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Q&A: Earth is controlled by Humans on Mars

Note: This investigation is **a work in progress**. Check back soon for more updates!


Globalist StrangleHold

Q: Why is Earth 'controlled'?

The assassination of President John F Kennedy reminded humanity that an invisible technocratic influence which has come to be known as the Deep State had the final say on events in Earth's affairs in history. The Deep State imposes its jurisdiction over every human on Earth, without our consent (or awareness).

Q: What is the Deep State?

The Deep State is a clandestine 'royal bloodline' that imposes systems of control over other humans in all towns, cities, states and countries within their influence. On April 27, 1961 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, President John F. Kennedy said:

Birth Certificate

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence. On infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations

Whom then are the beneficiaries of global conspiracy? Often in a controlled-opposition environment, you'll find amateur conspiracy theorists railing against a particular race, religion, or creed. You'll see conspirator accusations thrown at 'The British', 'The Jews', non-human ETs, dimensional demons, or even 'The Devil' himself. It's important to understand the Deep State is loyal to no race, religion, or creed, but rather only to their * family*. If you see any corporate shills like David Icke accusing an entire race or alien species of a conspiracy, just remember, they are just being racist.

Q: Where is the Deep State?

Martial Law. Maritime. Marshalling. Marching. Mergers. Martyrdom. Murder. Marring. These familiar terms of conquest are named after the planet of conquest: Mars. The origins of these words suggest systems of control imposed upon us by humans who associate themselves with the planet Mars. The headquarters of the Deep State is located in the secret places of the Earth, as well as places we were told Humans cannot live, like on the inside of the planet Mars.

Q: Why would the Deep State be on Mars?

Ancient testimony tells us the 'true' origin story of Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and the Sun! (oh and the other planets were sorta involved too). The real history of our solar system is recent, not millions or billions of years long. Earth shares an incubated safe space with Mercury, Venus, and Mars that allows for periodic quantum entanglement without interference. Occasionally, Birkeland currents will flow between these planets. The coma tail of Venus prevents quantum entanglement and safe travel, as does the asteroid belt. Mercury may be a viable quantum-tunnel travel location. The most natural and safest periodic quantum gates exist between Earth and Mars. These gates were formed during inter-planetary discharges of electricity, the same kind of lightning scarring that carved the Grand Canyons.

Pyramids are Star Gates

This quantum-entanglement technology allowed technocratic Deep State to establish a Pyramidal Empire on Earth and Mars which spread across the planets converting or killing every indigenous civilization it encountered. This inland empire still dominates inner solar system affairs today.

StarGate Movie Predictive Programming

Q: What is 'Quantum Entanglement'?

All pyramids were built around naturally occurring star-gates that no longer function today. The pyramid structure is built around the gate to make it stable and safe for passage. There are pyramid structures all over the Earth, not just in Egypt and South America. They are not tombs for Egyptian Pharaohs. They were not created by Ancient Aliens. The enduring mystery of the pyramids has spawned decades of debates and conspiracy theories with no consensus.

Q: What is the 'Pyramidal Empire'?

The questions of who built the Pyramids of earth, and why, represent the biggest unsolved mystery of human construction projects in history. In times of cataclysm, humans on each planet would uncover natural electromagnetic ley lines and built Pyramids and Ziggurats upon those locations. There are hundreds of pyramids the size of Giza or bigger built along the Earth's Equator, including hundreds of thousands of smaller pyramidal structures. In less than 200 years, humans built all pyramids in Egypt, Sudan, Mesopotamia, England, China, and in South America Andes.

Pyramids are Star Gates 2

This network of pyramids allowed the Deep State to rule earth by employing real-time communication between each location. This enabled the critical function of simulating gods and other visions at each location. The concept of a simulated deity appearing within a temple has been redacted into the children's story Wizard of Oz. Nevertheless, simulated deity worship became the primary instrument of Deep State control and allowed them to establish the Egyptian Empire which lasted 3 centuries. In addition to communication, each pyramid enabled quantum teleportation between locations during periods of planetary alignment.

