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MudFlood Energetic Event Hypothesis MudFlood Evidence: World Maps changed significantly after the 18th Century MudFlood Evidence: Buried Great Temple of Artemis

The MudFlood Energetic Event Hypothesis proposes a solution to the mystery of the world-wide ‘Mud Flood’ event and its alleged cover-up while attempting to answer the Journalistic Six: Who it happened to, What happened, When, Where, Why, and How did it happen?

What is the MudFlood Theory?

Proponents of the MudFlood Theory compare photographs, maps, and testimonies which suggest that in the early 19th century an unexplained world-wide mud-rain event abruptly and permanently raised the ground level around existing cathedrals, pyramids, and other monuments - burying entire civilizations across the earth. Additionally, during this time maps of America and Asia changed significantly. During many world-wide excavations of buried cities, no satisfying explanation is ever given as to how they got buried in the first place. Did foundations sink into the ground as a result of liquefaction? If so, why aren't the buildings tilted, like the Tower of Pisa. Maybe it was hydraulic drilling gone bad? Nope. Hydraulic drilling doesn't leave mud behind; we see plenty of it today and no buried buildings. If the differences in old maps are just cartographic blunders why are the errors made in such detail, listing ports and islands, plotting rivers and mountains, and somehow failing to spot massive structures like the Grand Canyon or Himalayan Mountains?

If we consider the possibility that all these events are linked, bigger questions emerge: Where did this mud come from? Where did the energy to transport this mud come from? Was it intentional? What would anyone stand to gain to cover this event up? What else was also covered-up, redacted, or erased from history? To be convincing, the MFEE Hypothesis must reliably explain events of the past. Modern historians stick to the facts as written and do not subscribe to theories of a world-wide MudFlood, a Great Reset, or any kind of historical redaction. However, these theories cannot be ruled out either.

Researching any topic related to a Worldwide MudFlood Theory is difficult due to a lack of reliable research material. Virtually all MudFlood books, videos, and websites are published by Controlled Opposition Agents. These medias typically feature deep fake images of buildings that appear to be mudflooded, yet show no underground buried architecture, and/or were not built prior to the 20th century. These images are designed to be easily debunked and purposefully and perpetually net-boosted. The proliferation of "deep fake" images is a Revelation of the Method strategy that promotes discreditation of MudFlood Research.

Note: This investigation is a work in progress. Check back soon for more updates!
MudFlood Evidence: Buried Pyramids in Bosnia

These pyramids are entirely covered by soil and vegetation. The only way this could happen is if all the pyramids were covered in mud in the past. To this day, archaeologists claim the entire Bosnian nation is suffering from some kind of mass hysteria.

MudFlood DeepFake

This popular image is shared in videos, books, internet threads, and articles as evidence of 19th Century buildings covered up by the MudFlood. However, the image does not show buried architecture from the 19th century. Instead, it shows a series of Soldier Pile Walls filled with concrete typically used as a foundation in the 1970s architecture. This example of Revelation of the Method promotes discreditation of MudFlood Research as the image is purposefully and perpetually net-boosted and designed to be easily debunked.

MudFlood Evidence

Tartarian Buildings exist all over the world and are designed to harness natural earth energy providing the local population with unlimited free light and power. The giant-sized humans who had built them were later eradicated and the technology to build Tartarian-style buildings was lost.



MudFlood Evidence: Bloodrain Paintings

The collection of memories known as the “MudFlood” may have come from a series of catastrophic events that occurred after the World War of 1812 when strategic positions on the Earth were targeted by large-scale Directed Energy Weapons built by humans inhabiting the planet Mars. This assault targeted Napoleon’s Army as well as all French Colonies and Allies of the Jesuit Empire. Also targeted was the Empire’s old enemy - the recently fallen Rus-Tartarian Empire. This attack resulted in a genocide of 75% of all life on Earth and allowed the humans on Mars to repopulate Earth cities, redact history, religion, science, and language, and impose a system of control on the survivors that lasts to this day.

By discerning the complete scope of possibilities of a redacted human historical record - by identifying biases inscribed by those who would benefit from bias, then a singular, eclectic world history should emerge, linking events by causality, telling us where we all came from and how things may have led up to the disturbing MudFlood Event.

