka Ottoman) Empire continued to encounter resistance to its conquest of Western Europe. One of the biggest examples of resistance was the legendary Joan of Arc. Fomenko demonstrates how this story is also a duplicate of a story of the prophetess and warrior Deborah narrated in chapters 4 - 5 of the Old Testament Book of

The comparison of the Jeanne d'Arc and biblical Deborah stories reveals a vivid parallelism [7v1], ch.9. It was partially known to some authors of the XVII - XVIII cc. But today it is thought that the chroniclers 'were only comparing' Jeanne d'Arc and Deborah, i.e. identifying them in the literary sense. But this 'congruence theory' was formed only in the XVIII - XIX cc., when the historians who were editing the texts, were substituting the direct identification of the ancient characters with tenuous 'comparisons'.

Although she wore armor, she never once fought in battle. Instead, the armor was meant to protect her from arrows as she met with Hordian soldiers. She was injured twice by arrows while attempting diplomatic solutions to end the Siege of Orleans(October 1428 – 8 May 1429). Nevertheless, Jeanne d'Arc’s diplomatic evangelism convinced the Hordian army to give up the siege. It was clear this French maiden had a bewitching influence on the Hordian soldiers to such a degree that it threatened the entire war campaign.

Painting of Samson and Delilah by Paul Rubens in 1609

When creating the Scaligerian history all of these large-scale campaigns were artificially 'squeezed' into the territory of one county in France, greatly reducing the scale of events. As a result some of the distant geographical names also 'moved' here. And the entire story of Joan of Arc turned into an allegedly 'purely French' story. Furthermore, it turns out that the famous French marshal Gilles de Rais, Joan of Arc's legendary comrade-in-arms, is partially described in the Bible under the name of Samson, the famous hero and warrior. This congruence is a result of the stories of Joan of Arc and the biblical Deborah overlapping each other. Marshal Gilles de Rais, French national hero, faced the Inquisition court and was burnt at the stake in the town of Nante - one of the most infamous landmark cases 'on witchcraft'. All three storylines are directly connected with the activities of the Inquisition on the territory of France (in the Scaligerian geography).

This forced the hand of the Deep State which saw no other option than to catharize Jeanne d'Arc before their own subjects. In 1430, she was captured by the Burgundians, who in exchange for money handed her over to the Hordian Empire, who were desperate to keep their own bewitched soldiers in line. They declared Jeanne d'Arc a witch and put her on ecclesiastical court trial for charges of "insubordination and heterodoxy".She was burnt at the stake in the Old Market Square of Rouen on May 30, 1431. This tactic backfired and led to further Hordian troop demoralization and eventually to the end of the Hundred Years war. Nearly 500 years later in 1920 she was canonized by the Catholic church.

1453 C.E. Hundred Year War ends

The execution of Jeanne had backfired on the Deep State ending the Hordian war campaign and forcing them to change tactics. They learned that they could not simply conquer Europe by force. It was also obvious that any attempt by the Empire to spread propaganda or religion West would be met with the same resistance. There was only one solution left - flip the script and invade the Rus - Horde Empire from the West!

Deep State Steals Russian History

On the Deep State's instructions religious clerics of Europe, after spending 200 years resisting Eastern Christianity, suddenly would claim it for their own, changing the names, locations, and dates of the Eastern Cyrillic Bible into a Western Latin version refashioning the stories with Western values. The Deep State saw this new tactic as a solution to the failure of the Crusades in Europe. The Armies of the Rus - Horde Empire, operating at the behest of the Czar, had no moral reason to conquer others and were easily demoralized. In contrast, the new Western Crusaders would eventually call themselves Warriors of God.

The Gutenberg Bible 1455

Latin is a scientific, authoritarian language with many rules and words that are difficult to pronounce. These rules provide a functional basis for translating Latin into other languages, and was designed to supplanting indigenous languages into a new hybridized "Romance" language.

1455 C.E. Bible is translated into Latin

The Gutenberg Bible was a translation of the original Cyrillic bible into the Vulgate Latin significantly redacting its text and conforming the New Testament narrative to the western austere perspective. For over 200 years, the western Churches refused even to mention the name of Andronicus - Christ, writing his name down as the letter ι . Now, he would be renamed Jesus Christ - taking advantage of the latin alphabet - and elevated to the position of Son of God. Historians give Johannes Gutenberg credit for the invention of the printing press in 1454, although it was already in use by the Rus - Horde Empire for at least two centuries prior. Historians also attribute the translation of the Vulgate Latin Bible to St. Jerome in the 4th century, however Fomenko demonstrates this to be a duplicate of the same event shifted backwards by 1053 years.

Latin is the Language of the Deep State

If the Deep State was ever to rule the Earth, it must be able to speak the same language as its subjects. Latin is a scientific, authoritarian language with many rules and words that are difficult to pronounce. These rules provide a functional basis for translating Latin into other languages, and was designed to supplanting indigenous languages into a new hybridized "Romance" language.

If the memory of Rome was a redaction of the Rus - Horde Empire - which never used Latin - then where did the language come from ? According to 19th century science literature, Latin has always been the primary language used by a breakaway civilization of humans on Mars. As a result of the Deep State/Martian control over Earth, all of our sciences - physics, biology, astronomy, even music and religion - are today still written down in the "dead language" of Latin.

Deep State redacts Christianity into Jesuit Catholicism

The Deep State was able to now trigger wars on Earth, but in order to maintain control over conquered territories, it needed to deploy a "slave" version of its monotheistic religion upon the conquered nations. However, it would have been impossible to convert the Horde and all of its vassal nations into a doctrine which was quite antithetical to those embraced by Gnostic Christians. The only solution was to supplant and redact Christianity itself into a new religion - Catholicism. Thus, the Secret Society of Jesus was created.

Jesuits convert native religions to Monotheism

The Jesuits begin spreading the Protestant Bible around the world starting with Europe. In assimilating indigenous religions the Jesuits employed a simple They learned all about the local's belief systems and religious history (if any) focusing on their primary deity, and then claimed that it was the same entity as Jesus Christ. Every native religion had an origin story that ended with the Earth's Sun becoming prominent and chasing away the older planet gods. The Sun tended to be worshiped as the saviour above all other Gods. The Jesuits simply convinced the locals that the Sun was the same God they worshiped - Jesus Christ. The older population accepted additional praise of their saviour, while the younger(more literate) populations understood something very different - that Jesus was the Sonof the Monotheistic creator godYahweh i.e. Planet Saturn.