South Polar opening of Mars Electric Universe - Hollow Earth Model 4

The Pyramidal Empire collapsed following the Exodus Event of 1492 B.C. when changing conditions within the solar system prevented the pyramids from functioning ever again. The Deep State would embed itself further in the secret places of the world. The humans of Mars would become cut off from Earth, unable to return for the rest of their lives.

Q: How can humans survive on Mars?

On the inside. All planets are hollow. Not Flat. Hollow. It's nicer on the inside, however resources are limited, creating a natural necessity, a contextual evil, that leaches off of Earth's resources to survive. If planets are hollow (and they are), it's time to take a second look at the possibility of life on Mars.

Electric Universe - Hollow Earth Model

Q: Why haven't I heard about this theory before?

Well, maybe you have!

No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century... that the twentieth century would label over 300 years of Mars Literature as 'Science Fiction'.

Early Mars Literature

Polar melting is Nature's signal to the Martians to embark on their Aeroplanes and Airships Mars Canals 4

Athanasius Kircher (1602–1680), Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772), and others wrote in detail about Earth contact with Mars, including the first voyages to the planet, sometimes as an invasion force, more often for the purposes of exploration.

In 1784, Sir William Herschel, British Astronomer Royal, studied Mars with telescopes he built himself. Herschel believed that ALL the planets were inhabited and that there were even intelligent beings living in a cool area under the surface of the hollow Sun!

Giovanni Exposes Mars to the Public

In 1877, Giovanni Schiaparelli observed a dense network of linear structures on the surface of Mars which he called "canali" (Channels in Italian).

Percival Lowell Maps Mars in Detail

From 1880 to 1895, Percival Lowell studied Mars extensively at his observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, and made intricate drawings of canals, oases, cities, and other "non-natural features". He described in detail the vast skein of mechanically constructed canal systems that traversed the red planet unmistakably grown around the Antarctic regions. Lowell then published his views in three books: Mars (1895), Mars and Its Canals (1906), and Mars As the Abode of Life ( 1908).

Percival Lowell states in the New York Times in 1907:

“It is a direct sequitur from this that the planet is at present the abode of intelligent constructive life, I may say in this connection that the theory of such life upon Mars was in no way an a priori hypothesis on my part, but deduced from the outcome of observation, and that my observations since have fully confirmed it. No other supposition is consonant with all the facts here.”

Electric Universe - Hollow Earth Model

Lowell announces Life on Mars 1907, and then dies. LoL!!~

After making this announcement in the New York Times, as often happens, his health mysteriously and rapidly deteriorated. He died from a stroke in the middle of World War One on November 12, 1916, aged 61 and is buried on Mars Hill near his Flagstaff observatory. Lowell's announcement had the power to change the world in positive ways that nobody could have foreseen, but instead, his announcement was perceived as a threat by the controlling faction of inhabitants of Mars.

If Martians influenced War on Earth, it is logical that World War 1 may have been triggered by Lowell's announcement of Life on Mars. Shortly after this, World War One changed the world in negative ways that nobody could have foreseen.

Q: Okay, why can't we see any signs of civilization on the surface of Mars today?

Artificial canals flood during Martian wet seasons providing desert cities with water Life on Mars 2

Poisoning Lowell wouldn't be enough. World War 1 and 2 wouldn't be enough. Lowell's discovery of Life on Mars must never be repeated. If the cities and other "non-natural features" were observable on Mars, the jig would be up. All cities and canals would all have to be destroyed. All the Humans who lived in these cities would have to return to the inner realms. Those who refused would have to be convinced.

The solution was simple: turn off the water.