MudFlood Evidence: Buried City Architecture

Dependent Proofs & Concepts

A typical Conspiracy Theory, a.k.a. A Canceling Hypothesis, will posit the lack of proof supporting a theory as a conspiracy in itself. The MudFlood Energetic Event Hypothesis is not a Conspiracy Theory, as it relies on well known and verifiable proofs, even if such evidence is considered “debunked” by the popular science establishment who remains unwilling or unable to investigate these topics deductively to this day.

We start off this investigation with a simple Question: Why would somebody purposefully redact history? The answer is: The ability to redact the past gives people in the present control of the future. Those who deprive us of the lessons of our past, can force us to repeat our mistakes - War, Famine, and Genocide - benefiting from a predictable outcome that leaves them in charge when the dust settles.

Deductive logic demands the consideration of all possibilities, and any phenomena may have multiple possible explanations. For example, a dendritic path carved by water can appear identical to one cut instantly by electricity in the lab. A petrification of a tree or animal that appears to have occurred over millions or billions of years can also be reproduced instantaneously in a lab by a focused high amplitude electric discharge. Citing the consensus explanation does not “debunk” the alternate one.

Here are a list of verifiable concepts this hypothesis relies on:

The Phantom Time Hypothesis

Phantom Time Hypothesis

by Heribert Illig was published in 1991 and asserted that the Anno Domini dating system was fabricated by Jesuits retroactively adding in a ‘phantom’ millennium of a thousand years to the timeline starting in the special year of AD1053. Numerous authors such as Immanuel Velikovsky and Anatoly Fomenko have academically challenged the chronology of Scaligarian history. Both Catholics like St Jerome and Protestants like Joseph Scaliger are accused of opportunistically reappropriating actual African, Asian, and American history into a false European history sometime within the last 500 years.

Read Fomenko's New Chronology

The Rus-Horde Tartarian empire headquartered in the Kremlin, instead became the Roman empire in Rome, Italy. The New Testament was heavily redacted and translated from Cyrillic to Latin. In the 19th century, mass publication of holy texts forced the Latin alphabet into indigenous languages worldwide. Eventually Romance historians made the case that Latin was the root of all language. The redaction of indigenous culture, science, history, medicine, and art into Latin was remembered as The Renaissance. The memories world cataclysms became superstitious myths and religious prophecies. The planet gods were forgotten, replaced by a new media-driven focus on Humanism, or as it’s known today, Communism.

But our shared human history is so spectacular that it’s not easy to invent a fake history to match. As the saying goes “You can’t make this stuff up”. The 1995 movie The Usual Suspects demonstrates this concept - when covering up a crime, the criminal will change the date of the events, the locations, even the names of the characters leaving the causality of events intact. The worst crimes of history were pushed into deep antiquity or blamed on something else - like a natural occurrence, or terrorism.

Electric Universe Theory

The Electric Universe Theory

suggests that plasma physics played a central role in the creation of our solar system (and all solar systems!), illustrated by primordial electric-scaring seen across the surface of our Moon and Mars. The same types of negative electric-scarring also appears in a few locations on Earth, like the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and may have been rendered not so long ago - during the 19th century MudFlood Event. The Electric Universe Theory also provides a scientific foundation for the Hollow Earth, the Young Earth, as well as the Expanding Earth Models and effectively retires Meteor Impact/Crater Theories like the Alvarez hypothesis, Ancient Dinosaur Fossils, and Uniformitarian Theory at large. Nevertheless, our children are still exposed to one-sided scientific propaganda depicting a dead, chaotic, and meaningless universe - where virtually nothing is possible.

EU Theory is also the founding explanation for Saturnian Cosmology, an alternative to those of Uniformitarian (NASA) and Creationist models of the Universe. In Saturnian Cosmology the planets in our solar system were the Gods of old polytheistic religions. They loomed closely in the Earth’s sky, clashed with each other, and raught devastating cataclysms in primordial times resulting in the encrypted mythical narrative we know today.