The Jesuit literature functioned to convert the majority of the populations, but where it didn't work too well special military operations forces were deployed:

Given that the Jesuits’ original mission was to insert into a particularly troubled locale, assess the situation, solve whatever problems needed solving, and then redeploy to the next challenge, it is sometimes said that Ignatius founded the Jesuits as the “light cavalry” of the Church. And if you have not heard enough military metaphors, Time magazine also referred to the order as “the Pope’s Marines,” due to its emphasis on availability for rapid deployment. Fast forward roughly 400 years, and as has been the case with most of the world’s military units, mission creep set in and the amount, scope, and duration of the taskings handed down to the Jesuits greatly expanded. Thus, the Jesuits have transformed over time from a “light cavalry” to more of a “heavy artillery.” However, the ideal of availability to go wherever they are needed — at a moment’s notice — remains strong in the order, and Jesuit priests to this day still take a special vow to undertake any assignment given to them by the Pope.

Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, by Viktor Vasnetsov. Painted in 1887

In the apocalyptic imaginary, the great struggle of Horus is reflected in the enterprise of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, which represent the expansion of the Empire to the four cardinal points, and the Christian cross. After this fight a single God, sovereign, imposes itself and begins the journey of the biblical Egyptian exodus, and that of Troy, according to the mythified ancient history.

1486 C.E. Revelation of the coming Apocalypse

With this new propaganda tool and new weapons, the Deep State once again had the means to cause war in Europe. Now it was time to formulate the plan. A secret war plan would have been exposed and would have inevitably failed. Instead, the Deep State placed the plan in plain sight, for everyone to see(who could read latin). The book of this planned apocalypse is known as The Book of Revelation.

In 1486, the Deep State proliferated letters to 7 major churches in Asia Minor purporting a revelation of events to come, specifically of an impending large - scale military incursion of western europe using armed cavalry to curtail the widespread disease by destroying the diseased. The priests of the Deep State once again justified the war as a Religious Crusade ordained by God. They justified the slaughter by portraying the victims of disease as sinners who would incur God's wrath. For many hundreds of thousands of marked sinners in Western Europe, this coming apocalypse was the End of Days. As the impending date approached, those who could afford to escape would flee to America's east coast on large flotillas.

The RoM strategy was highly effective. It enabled the Deep State to identify and neutralize any would - be resistance to the plan. Those who wished to remain in Europe and avoid the slaughter would have to give up their ancient traditions and submit to the authority of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Rus - Horde Empire.

Death on a Pale Horse by Benjamin West 1796

Death on the Pale Horse, painted by the American artist Benjamin West in 1796 depicting events of The 1492 Apocalypse.

1492 C.E. The Apocalypse Crusade & Reverse Exodus

The date 1492 C.E. was specifically chosen by the Deep State as it would allow them to strategize a reversal of the losses incurred during the Exodus event of B.C.E. 1492. By 1492 C.E., the Apocalypse Crusade had spread throughout western europe converting or killing everyone they found. This bloody reset of civilization changed the nature of the once - eclectic Rus - Horde Empire into a slave empire fully under the influence of the Deep State. The Hordian troops also attacked from Siberia by crossed the Bering Straight into Alaska and traveling south through North America. This incursion was remembered as the Aztec genocide of the Mayans.

Later in the 18th century, the letters of revelation were redacted and canonized into the Book of Revelation and merged with descriptions of a real apocalypse event that occurred at the end of the Golden Age. In the Mormon and Christian Bibles, the event itself would be redacted as the Story of Noah escaping the "flood" of the wicked. In Scalegarian history, this event was recorded as the expansion of the Ottoman Empire as well as the flight of Columbus and the Jews from the Inquisition. The real identify of Christopher Columbus is unknown. This is because the name in spanish, Cristóbal Colón translates literally to Colony of Christ.

More: The Book of Mormon is about the Conquest of America by Noah - Columbus

Jesuits reach America


16th Century C.E. Reformation and Inquisition.

Painting: Ottomans invade vienna 1683

The Ottoman Army surrounds Vienna by Frans Geffels. The Ottoman Conquest – the 'second wave' carried an entirely different ideology from the 'first wave'. If the 'Mongols'= the magnificent ones of the XIII-XIV cc. created the 'antique classicism', then the 'Mongols'-Ottomans (Atamans) of the second wave of the XV century were destroying it. They considered that it was the liberal behavior of the Europeans of the XIII-XIV cc. which lead to the mass infectious diseases. Including venereal ones, as the bacchanalian festivities emerged and flourished during the 'antique classicism'. The Ataman (Ottoman) spirit of Cossacks once again, for the second time, emerging from Russia-Horde was more ascetic and austere. Eventually the ideology of the modern Islam grew out of it. Extremely severe and chaste.

The Apocalypse Crusade in europe had a major effect on world politics and culture. The prosperous influence of the once - benevolent Rus - Horde Empire had devolved into an authoritarian stranglehold on Western Europe. The orgies would become banned, and persecution against promiscuous or deviant behaviour would come to define and dominate the western Christian identity. The promotion of foreboding Gothic architecture reflected this new attitude.

Another effect was the great progress in the idealization of God's Authority. The polytheistic religions of the Rus - Horde Empire had until now reflected the indigenous beliefs of their vassals. After the 1492 Apocalypse(which was alleged to have been caused by God's hand), Monotheism would take over world religions. A project began within the Rus - Horde Empire to evangelize and convert every indigenous belief systems of every vassal state over to Monotheism in order to create a united world, indivisible, and under God's Authority.

Yet another consequence was the "discovery" of America by "Columbus".In reality America was already discovered and colonized by Native Americans and the Rus - Horde Empire. The Western Europeans elite were simply fleeing ahead of the 1492 date. They designed many large flotillas, loaded them with riches and slaves, and boated to the Americas. Since many of these elite were descendants from the same people who fled the Exodus in Egypt, a dispute arose over who should control Egypt, as both sides of the war had ancestral ties to the biblical location. Eventually they would agree to share control over Egypt between dynastic ties of the east and west, which in effect meant that Egypt fell 100 % under Deep State control therefrom.