While WWI and WWII reorganized Earth, there was a Reorganization on Mars

As soon as the water stopped flowing into the cities, they were abandoned.The abandoned cities were then destroyed by the same automated machines that built them.This is one reason why city ruins tend to be found on Mars. In 1962, the Mariner missions observed Mars at close range, seeing no water, no cities, and no signs of life.

**Therefore, it is possible that all Martian surface cities were dismantled between 1918 and 1960. **

The same Humans who contrived The Great Wars of the 20th Century to dominate Earth at the same time dominated Mars.

Life Saving Canals

Q: Okay, How would humans travel to and from Mars ?

CERN. The most mysterious human project ever constructed.Also the place where the Internet was invented in 1989. Coincidence ? Nope.The mysterious CERN Project was built undemocratically in Switzerland using taxes from 21 EU member states.

CERN Stargate to Mars 1 CERN Stargate to Mars 2

Q: CERN is a Star - Gate to Mars ? How would that work ?

CERN colliders are essentially locations where an extremely high amount of energy is placed all at once.When this happens, a quantum entanglement is created between the source location, and wherever that energy ends up flowing towards.Therefore, so - called 'quantum tunnels' can be built between locations that have already experienced major inter - planetary electric discharge. The larger the CERN facility, the more stable the tunnel, and the more stuff can be brought through it.Obviously gates between planets are periodic, and depend entirely on the proximity of the planets to each other.It shouldn't be a surprise that CERN is right now building a facility 6 times larger than the current one.

Star Gate CERN Plans

Check out this amazing photo taken above CERN.

Q: Do you have any examples of direct Martian influence on Earth affairs ?

Sure Do!

CERN Ritual 1

The Gotthard Base Tunnel Opening Ceremony in Switzerland:

CERN Ritual 4 CERN Ritual 2

"For more than half a century the Alpine nation of Switzerland has built a reputation as the world´s centre for tax evasion, fraud accounting, money laundering, racketeering, and above all a staunch ally of corrupt third world leaders and a great beneficiary of third world corruption." Switzerland: A Parasite Feeding on developing World

"As Wordsworth observed, the inhabitants of the Swiss Alps saw Satan as being ‘the principal agent’ at work in their homeland." The Satanic Alps - UniMelb library - University of Melbourne

CERN Ritual 6

Q: Welcoming Satan at the Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony in Switzerland ?

Nope!Not Satan.Just normal looking humans on the other side of the CERN gate.Many attempts were made by netizens to decode the ceremony.These videos have been erased from the internet, but their conclusion is simple.

The point of the CERN Ceremony was to show(the humans on the other side of the quantum tunnel) that Earth is fully obedient and systematically under complete control.This system of control is demonstrated using a cavalcade of puppet presidents, popes, celebrities, all the way down to the multitude of working - class laborers, also appearing obedient.The usage of occult symbols also demonstrates obedience to various brands of control that existed throughout Earth's history.The purveyors of this ceremony had one clear message for the other side: Humanity wants to be ruled.Ruled by whom ?

CERN Ritual 5 CERN Ritual 3

While many bloggers such as Bob Schlenker enjoy a high degree of freedom and no censorship when discussing these topics in detail, such autonomy and success usually indicates they are Controlled Opposition Agents.Controlled Opposition articles appear on the front - lines of any online conspiracy thread.Historically these agents are purposed with inoculating the general public against further speculation.As you can see in Bob's writings, there is a great amount of detail with zero conclusions, and always spurious notion that the reader should just dismiss the topic entirely.Nothing to see here folks!

The infamous Mock human sacrifice at Cern video was(obviously) staged with amateur actors.The idea of this Predictive Programming was to end the debate in people's minds whether or not CERN is a 'sacrifice gateway'. In real life, those chosen are brought through the quantum tunnel like any valued Earth resource. * * Women are not sacrificed in the CERN lobby **.