More about Electric Universe Theory

Human Activity on Mars

Life on Mars

Martians have been described for centuries by religious authors such as Jesuit Athanasius Kircher who testified to having visited each planet (even inside the Sun!), and Creationist Emanuel Swedenborg inventor of Uniformitarianism (a century before Hutton) and Nebular Accretion Theory in 1734 both still taught as fact in secular schools today. The famous book Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, categorized as fiction, described details of the Martian moons in 1727 a hundred and fifty years before they were first discovered by Asaph Hall in 1877. Intelligent activity has been observed in detail by early astronomers like Sir William Herschel who believed all our planets (including our Sun) were inhabited, Giovanni Schiaparelli who saw man-made water channels on Mars, and of course Percival Lowell who in 1895 mapped out the channels using a precision observatory he built in Flagstaff. At that same time, John Jacob Astor IV, 16 years before he faked his own death on the Titanic, published testimony where he visited each planet, and yet again, traveled inside our Sun.

Life on Mars

If these narratives are considered redacted from their original versions and posited as fiction, the possibility emerges of planet Mars as home to a break-away human civilization which has influenced Earthly affairs during the entirety of our shared history. Earth and Mars share roughly 6000 years of recorded history, and during that time it is unlikely that our inner-solar system affairs were exploited by any visiting lifeforms from other solar systems. The Saturnian Golden Age was described as a time of high technology and advanced primordial life, so any visiting aliens wouldn’t have stood out back then.

Predictive Programming: Mars Media

Even today, Martians may look considerably different from you and me, - maybe cold-blooded, having green, scaly, or even mutated skin - but they are still humans, our brothers and sisters. Their different appearances from us on Earth are a result of having survived the colder, harsher conditions within Mars and on its surface throughout antiquity. An overabundance of ores like iron, platinum, titanium, palladium, and chromium gave the Martians an early technological start. However, their lack of agrarian and prolific resources drove them to seek subjugation of humans on Earth in order to extract those resources. This subjugation was achieved through the suppression and controlled release of religion and technology throughout history. Advanced communication, Free Energy, anti-gravity, and advanced weaponry were invented on Mars centuries before they appeared on Earth.

More about life on Mars

Giants Roamed the Earth

Giants roamed the earth

In America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, the expurgation of our large-scale human brethren is today known as the Smithsonian Cover Up. How did the Giants die? Why did the Giants die? The giant mounds found all over America may not be burial mounds as commonly thought, but instead may be the result of the MudFlood Energetic Event. During this event, the Giants were wiped out by catastrophic electric discharges from the ground and atmosphere. The Giants were too large and there was nowhere to hide. As they were struck down, their bones became instantaneously fossilized forming the burial mounds. Petrification by electricity has been demonstrated in a laboratory by the Safire project. Dinosaur fossils therefore may not be millions of years old, but misidentified Giant fossils created recently in the MudFlood Apocalypse.

Genocide of the Giants

To the Deep State, Giants of Earth represented one of the few remaining unconquered races, and an existential threat. Therefore, the wiping out of the Giants was not an accident. The Smithsonian project began in 1846, systematically destroying burial mounds across America, eliminating the evidence of the last civilization. What giant bones could not be covered up were recategorized by the Natural History Museum as ancient dinosaur fossils. As a result of this cover up, Historians have concluded that native Americans were of average human height and live in tents and caves on Stone Age technology. They further insist that the many incredible Tartarian structures were built not by Americans but by Europeans in the 18th century, who then abruptly lost the technology to build these structures entirely. A more convincing explanation is that picturesque Tartarian structures were all built by Giants. Why else would so many of them have Giant entrance doors?

Read about the Smithsonian Coverup

The Deep State

History was Redacted

Whom then are the beneficiaries of global conspiracy? Often in a controlled-opposition environment, you'll find amateur conspiracy theorists railing against a particular race, religion, or creed. You'll see conspirator accusations thrown at 'The British', 'The Jews', non-human ETs, dimensional demons, or even 'The Devil' himself. It's important to understand the Deep State is loyal to no race, religion, or creed, but rather only to their family.