Painting: Germain Peasant War 1525

The German Peasant’s War (1525). Resistance to the Empire led to one of the largest popular rebellions in early modern Europe, with rebel armies made up of as many as 40,000 in some areas. The violent actions of the peasants were met with violent condemnation by Luther in print, while harsh suppression by the authorities meant that tens of thousands lost their lives in the rebellion’s aftermath.

1517 C.E. Protestant Reformation Begins

The Europeans who remained behind and survived the slaughter did their best to comply with the Empire's new rules, but the damage to unification was irreparable. The West would never again trust the East. The Deep State, still running the Empire, knew that another rebellion was inevitable and sought to encourage and command it using their own Controlled Opposition project known as the Protestant Reformation. During the last century, the Deep State took advantage of the printing press to trigger the Apocalypse Crusade. They would use this same powerful propaganda tool to direct the Reformation. Such writers as Huldrych Zwingli, Martin Luther, John Calvin and many others began proliferating letters critical of the Rus - Empire - and yet in favor of Deep State Monotheism. No Protestant works ever criticized the necessity of the Apocalypse Crusade or questioned the existence of God or the authority of the Church. Instead, they all focused on criticising innocuous Church practices like selling indulgences while simultaneously promoting long - standing Deep State programming such as the doctrine of original sin. Lutherans teach that:

sinners, while capable of doing works that are outwardly "good," are not capable of doing works that satisfy God's justice. Every human thought and deed is infected with sin and sinful motives. Because of this, all humanity deserves eternal damnation in hell.

1523 C.E. Jesuits make "Pilgrimage" to Palestine

The Jesuits of Europe made 'pilgrimage' through Jerusalem #1 in Istanbul walking past the ruins and continuing instead south to Palestine mistaking Al Aqsa Mosque for the ruins of both Jerusalem #1 in Turkey and #2 in Moscow. This was no accident - the mass published Protestant literature had renamed and relocated all the ancient sites in an attempt to subsume the famous capitals of the vanishing Rus - Horde Empire.

Galileo Facing the Inquisition

Galileo was called to Bellarmine's residence and ordered, to abstain completely from teaching or defending this doctrine and opinion or from discussing it... to abandon completely... the opinion that the sun stands still at the center of the world and the earth moves, and henceforth not to hold, teach, or defend it in any way whatever, either orally or in writing.

1542 C.E. The Holy Inquisition

The empire reacted to reports of ethnic tension and established the Inquisition Court to quell the unrest and investigate the Reformation that was causing it. Fomenko writes:

The institution of the inquisition was founded in 1542, and it eventually swept over the entire Western Europe. There has never been any such institution founded inside the Orthodox Church - it wasn't required. We must linger on the frequently disputed “crimes of the inquisition” for a while. We have been fed the version that the institution of the inquisition in the Western Europe was characterised by horrendous and strangely senseless cruelty – fires whereupon innocent people would be burnt alive are supposed to have blaze all across Europe. Simultaneously, there is another point of view on the matter, voiced by a number of West Europeans, according to which the inquisition trials weren’t any crueller than the regular courts of that epoch. Moreover – these courts were better organised, and less prone to arbitrary action.

The court's mission was also the eradication of sodomy, witchcraft, and other "perversions" that allegedly resulted in the recent 1492 Apocalypse. It also went after belief systems antithetical to the Churches teachings such as Sun worship or Copernicanism. French poet Celestin Douais claimed:

[the inquisition courts] were created in the interests of the heretics, saving them from pogroms, indiscriminate massacres and uncontrollable persecution. The inquisition courts also contributed to the preservation of the epoch’s civilisation, helping to maintain order and to curb the propagation of major evils, protecting the century’s interests and truly standing guard of social justice and the Christian ideology

Illustration: Burning of the Jews

The “burning of the Jews” depiction during Europe’s Black Death plague.

Source: University of Iowa’s Library. When the populace searched for answers, the ecclesiastical hierarchy lectured them on how the Black Death was God’s retribution for their wicked ways. In Spain, tolerance of the “killers of Christ” was among them. Soon tales of Jews pouring poisonous powder into wells circulated throughout what is now Germany and France.

Heresy of the Judaizers

While Western Romanov / Scalagerian history praises the Protestant Reformation as good and criticizes the Inquisition as bad, the opposite perspective was held in the east - that the Inquisition was necessary, and that the Protestant Reformation was a heresy of a new emerging religion called Judaism. Fomenko writes:

As a religious motto the reformists chose Lutheranism. In Russia, it was called the heresy of the Judaizers [6v1], гл.7.In the Romanovs' version of Russian history this heresy is mainly moved from the XVI century to the preceding XV century. The truth is that the Romanovs themselves were mixed up in the heresy of the Judaizers [6v1], ch.7. They were covering their tracks.

A direct result of the 1492 Apocalypse was the idealization of God's Authority in the Rus-Horde Empire as the Monotheists cemented in place the idea that their first Tsar Andronicus - Christ was of the fictional King David bloodline. The Tsar's family had expanded considerably since the founding of the Empire and as a result, many people grew up believing they were of a bloodline chosen by God and traceable to King David. Faith in this belief became the foundation of modern Judaism. Naturally, people not of this bloodline tended to disagree with that perspective. Some claimed it was religious heresy. Others simply disagreed with the Jews when it came to their claims of authority over finance, meat production, and world religion. Until this point, the inner functions of Deep State Monotheism operated in secret, but merging with Eastern religions subjected Monotheism to severe scrutiny by the non - priesthood and general public. Thus began the disputes between the Jews and Gentiles which led to pogroms.

Cathar Suppression and Annihilation

Catharism was a dualist gnostic movement in based on the teachings of Mary Magdalene that spread from the Crimea to southern Europe before being systematically annihilated and redacted into the Christian Bible and Islamic Quran. This is why both major religious text consider Mary Magdalene to be exalted among women. Catharism emphasised personal spiritual knowledge (Gnosis) and rejects every 'orthodox' belief system and ritual practiced by the Catholic Church. Cathars considered religions inspired by Saturn (Satan) to be materialistic and evil. They viewed the Church of Satan as a plague, and the Church viewed them as a threat. When the Church sent Languedoc Knights to convert or kill the Cathar heretics of southern France, the Knights replied:

"We cannot. We have been reared in their midst. We have relatives among them and we see them living lives of perfection."