Martians are Humans:

It is well known that every genocide in history followed a propaganda campaign conscripting one 'race' against many others.Naturally, the victors of these genocides would fear the same tactic being used against them.If you follow this logic, this means that after every genocide the culprits are a more similar race to the survivors than they are to the targets.Therefore, it is very unlikely that any race or species other than humans(that look like you and me) inhabit Mars.If Martian humans actually had a different appearance from Earth humans, 'Deep State' style infiltration schemes would be impossible to pull off.Human females have been historically brought through the natural and man - made quantum gates that connect Earth and Mars for breeding purposes.

Redaction: Martians are Human

Martians speak Latin! This is the language of their last great Empire on Earth; the Roman Empire.Why else would a Dead Language still be taught in schools around the world ? Why else would the official language of the Vatican City Holy See also be the same language ** all of our Laws and Science, Medicine, and Theology Books are written in * * ? This language is still very much alive and taught to us so we can interface with our Latin - speaking masters both here and on Mars.Breeding is strictly controlled under(Mar)itial Wedlock.This system of control creates a top - down banker - owned family - driven loyalty structure on both planets.Alien "abductions" are Simulated . “I have secured a document confirming that the CIA simulated UFO abductions in Latin America(Brazil and Argentina) as psychological warfare experiments.” In his book, Vallee notes that Air Force Colonel Ron Blackburn told Vallee in May 1990 that he was “convinced the government is working on UFOs”. Blackburn said that the chances were “pretty good” that the US government was “fooling” UFO witnesses “by special effects developed by psychological warfare” Forbidden Science 4, Vallee, March 26, 1992

Predictive programming in Science Fiction / Fantasy Genre:

Mars Map 2 Mars Map

Since the great book - burning of the 20th century, there has since been a persistent trend in surviving published media that injects predictive programming about our reality into science fiction and fantasy movies.The idea behind this coordinated programming is that the audience is expected to understand that these two categories are strictly ** fiction **.

As a result of this trick, any information exchanged in a science - * * fiction ** novel or motion picture is automatically regarded by the viewer(and their entire peer network) as ** untrue **. Any time a dogma of a science establishment(like NASA) is challenged, the PP will kick in and the challenge will be categorically dismissed.In addition, horrific images are often associated with 'SciFi' and 'Fantasy' media, especially in the 80s.The same tactic is used by Catholics who show their young children images of crucified adults. * * Fear is the most effective educational tool. * * All 20th century novels and movies about Mars describe it as unlivable and unattractive to Humans, and generally hostile to life.This is a major shift from 19th century literature which describes Mars as inhabited by advanced humans living on the surface who occasionally visit Earth on friendly terms.Why the shift ?

Predictive Programming: Doom 2005 Predictive Programming: Mars Movies

The movie Star Gate(1994) attempts to categorically mythify the connection between real - life pyramids and periodic star - gates into the realm of 'science fiction' and highlights the persistent confusion among historians as to who built the pyramids and how and why they were built.The movie differs from real - life by suggesting 'advanced technology' is required to build star gates.In real life, the pyramids themselves ** were ** the star gates, and they did not function as depicted in the movie.In the very first scene of Star Gate, during Robert California's lecture, a member of the audience laughingly suggests that The Atlanteans as well as The Martians built the Pyramids.

Predictive Programming: Mars Movies Predictive Programming: Mars Needs Women

In Spielberg's "War of the Worlds" 2005, the Red Planet itself was inexplicably removed from the traditional storyline.Why remove Mars from the classic story ?

Total Recall 1990 suggests there are pyramids on Mars built by ancient aliens.This PP negates the possibility that Martian pyramids were built recently by humans.TR also suggests humans explode when exposed to Martian atmosphere.This common PP gimmick associates 'space exploration' with horrific images. Total Recall 2012 is a remake of the original with the pyramids and nearly all references to Mars removed.Did the Martians complain again ?