Cathar Suppression

Another persecuted group were the Cathars whose religion was based largely on Gnostic Christianity, specifically on the teachings of Christ's mother Katya (Katherine). The Cathars had traveled West since the creation of the Rus - Horde Empire spreading its influence, but since the religious schism began their teachings became wildly unpopular in Europe. Eventually they were charged with heresy for denying the Divinity of Christ and the Authority of the Pope and many were burned at the stake.

The struggle of the Reformation of the XVI - XVII cc. with the splinters of the Horde Empire is very well illustrated by the annihilation of the Cathars in France. The history of the Cathars is one of the most breathtaking and mysterious chapters of the Middle Ages. It is thought that the religion of the Cathars was Christian [6.2], ch.1.However, it differs from the Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism of today in its details. It was declared to be heretical.

1548 C.E. Jesuits reach Africa

The Jesuit expansion slowly continues south to Africa and establishes colonies in an attempt to assimilate indigenous religions of Ethiopia, Egypt, the area of the Zambesi River, Angola and Cape Verde.

Map of the Khazar Khagnate a.k.a. Khazaria

In the middle of the XVI century the Kazan kingdom – aka the legendary 'ancient' Khazar Khaganate – becomes the centre of the Judaic religion. The Kazan czar, i.e. The Khazar Kagan and his court convert to Judaism. Kazan makes an attempt to break away from the Empire.

1552 C.E. Khazar Rebellion in the Russia - Horde Empire

Influenced by Protestant literature, Christians of the Crimea convert everyone in the Khazar court to Messianic Judaism and attempt to break away from the Rus - Horde Empire and form an independent Kingdom. The Czar - Khan Ivan the 'Terrible' reacts and crushes the revolt ending the short - lived independence of Khazaria.

The name Khazar is also a transliteration of the name Katya / Katherine. The annihilation of the Khazars along with the Cathars effectively ended the original Christian revolution started by Christ and Katya(who were long dead and buried). Both cultures went underground and became heavily redacted in History to the point of being denied by modern scholars, and yet in the Eastern religions today Katya is still worshiped above all else (including Christ) -just under a different name - Mary Magdalene. Khazarian Judaism differed from modern Messianic Judaism in many ways, most importantly that the Messiah, Christ i.e. King Solomon the Sun King, had already arrived.

Deep State eliminates it's enemies

The 16th Century could be described as a period of great conquest by the Deep State. Many of the major plans they had set in the previous centuries were coming to fruition; By playing East and West against each other, the Deep State now effectively ruled the governments of both regions and controlled the movements of world populations. They eliminated most of the Giants and drove the rest into exile. They destroyed their other ideological enemies - Christians -and merged their religion with Deep State Monotheism. There was only one ruling element the Deep State did not control - the Russian aristocracy.

The oprichnina 1565 - 1572

The oprichnina was a state policy implemented by Tsar Ivan the Terrible in Russia between 1565 and 1572. The policy included mass repression of the boyars (Russian aristocrats), including public executions and confiscation of their land and property

1565 C.E. Romanov Dynasty stages "The Oprichnina" coup

The oppression known as the Oprichnina begins when Czar-khan Ivan 'the terrible' IV falls ill and retires to the monastery effectively abdicating the throne. The relatives of the Czar, the Zakharyins - Romanovs stage a coup taking over the court and assume ruler - ship of the kingdom. They subsequently order the assassination of the Hordian elite and military commanders including the legitimate heirs to the throne. This event marks the beginning of the darkest period in Russian history.

Redacted into the Books of Esther / Judith

Fomenko demonstrates how this story was redacted into the modern Bible as the 'ancient' books of Esther and Judith:

In the Bible it is reflected as the 'massacre of the Persians'. To commemorate this event in the Judaic church the famous holiday of Purim was established. The story of Judith clearly shows the traces of the story of Esther already familiar to us. A foreigner, a Jewess, infiltrates the court of the 'Persian' king( Nebuchadnezzar Ahasuerus), becomes his wife or an 'intimate person'. As a result a son or a close relative of the king – the king's co-ruler, tragically dies. It is followed by the massacre of the 'Persians' by the Jews. It is no coincidence that in the modern biblical canon the Book of Judith is placed next to the Book of Esther.

1582 C.E. Gregorian Calendar makes slight adjustment to length of a year

Since the end of the Dark Ages, the Earth's orbit around the Sun had slowed from 365.25 days in the 11th Century to 365.2425 days towards the end of the 16th Century. Protestants used this as an excuse to introduce the Gregorian calendar in defiance from the Rus - Horde's Lunisolar calendar. 13 months of 28 days(with leap months) changed to 12 months of uneven day counts. Months were renamed from natural events, for examples: Feb5th - 'Beginning of spring', Feb19th - Rain Water, Apr5th - Pure Brightness into names from the false history of the Roman Empire, for examples: January named after Janus, a war god that didn't even appear in the Greek Pantheon, March named after another God of War - Mars, July named after Julius Caesar who is a redaction of Christ, and August named after Augustus Caeser who was also a reflection of Christ. Most significantly, the Jesuits moved the Birthday of Christ 1053 years into the past to zero year.

17th Century - Romanovs Rise to power

The Oprichnina revolt dragged on into the 17th Century and was eventually put down by the Hordian dynasty - but it was too late - the Protestants firmly had established themselves in the Horde's royal court backed by the Romanov dynasty. Resistance of the remnants of Russia - Horde to their foreign rulers would continue to build up until the defeat of Pugachev's rebellion in 1775.

King James Bible 1611 C.E.

The King James Only movement (also known as King James Onlyism) asserts the belief that the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is superior to all other translations of the Bible. Adherents of the King James Only movement, believe that the KJV needs no further improvements because it is the greatest English translation of the Bible which was ever published, and they also believe that all other English translations of the Bible which were published after the KJV was published are corrupt. Sometimes these beliefs are also based on the view that the King James translation itself was inspired by God.

1611 C.E. King James version of the Bible is published

In the last 2 centuries, the Rus - Horde Empire banned all publication of Reformation literature, including the English translation of the Latin bible(1455 C.E.), but with the publication of the King James Version, the Protestant Bible would finally be published and mass distributed throughout the world. The King James Version was different in composition from the original Eastern Cyrillic bible which resulted in further exasperation of existing schisms of religion, race, and gender. Corinthians 14:34 states:

Let your women keep silence in the for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.

By combining the Old Testament Monotheistic religion with Gnostic Christianity, the central character Christ was merged with the old saviour and became Je - Zeus i.e. Jesus. In this new version of the Crucifixion story, a class of people known as the 'Jews' had killed the 'Son of God'.This blood libel inflamed tensions between the common folk and the remnants of the ruling class of the Rus - Horde Empire known as Jews.

1613 C.E. Romanovs - Zakharyin - Yurievs Dynasty takes the throne

In 1613, the Romanov dynasty, exploiting the disunity caused by the Oprichnina revolt, ascends to the throne - marking the end of the old Russian dynasty whose bloodline leads back to their first Tsar - Andronicus Christ. The loyal and defiant troops of the Hordian Empire were banished far from Moscovy. These Cossack regions still exist today and represent the legacy of Russia - Horde. For example, Kazakhstan === Cossack - Stan, i.e. a Cossack region.

Deep State breaks up the Hordian Empire

Placing the Romanov Dynasty at the highest level of authority in the Hordian Empire gave the Deep State a unique opportunity to rewrite Russian history. The motive behind this redaction was to fracture the empire into controllable states and then maximize their clandestine influence (deep) over each state. This is how the world - wide Hordian Empire was erased - redacted from all published literature into independent states history under different names - Russia, Turkey / Atamania as the Ottoman Empire, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Spain, Egypt, England, Middle East, Persia, China, Japan, India, America and many European, Asian and African countries. Each region already had a vassal aristocratic family originally married into the Hordian Empire in its prime. As these ties were cut, these families would become the Kings and Queens of their own states.

Although the Rus - Horde Empire was broken up, the Deep State and their Western vassal states still feared the eventual reemergence of the old empire and began targeting its history and culture. They launched a modernization campaign through their Romanov puppet Czar Peter I "The Great" to incorporate Russia into 'modern' Europe. During his reign he reformed the calendar and alphabet, and moved the Russian Headquarters to St Petersburg. With these reforms, the Deep State's objective was to put pressure on the Orthodox Church's autonomy, significantly reducing its religious influence. This campaign of Anti - Russian Sentiment would continue for the next 3 centuries and is still active today. Fomenko describes the redaction:

The Romanovs re - wrote the history of Russia. In particular, the Russian - Horde army was declared to be an evil foreign power, which conquered not just Western Europe – now it is only mentioned in passing – but allegedly Russia itself.

Coins with Eight pointed star and crescent symbol

Coins with Eight pointed star and crescent symbol

Russia and Turkey begin 300 years of war

The Deep State knew their plan was fragile and could be ruined if the Romanov Dynasty ever turned against the West. Furthermore, they feared Turkey and Russia may attempt to reunify on religious grounds at some point in the future. To solve this problem, they turned the two states on each - other by exploiting the religious tensions lingering since the First Crusade. Wars between Turkey and Russia would last throughout the 300 years of Romanov reign.

In Russia, prior to the Romanovs, Muslims were not persecuted, and likewise the Russian Orthodoxy were not persecuted in The Ottoman Empire. These regions had experienced centuries of religious plurality that would come to an end with the Romanov wars. Fomenko describes the fracturing of religious symbols:

The crescent moon with a star is an old symbol of Czar - Grad. It owes its origin to the blaze of the star of Bethlehem and to the solar eclipse which are associated with the Nativity of Christ and the crucifixion of Andronicus Christ. Today the crescent moon with a star is perceived exclusively as a Muslim symbol. However, up until the end of the XVII century a crescent moon with a star adorned, for example, the spire of the huge Christian St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. The crescent moon was removed from the spire(and replaced with a cross) only in 1685.

However, before the Russian Empire was ever formed, this same symbol was seen in many ancient religions representing planet Venus as an 8 pointed star fixed at the North Pole, and Saturn behind it as a crescent lit by the Sun during the [Golden Age](#the - golden - age).Ultimately, this symbol represents the moment Deep State Monotheism was cleverly assimilated in to Gnostic Christianity forming the Judeo - Christian religions we know today.

Cathars are annihilated in a reversed "Holy" Crusade & Inquisition

In the early 17th century, the Deep State would begin brutally eradicating any ideological threats to their Reformation. The eventual annihilation of the Cathars would signify the end of original Gnostic Christianity in Western Europe, and it's replacement with the modern Abrahamic/Monotheistic religion known as Catholicism. Many Cathars were publicly burned at the stake. This event is remembered in the words cauterize, catharize, and catharsis which all mean purging by fire, and yet the word Catholic / katholikos still translates to Holy Katherine in ancient greek. The Protestant Reformation, once a movement for victims of the Russian Holy Inquisition, had now implemented and executed their own reversed Holy Crusade against the remnants of the Russian Empire.

As the Deep State successfully vanquished all indigenous European religions, it fractured the remaining Abrahamic religions into separate controllable denominations - Christianity in Europe and Russia, and Islam in the Ottoman Empire - and managed by Crypto - Judaism. This allowed the Deep State to rule these regions with impunity by acting as the will of the Judeo - Christian God - Jehovah a.k.a. Yahweh. Once again, the chronologists of the Deep State covered up their crimes by pushing the records of the wars they started into the distant past. The memory of the Russian Hordian Empire begins to fade redacted into tales of 'ancient' Goths, 'more ancient' Huns, and 'very ancient' Romans.