Predictive Programming: Marvin The Martian

Travel to Mars:

Half of(7 of 14) planetary robotic missions by NASA have been sent to Mars and a Human Mission to Mars was in the official NASA plans since the 1950s.Why then after 70 years are we no closer to an actual human mission ? The current most realistic earliest launch date is 2040 with an extra 10 - 30 years to get there.How old will you be when they land ? Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones was famously censored after a caller suggested there could be A child slave - colony on Mars . The high - profile censorship of Alex Jones ended the discussion, and a controlled opposition agent Robert David Steele was brought in to mis - represent the original claim. “We actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20 - year ride,”. The '20 year ride' version made it seem more like Star Trek Fiction, and caused readers to lend even less credibility to the story, while hiding any mention of the true method of travel: instantaneous quantum tunnels like CERN.In the original caller's transcript, the caller described the children being ** born ** into slavery while on Mars.This makes more sense, and leads the reader to assume there may be a break-away civilizations of humans living on Mars.

Mars influence on Earth's History:

The Fall of Atlantis

Earth was Saturn's Moon 3 Tower of Babel

When Earth was still within Saturn's Orbit, the continent of Atlantis appeared at the very center of our North Pole, and fixed above it, the planet Saturn.This age and configuration are depicted in the Christian Bible as the "Garden of Eden".During this time, energy from the configuration penetrated Earth creating quantum entanglements between Earth, Mars, and the rest of the Planets.These entanglements were natural, and stable.It was possible to instantly travel between the gate points by walking through the gates.Also during this time, there was no empires, no kings, no war, no scarcity, and no "Deep State" as it wasn't yet possible for humans to control each other.But when Atlantis fell, this technology passed out of common knowledge, and became a Deep State secret.

Tower of Babel and Creation of the "Deep State"

Note: this section is in need of revision and be rewritten in the near future.

As Earth was cast out of Saturn's orbit, the co-linear configuration in the North Pole failed, and Atlantis vanished into the Earth.Our ancestors did not understand why Saturn / El would punish them with death and oblivion.They didn't know at the time, but it wasn't God's punishment at all. Instead, being cast out of the Garden of Eden was like a bird being pushed out of a nest by a parent.It's 100% natural. However, there were some humans(Nimrod etc) who suggested they could get past the darkness by building a tower that goes past the cloud layer.

Back then, Earth's gravity was 1/3rd what it is today but gradually increasing, and there were many Giants, so building the tower was easy.The project was successful at first, and allowed the new religious class called 'scientists' to peer through the cloud layer and spot their old God El / Saturn which they called Moloch.They noticed the Black Cube / Hexagon on Moloch's North Pole and thus began to wear Yarmulke with the 6 - sided Star of Moloch on their north poles(their heads). As a result of this discovery, the ** class system ** was created with those at the top holding secret knowledge, and with those at the bottom slaves to that knowledge.Eventually this project failed, as everyone knows, but it wasn't by God's hand.Again, it was 100 % natural.The tower created a circuit connection between the ground and the upper layer of the electromagnetic field of the earth.This connection brought down powerful energies along the sides of the tower.All humans within the building or on the staircases were hit with this energy could no longer function, think, talk, or remember anything.Therefore, humans fled the tower in all directions feeling once again smitten by their Creator.This is the first reason the tower failed, and the primary reason centralized language became splintered on Earth.The second reason the tower failed is that gravity increased on Earth, and the tower collapsed from within.The Babylonian elite society cultivated at the top of the Tower of Babel also fled taking their knowledge, culture, and slaves with them.

When the Tower of Babel failed, the Deep State was created.

The Exodus from Egypt

Exodus from Egypt

Eventually Earth found itself in Jupiter's orbit, and this new "King" would bring an end to the cataclysm age. It would again become possible for a quantum entanglement to occur between Earth and Mars.Through it's Atlantis technology the Deep State gets busy reconnecting with humans on Mars who also survived the cataclysm.With their Babylonian slaves, they build quantum entanglement tunnels; The Pyramids of Egypt.