1627 C.E. Deep State erases Russian Empire from all chronology

In an attempt to control the shards of the fractured Empire, the Deep State removed the Rus - Horde from all history. To accomplish this, the chronology compiled by Joseph Scaliger was heavily redacted, reorganized, and mass - redistributed by Jesuit Dionysius Petavius in the Opus De Doctrina Temporum (1627). Fomenko writes:

Scaligerian chronology is being created making the dates of a great number of events artificially older. Joseph Scaliger(1540 - 1609) and Dionysius Petavius(1583 - 1652) are considered to be its creators. Though it is not very clear if in fact they were the authors of the works attributed to them or their names were cunningly made use of. Creating a self - serving version of history, the new authorities strove to prove their allegedly 'ancient origins' and non - existent alleged hereditary rights to the throne.

1633 C.E. Disputes against Jews reemerge

The breaking up of the Russian Empire resulted in the creation of the Jewish and Gypsy / Romani diasporas. Both groups had been accustomed to traveling between the vassal states of the Empire, and now found themselves cut off from their old imperial ties. Jews found themselves at the highest level of authority in each region - in control of the money, trade economies, and monarchies left behind, while Gypsies, named after an Empire that no longer existed, became a powerless people. Eventually, disputes between the common folk(gentiles) and Jews emerged over every facet of life, from eating rituals to monetary policy.

1642 to 1660 C.E. The English Revolution and Civil Wars

The Protestants of Europe watched in dismay as the old Hordian Empire they despised was slowly Reformed into a much more dreadful 'Holy' Catholic Empire. To make things worse, the English monarchy, who's vassal ties were long cut from the Russian Empire, were still behaving like they were still in charge -claiming a divine right to rule. Many people did not accept this claim and began debating a transfer of power from the monarchy to Parliament.

On Jan 4th 1642, Charles I entered the House of Commons with 400 soldiers and attempted to arrest 5 members for treason, but they escaped.A widespread conflict broke out between the Parliamentarians and Royalists and would continue for the next 10 years. In 1649, Charles was found guilty of high treason as a "tyrant, traitor, murderer and public enemy" and was beheaded at the Palace of Whitehall. The regicide of Charles I caused England to become a Republic, or Commonwealth, that lasted until the 1660 Stuart Restoration reestablished Charles II as king of England. Of the 59 Commissioners who signed the death warrant for Charles I, 9 were executed and many others died in prison.

Massacre of Polish Captives at Batih in 1652

The Batih Massacre was a mass ethnic cleansing of Russian captives after the Battle of Batih on 3–4 June 1652 near Ladyzhyn (now in Ukraine). It was carried out by Ukrainian Cossacks under the command of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

1648 C.E. Cossack–Polish War begins ethnic cleansing of Russians in Ukraine

Pogroms against anyone associated with the old Empire (particularly Jews and Poles) became increasingly commonplace leading up to the Khmelnytsky Uprising started by Jesuit Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Historians estimate anywhere from 40, 000 to 100, 000 men, women and children(or perhaps more) were murdered by Cossacks.

Jesuits Missions convert Asians to Buddhism

The success of the Jesuit missions in Europe, Africa, and America emboldened the Jesuits to target the last remaining non - monotheistic indigenous religion left in the world - Christianity. In Western Europe, the Jesuits had already catharized anyone associated with original Gnostic Christianity, but the Missionaries knew Asia would be more difficult to conquer theologically and militarily.

The Jesuit mission to convert eastern Gnostic Christians into western Catholicism proved impossible. Any attempt to proselytize Gnostics into the belief that Christ was the only Son of the Creator God of the Universe was met with skepticism. Eastern Christians already had detailed records of Christ - their first Emperor and founder of the Rus - Horde Empire - spanning hundreds of years after his death and certainly there was no record of Christ having been the son of a god. Furthermore, the Jesuits failed to convince the Polytheistic Gnostics that there was a Creator of the Universe at all. The Missionaries had to fall back on the next best plan - to assimilate their Monotheistic saviour myth into a different popular character from the eastern pantheon - The Buddha. Fomenko summarizes the strategy:

The idea is to improve the icon of Jesus by assimilating it to the Buddha, at the same time that a new Christian Bible is conceived and Jewish stigmatization begins with them. Buddha and Jesus have similar biographies, because they are the fruit of a common project, and it is desired to unite them. For this reason, Jesuits are initially well received in China and Japan, while there is an awareness of being a common project associated with the glory of the same lineage.

1660 to 1672 C.E. Deep State targets independent banks

Part of the plan for any religious - military conquest is the issuing of a centralized currency and usury - based banking system to all conquered regions. In the height of the Russian Empire, the port of London was a major center for international trade. During the Reformation, many rich merchants would store their gold in London. Agents of the Deep State knew the financial independence of London goldsmiths must be crushed in order to create a centralized banking system under their control.

By 1660, Charles II was restored to the throne following years of civil war where an estimated 200, 000 Britons died. Citing interest rates on gold as high as 20 %, Parliament passed “An Act for restraining the taking of Excessive Usury” – capping the maximum rate at 6 %. At the same time, Charles persuades Parliament to impose hearth taxes on the British people which required biyearly audits of every household. Where Parliament wouldn't agree with Charles, he bypassed them by borrowing directly from the goldsmiths in exchange for "tax futures" tallied to the smiths at a discount. By 1671, the discount on the King’s tax debt reached 10 % which was above the 6 % cap and thus could not be paid back. In 1672, the King wrote a letter to the

“Gentlemen, I’m an honest man, but unfortunately I am unable to pay my debts back on this occasion. Sorry – will see what I can do.”

As a result of the Great Stop of 1672, the majority of London's goldsmiths were ruined, and as many as ten thousand families were financially embarrassed. The Deep State had successfully mitigated the threat of independent banking and would now be able to establish a new centralized banking system(finalized by 1694).

Fomenko New Chronology Reconstruction

Inter-religious dispute Judaism-Christianity (1633-1725). Summing up, according to this basic reconstruction, the Catalan affinity with the Jewish one is better understood, and the hostile vision of the Holy Inquisition, Castilian and Bourbon. But other issues of greater significance are understood. After the Barcelona Dispute, the Order of Saint Jerome was created, whose mission is to write the Bible in Latin, and with it the historical character of Jesus is built. Then (not before), Ramon Llull conceived the Rex Bellator project, with the Catalan, Italian and Roman authority, which ends up rebuilding the Order of the Temple of Solomon in the form of the Order of Saint John the Baptist, with which the European colonizer project begins.

1661 to 1679 C.E. Rex Bellator plan unifies all military orders

By the middle of the 17th century, The Deep State had successfully infiltrated the religions of every region on Earth, leaving behind a disarray of religious disputes and anti - syncretism, and preparing the military orders of each kingdom for a final unification under its control. The plan manifested as a religious crusade to reconquer the "holy lands" of the Turkish(i.e. Ottoman) region of the fractured Russian Empire, this time in the name of a Messiah - Jesus Christ the Rex Bellator (which translates to Warrior King). The Chronologists of the Deep State would later shift these campaigns 370 years backwards into the 13th Century to place it within the period of religious crusades started by the Russian Hordian Empire. Spanish Wikipedia describes the Rex Bellator Plan:

The plan consisted of the unification of the military orders (in the first two treaties, making clear the pre-eminence of the Templars and Hospitallers, and in the third, distinguishing the Hospitallers to the north and the orders of the Iberian Peninsula to the south), placing a "Rex Bellator", a warrior king, widowed or single, at its head.

Deep State plans a second Apocalypse in the year ι666

The opportunity for another Apocalypse came with the approaching date of < code > ι < /code>666 written as in the 666th year of the Lord.The Deep State's motivations were the same as in 1492 C.E. - to strike the fear of God into the Protestants and consolidate the local governments under the centralized authority of the Church. Having conquered all remaining world religions, the Deep State was in a position misrepresent ancient chronologies of their conquered vassals, specifically - the violent memory of the ending of the Golden Age. Going forward, the Apocalypse date would be represented not as a history of the Earth's formation, but as a prophecy of how the world will end in the future - with a sudden intervention by the creator god Jehovah.

During the first half of the seventeenth century some extravagant notions of the near approach of the Messianic time, and more especially of the redemption of the Jews and their return to Jerusalem, were set forth by Christian writers and entertained by Jews and Christians alike. The so - called apocalyptic year was assigned by Christian authors to the year 1666. JewishEncyclopedia.com

Great Comet of 1664

The Polish theologian, historian and astronomer, Stanisław Lubieniecki (1623–1675) observed both comets from his house in Hamburg. He corresponded with Ismäel Boulliau (1605–1694) in Paris and Henry Oldenburg (1618–1677), secretary of the Royal Society in London about the 1664 comet. In 1668 he published a three-part work on both comets, his Theatrum cometicum. Part one contained his correspondence on the topic with other European astronomers. The second part consisted of criticism by other scholars of his cometary theories and his answers to his critics, whilst the third part contained his astrological interpretations, including his opinion that the Great Fire of London was a punishment from God announced by the 1664 comet. Source

1664 C.E. The Great Comet of 1664 / 1665

Either by coincidence(or more likely by some design of Deep State engineers), a series of phenomenal comets approached Earth prior to the apocalyptic date in shorter intervals and longer progressions. The largest and longest lasting comet of the series was seen between 1664(C / 1664 W1) and 1665(C / 1665 F1) which lasted over 80 days.

[Nathanial] Morton said to them that it was "no fiery meteor caused by exhalation, but it appeared to be sent immediately by God to awake the secure world." By this sign they were, as they believed, forewarned of the judgment of Jehovah upon the people for their sins, but just what that judgment would be - was a mystery. After a comet had disappeared, calamities which succeeded it within the space of a year or two were ascribed to its influence.Historic Storms of New England by Sidney Perley, 1891

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1665 C.E. The Great Plague of 1665

It began in London in the poor, overcrowded parish of St.Giles - in -the - Field. It started slowly at first but by May of 1665, 43 had died. In June, 6, 137 people died, in July, 17, 036 people and at its peak in August, 31, 159 people died. In all, 15 % of the population perished during that terrible summer. Whole communities were wiped out and corpses littered the streets as there was no one left to bury them.

London at that time was a city of about 448 acres surrounded by a city wall that had originally been built to keep out raiding bands, and, in the south, by the River Thames. There were gates in the wall at Ludgate, Newgate, Aldersgate, Cripplegate, Moorgate, Bishopsgate and Aldgate, and the Thames was crossable at London Bridge. In the poorer parts of the city, filled with overcrowded tenements and garrets, hygiene was impossible to maintain. There was no sanitation, and open drains flowed along the centre of winding streets. The cobbles were slippery with animal droppings, rubbish and the slops thrown out of the houses; they were muddy and buzzing with flies in summer, and awash with sewage in winter. The City Corporation employed "rakers" to remove the worst of the filth, and it was transported to mounds outside the walls, where it accumulated and continued to decompose. The stench was overwhelming, and people walked around with handkerchiefs or nosegays pressed against their nostrils. https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Diary_of_Samuel_Pepys/1665/March#March_1st

Sept 6, 1666 C.E. London Burns to the ground

This apparently & conveniently ended the distracting UK Bubonic Plague nationwide whilst the vatican corrupt canon law was conveniently sneaked in place uncontested benefiting Deep State secret societies - deeming all native sovereigns dead at sea removing the sovereignty & estate of each native sovereign at birth(via birth certificate) creating the secret "cestui que vie trust" account & all corresponding corruption removing man's status converting Master to Mr. - overriding law via deceived legal entrapment

As well as loss of life, the financial costs were staggering. 13, 200 houses, 87 parish churches, The Royal Exchange, Guildhall and St.Paul’s Cathedral - built during the Middle Ages - was totally destroyed. The costs were estimated at £10 million.

The relationship between the City and the Crown was often tense. The City of London had been a stronghold of republicanism during the English Civil War(1642 - 1651), and the wealthy and economically dynamic capital still had the potential to be a threat to Charles II, as had been demonstrated by several republican uprisings in London in the early 1660s. The City magistrates were of the generation that had fought in the Civil War, and could remember how Charles I's grab for absolute power had led to that national trauma.[13] They were determined to thwart any similar tendencies in his son, and when the Great Fire threatened the City, they refused the offers that Charles made of soldiers and other resources. Even in such an emergency, the idea of having the unpopular royal troops ordered into the City was political dynamite. By the time that Charles took over command from the ineffectual Lord Mayor, the fire was already out of control.