The most well - known slavery story "The Exodus" was a real story about the first time the Deep State lost control of the Earth gate due to shifting conditions within the Solar System.The story was later redacted to exclude most of humanity and add divine intervention.The first human - made Mars Gates were the Pyramids, which exist all over the world.The Egyptian slaves weren't Jews, they were all humans on Earth, but mostly humans in Africa.The Egyptian empire lasted for 473 "years"(years were much shorter in BCE) and was suddenly hit by a series of plagues. The Plagues of Egypt were caused by Jupiter's ejecting of Venus. The Dragon/Comet/Planet Venus then passed very closed to the Earth, causing new cataclysm.

The slaves of Egypt were made to worship the Old Testament "Tri-form" God known as Osiris, however, the unforetold passing of Venus proved their rulers did not represent God.In Egyptian tradition of(Sun vs Set), Osiris(the old Sun) was killed by his brother Set, cut into many pieces, and scattered.Venus and Mars were no longer in a co - linear orbit with Saturn, and thus the "Tri-form" God was no more.Seeing this, the slaves began a tradition of hacking at the statues of the old god Osiris, knocking off his nose(Venus) and his long beard(Mars).They could have torn down the statues entirely, but this might appear disrespectful towards the Old Testament God El(Saturn), which they still worshiped.Thus the great Exodus began.During this period many slaves perished in the Sahara desert until another miracle happened: Venus drops radioactive(safe) edible carbohydrates on Earth(manna).It should be no surprise that all cultures on Earth hold traditions that honor the passing of the Dragon / Comet Venus.

Note: This section needs to be updated as I have a new theory to explain the details of the Exodus story. Still, when I wrote that I was referring to Velikovsky's theory that Venus was the comet that passed over the Earth in the Exodus story.The story goes on that Venus dropped some kind of edable primordial carbohydrate material onto the Earth that the slaves of the Exodus lived off of for 40 years.This explanation of course has many holes in it. Instead, I now believe the Exodus story was redacted to include a new character Moses represented as a pillar of fire that strikes enemies of 'God' on the ground.The Exodus story also features 40 years of desert.I interpret this part of the story to have happened in the 19th Century Mudflood reset after the Napoleonic wars when such a weapon may have been used.The war resulted in 40 years of desert on earth, and the causers of that war - humans on Mars - did seek out survivors to fill the reset cities.The late 19th century is also the time we see Mosaic Law introduced all nearly over the world.

The Roman Empire Emerges

Cathar suppression

Note: this section is in need of revision and be rewritten in the near future.

After the fall of Egypt, there was a time of peace and an expansion of human civilization on Earth.This peace ended with the appropriation of Greek civilization into the Roman Empire.This was no accident.The Roman Empire was the Deep State re - emerging to rule Earth.

Of all the Gods in the any Pantheon, [only the Romans praised Mars](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_(mythology), the God of War.Exclusive to the Roman Pantheon was Janus, the Two - Faced God of War beginnings and War endings.October was the time for starting military campaigns, and March was the time for ending the campaigns and reaping the rewards(of conquest).

Ever heard the saying: "Beware the Ides of March" ? Bad things have happened on 3 / 11 throughout history.In this time, our Sun was growing brighter every year, and with every Spring the Sun - worshiping pagans expected some kind of Martial influence, typically some sort of cultural infiltration by the Empire.They were right!The Romans had attempted to appropriate the pagan Sun deity many times into a human 'son of an invisible god': Horus, Apollo, Alexander the Great, King Arthur, and of course Yeshua(Jesus Christ), and many others. Rome crucified anyone who resisted.After a few hundred years, the Empire fell into a 300 year long decay.The humans of Earth were apparently free once again.And once again, the Deep State buried itself.

The Neo - Babylonian Empire Re - Emerges

Note: this section is in need of revision and be rewritten in the near future.