C.E. 1666 to 1675 - Byzantine and Catalan alliance

Byzantine and Catalan alliance for the control of the Eastern Roman Empire, where the Almogavars devastate Greece under the warrior spirit of Saint George

C.E. 1651 to 1672 - Fall of the Avignon powers

Fall of the Avignon powers and construction of the papal project in Rome, along with a great offensive to make Jesus the Messiah of the House of David, with the idea of creating a new temple of peace and prosperity to replace that of Solomon.

C.E. 1673 to 1679 - Disputes against Jews end lasting 46 years

Regarding this, the Tortosa Dispute stands out, as it is the last episode before the resignation of Pope Luna to the power of Avignon, and represents the transfer of all powers to Rome.

C.E. 1670 - Messianic Jewish begins

the convert Hieronymus de Santa Fe(called in Hebrew Yehoshúa ben Yosef ibn Vives ha - Lorquí) writes Habraeomastix, where he announces to the Jews the arrival of the Messiah, and invites them to accept Christianity. At this moment the Hieronymites and the official icon of Saint Jerome from the 4th century appear, who writes the Bible in Latin and ends up putting dates to the Biblical texts.

C.E. 1677 to 1682 - The Order of the Temple of Solomon is dismantled

The Order of the Temple of Solomon is dismantled( in 1307 = 1492 = 1677), after its appropriation by the King of France and Navarre, and the colonial enterprise is devised from Italy, in the name of a Holy Roman Empire(twinned), which competes with French aspirations. In its place, the Order of Saint John( in 1312 = 1497 = 1682) is created, in which the Prester John is camouflaged under the character of the Baptist, who blesses Christ as the Messiah.

C.E. 1681 to 1689 - The almogavars conquer Athens and Neopatria

The almogavars conquer Athens and Neopatria, and western Jews settle in these lands, especially in Thessaloniki.

C.E. 1677 to 1715 - Great fight in the heart of Western Europe

1694 C.E. Deep State solidifies central banking

Charles II implements William Paterson's plan for a new centralized type of bank. The ‘Governor and the Company of the Bank of England’ was established by royal charter to operate as a joint - stock company with limited liability with share - holders. Other joint - stock banks would not be permitted to issue banknotes, giving the Bank of England a significant competitive advantage. 1, 268 different people jumped on the scheme and raised £1.2 million in just 11 days in exchange for 8 % interest. The Bank itself was established in an old Roman Temple on Walbrook street in London, where Mithras, the Roman god of contracts, was worshiped.


C.E. 1700 - Last sprinkling of Absu dust.

C.E. 1718 to 1725 - Secret Society of Jesus goes public

the treaties of London - of 1718 - and of Vienna - of 1725 - in which Europe agrees conquers half the world.

C.E. 1803 to 1815 - Napoleonic Wars

C.E. 1812 - Napoleon invades Russia

C.E. 1820 - 1860 The MudFlood and World Cataclysm

Main article

C.E. 1840 - Ecliptic pathway of the Absu last seen.

Jno Cook from SaturnianCosmology.org describes the pathway:

The destruction wrought by Jupiter with plasma bolts in the asteroid belt(Hesiod's second battle) would have left dust and debris strewn along the ecliptic, causing the "path of the Gods" to be marked like a highway, defining the road of the Sun and the planets-- the zodiac. The lighted zodiac(the ecliptic) was last seen from Earth in AD 1840.

C.E. 1880 - Tchaikovsky releases 1812 Overture

Jesuits spread to Africa 1541 - 1759

Largely influenced by the ideas of Alexander Hamilton, the Federalists succeeded in convincing the Washington administration to assume national and state debts, pass tax laws, and create a central bank linked with England. In foreign policy, Federalists generally favored England over France. Anti - Federalists Republicans such as Thomas Jefferson feared that a concentration of central authority might lead to a loss of individual and states rights. They resented Federalist monetary policies and favored France over England.

Usury is banned in France in 1790; all taxes and powers of the Church were cancelled

French Revolutionary War continued from 1792 until 1797

The First Coalition(1792 - 97), the first major concerted effort of multiple European powers to contain Revolutionary France

The Republican government in Paris was radicalised after a diplomatic coup from the Jacobins said it would be the Guerre Totale("total war") and called for a Levée en masse(mass conscription of troops)

Royalist invasion forces were defeated at Toulon in 1793, leaving the French republican forces in an offensive position and granting nationwide fame to a young hero, Napoleon



French campaign in Egypt and Syria(1798 - 1801) leading to the discovery of a real history of the same Ancient Egypt, Palestine, and Damascus locations mentioned in the Bible.

Putting down an international plot via Jacobins to stage a coup of France, Napoleon takes power 1799 Coup of 18 Brumaire

-the second month in the French Republican Calendar named after the French word for fog, brume, occurring frequently in France at that time of the year. The next day he met with heckling as he addressed the Council of Ancients with such " home truths" as, "the Republic has no government" and, "the Revolution is over." One deputy called out, "And the Constitution ? " Napoleon replied, referring to earlier parliamentary coups, "The Constitution!You yourselves have destroyed it. You violated it on 18 Fructidor; you violated it on 22 Floreal; you violated it on 30 Prairial. It no longer has the respect of anyone."

1804 Captain N becomes Emperor

Patrice Gueniffey: He was, I think, ultimately rather good [for the Jews], because his policies for the Jewish community in France and the Empire promoted their assimilation into the French nation. The French revolution liberated the Jews but did not assimilate them. Napoleon took up the case again and decided to do for the Jews what he had done for other religions. The French Jewish community became Europe’s most assimilated during the 19th century. https://forward.com/culture/319002/the-secret-jewish-history-of-napoleon-bonaparte/

By decree of Napoleon's government in 1797, the Inquisition in Venice was abolished in 1806.

  1. XVIII century. Partition of the remains of Russia - Horde between Romanovs and the appeared United States of America.

The 4th Israelites were the Jesuits who sent pilgrims to find the ruins of Jerusalem #1. The Jesuits purposefully marked the wrong location on the map and, marching the pilgrims past the ruins of #1 in Turkey, founded Jerusalem #3 at Al Aqsa Mosque. This purposeful redaction of Jerusalem's location became a Jesuit test of faith lasting even until modern times. Today, as a precondition of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith, one must believe that(Al Quds) in Palestine was always the original location of the Biblical Jerusalem.

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