By the 5th Century, the Roman Empire had become so unpopular it was forced to escape Rome.It would become painfully clear to the Deep State that they could not rule Earth by force.They had no choice but to revert to their Babylonian roots and attempt to rule Earth by slavery and religion. Britain was enslaved by Christianity in the 6th century via a series of underground prisons where pagans rot to death.

An inmate at Newgate Prison, London described it in 1724:

"A terrible stinking dark and dismal place situated underground into which no daylight can come. It was paved with stone; the prisoners had no beds and lay on the pavement and whereby they endured great misery and hardship."

Regardless, CruciFICTION Christianity was generally unconvincing to the world at large, and had to be reasserted through many bloody Christian Crusades. Again the local pagan Sun deity King Arthur would be re - written as a human man. (Reminder: The stories of both King Arthur and Jesus Christ are allegories for the Sun appearing to earth, creating the first Seasons).

Publishing redacted pagan beliefs through mass media was the Deep State's primary subterfuge for

controlling humanity through religion.

By the 7th Century, Arabia became engulfed in a slave - driven military crusade marking the successful world - wide inception of the new Slave Religion: Islam. Islam enjoyed a long period of Scientific Literacy known as the Islamic Golden Age which lasted at least 8 centuries.The belief systems of Islam was also unconvincing to the public, and had to be reasserted through many Islamic Crusades.

**This was the Deep State staging ground for controlling science through slavery **. As a result of this successful campaign, all the truth sciences of this world are currently encrypted into the deepest levels of centralized religion.

The Empire Strikes Back

By the 19th Century, the Deep State was beginning to re - emerge to the public. London had a huge Egyptian obelisk moved there from Alexandria in 1877. After the American Civil War, an Egyptian obelisk was constructed by slaves in Washington D.C. in 1884 to commemorate George Washington, the guy who fought a war against London, where the ** other obelisk ** stands.Even though the First Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits establishment of religious icons within the government, a pyramid with an 'All-seeing eye' appears throughout the federal government and on all United States $1 dollar bills.

Q: Why would two countries at war both have the same Egyptian obelisk ? A: Because Earth was being prepared for World War 1 & 2. Just look at the 20th century; They totally got us.

Q: How's that? What did the World Wars Accomplish? A: Targeting syncretism, both wars split the world along existing religious lines, segregating the mixed religions and once again slaughtering the pagans.Rare would become say a Jewish German(known as Yiddish), or a Christian Muslim( common in the East). 20th Century genocides such as the Holodomor and Holocaust resulted in segregation of earth populations into controllable religious sects:

Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism etc.For more on World War 2, check out my other article.

Differences between "The War of the Worlds" the book / movie / album and the real event:

Note: this section is in need of revision and be rewritten in the near future.
Predictive Programming: War of the Worlds - Cylinder on Horsell Common War of the Worlds Redaction: The Heat Ray War of the Worlds Redaction: Luminous Disks - like eyes

The story "The War of the Worlds" was a real event that occurred on earth many times, but heavily redacted by plagiarist H.G.Welles. Until Wells stepped in, nearly all fictitious and non - fiction accounts of "Men from Mars" regarded Martians as 1. Human men(and women) and 2. Benign.

"H. G. Wells. His determination (utopianist though he was) to use Mars not for reassuring utopian fantasies but as a scourge to human complacency resulted in 1898 in a path - breaking novel of interplanetary invasion. The War of the Worlds, the first literary masterpiece in the tradition of Martian fiction, upends the sentimental icon of the man from Mars and replaces him with monstrous would - be conquerors who give British imperialists a taste of their own medi - cine." -Imagining Mars: A Literary History

The Martian Heat Ray

The Martian Heat Ray | The U.S. Military Active Denial System

The most obvious connection between this book and modern times is the U.S.Military's Active Denial System. This crowd control vehicle has built upon it a heat ray device that looks ** precisely ** like the heat ray described in the book:

War of the Worlds Monuments War of the Worlds Real Event War of the Worlds Monuments

"This intense heat they project in a parallel beam against any object they choose, by means of a polished parabolic mirror of unknown composition". Why did the WotW album and all the movies **cover this design up ** by switching the Heat Ray to a 'tall funnel' ? Because 'Heat-Ray' technology became a classified military secret in the 20th century.Realist depictions of heat

Martian Appearance

Martians are * human *, like you and me.They aren't giant brains with octopus arms! Martians live inside Mars, as all planets are Hollow, but life is difficult, food is scarce, and overpopulation is an actual problem(unlike on Earth). Martians are ** not ** smarter than Earthlings.Their early adoption of advanced technology was motivated by the scarcity in their environment and the need to control the flow of resources from Earth.

Travel to Earth

Despite what you've seen on Star Trek and Star Wars, **space travel via space ship is impossible for living beings **. Earth's electro-magnetic field flows through our bodies and keeps us alive. If we were to leave it, or get anywhere near the 'Van Allen Belts', we would die.Exposing yourself, or your 'space-ship' to the Sun's EM field would be certain death, regardless of size.

Martians can only safely get to Earth via natural or man - made Quantum Gates(CERN) which only operate when the planets are in opposition(every 26 months). No living creature could survive space travel in a small cylinder, nor can it survive a comet - like re - entry burn, nor can it survive for days inside scalding metal.

War of the Worlds True Story

Maintaining Control of Earth

Tripods are not enough!Martians must also maintain strict loyalty within entire generations of secret societies here on Earth.

The Tripod Walker exists because the Martians need to hide their technology from Earth while attacking it.Earthlings cannot build the Tripods themselves by observing them, as they lack the phenomenal electric power required.In early versions of the WotW story, the Tripods show up and route all the civilians into one location while attempting to avoid destruction of infrastructure.They then die of a disease, something they really should have seen coming, and the story ends.The ** real ** story ends when the Tripods accomplished their goal of disrupting a specific society, giving the insiders time to fill key positions of power before rebuilding it again.It's important to note that in ALL versions of the WotW story, the Tripods are observed taking away the remains of their fallen comrades.Strategically, this is a bad idea as it leaves them open to a secondary strike.The only reason they would do this is to hide the technology after the war is won, leaving absolutely no trace of Tripods ever having been present.The survivors then get accused of Wartime PTSD.

Martian Tripod Incursions in Earth History

WWar of the Worlds Propagandaar of the Worlds Monuments War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast Censorship Battle of Los Angeles

Note: this section is in need of revision and be rewritten in the near future.

There is a statue of a Martian Tripod in Woking town center, Surry, UK, one of the locations of these events.In The States, we had the Orson Welles cover up of yet another event involving Tripods. "Once they start to move, no more news comes out of that area".Also in the States, we have "Science Fiction" books depicting a history of Tripods in the Civil War Times. "“Night of the Cooters” 1987, Howard Waldrop describes "Sherriff Lindley organizes a resistance against a Martian cylinder that lands nearby."

Q: Neat.So how does this all end ?

This situation will continue indefinitely until two things happen.Firstly, the Humans of Earth need to get their act together and figure out what's real and what's not.That could take a while. The other thing that has to happen is World Peace on Earth.If either of these two conditions are not met, it is guaranteed that this situation will continue.

So how does this end ? History has shown us that the Deep State in any form cannot hold on to global control for more than a few hundred years before it's Empire falls. Mars has victimized Earth for thousands of years, but if peace is achieved on Earth then all is forgiven.Humans on Mars may fear retribution, much like the Zionists fear retribution by Palestinians.

But there won't be any. We will all learn to share our resources (we already know how). There will be no scarcity(Sorry, Thanos).They'll keep getting lovely supplies shipped from Earth. They'll finally allow us to use advanced technology. They'll give up their war, and peace will finally overcome our ** God of War **: The Planet Mars.

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