Saturnian Cosmology: Cosmic Mountain

Atlantis represents the first human empire still remembered today. In Saturnian Cosmology, it was located on the highest place in the collinear configuration where one could set foot - the north pole of Planet Mars. Atlantis was the center of all knowledge in its time. When the collinear configuration (also known as the Tower of Babel) came apart, the Golden Age ended violently. A new dark age of cataclysm would begin lasting thousands of years. The Atlanteans took the fall hard, and in their desperation to maintain their proto-empire they hid knowledge and technology from the species, burying themselves into the highest levels of human bureaucracy, and establishing a totalitarian world order we today call the Deep State.

In time, the Deep State re-established its empire on Earth by convincing the survivors of the Dark Age that the Saturnian creator of Earth was unhappy and was actively punishing its creation. The priests ordered metal idols crafted of each of the Planet Gods. They had the idols placed inside pyramids built across the equatorial regions of the globe, and using quantum telepathy, made these idols speak back to the people. What the slaves didn't know was that the idols were not actually deities or planets speaking to them, but humans inside of other Pyramids on Earth and on Mars. Using this ploy, they indoctrinated more servants into Monotheism, luring them with the promise of food, safety, and civilization.

More: "Remembering the End of the World"

The Pyramidal Empire

Atlantis Saturnian Cosmology: Cathoderal

This Pyramidal Empire was remembered as Ancient First Rome in the Nile Valley and in the Old Testament as the Egyptian, Babylonian and Persian Empires. It existed for over a thousand years and eventually fell apart when a change in Earth’s orbit shifted the equatorial climate of the region, creating the first deserts, eliminating the function of the Pyramids and rendering them uninhabitable.

As a result, the upper class elite fled to central Europe, taking their slave religion with them, and established a “Second Rome” in Istanbul, Turkey. Many black Egyptian slaves stayed behind to preserve the structures of the dissolved Pyramidal Empire and maintain the Egyptian religion honoring the death of mythical creator god Osiris.

More: The Second Rome or the Romaic Tsar-Grad Empire

Redacted Media: The War of the Worlds

Breakaway Civilization on Mars playing God on Earth

At the same time, humans who inhabit Mars became a break-away civilization, unable to travel to or communicate with the Earth, and cut off from Earth resources. Becoming even more desperate, the Martians reinvented Atlantean technology to survive and eventually drew plans to reestablish their empire on Earth. The invisible influence of the Deep State on Mars and elsewhere would become mistaken as the will of a fictional invisible creator of the universe going by the name Yahwey, ELOHIM “Creator, Mighty and Strong”, EL SHADDAI “God Almighty,”, ADONAI “My Lord”, or simply Ha-Shem (“The Name”). This allowed the Deep State to communicate the will of God through cathedrals, telepaths, prophecy, visions, and even special artifacts. Using its simulated God, the Deep State ordered humanity to commit endless religious warfare against itself, dividing civilizations, and always benefiting from the conquest.

Life on Mars

According to Fomenko’s New Chronology, the starting date for modern civilization, Year Zero, was shifted forward in time to the special year of 1053 AD by the Roman Catholic Church. Originally, Year Zero marked the end of Earth’s formation events and the beginning of modern civilization, stable calendars, travel, and communication. Today, the same Catholic Church hoards these ancient artifacts of our shared history in a 53 mile tunnel underneath Vatican City. Many ancient sites are still buried from the MudFlood. Only in the last 30 years have enough new artifacts been found and made available to the public allowing us to complete the story that was hidden.

No Supernatural Influence

Controlled Opposition: Flat Earth

We should only subscribe to scientific concepts that can be demonstrated logically, in a laboratory, or otherwise. Real science is reproducible, reliable, and verifiable. For example, Saturnian Cosmology relies on the theoretical foundation of the Electric Universe to correlate religious myths with interplanetary cataclysms seen in proximity to the Earth by humanity. Mythical archetypes like the Thunderbolt of the Gods were then reproduced by the SAFIRE project in a laboratory.

The word God comes from the word good, and Devil comes from the word evil - defined as the opposite of anything good. Both good and evil are observed in nature and need no further influence. This hypothesis proposes that the invisible ‘supreme being’ known as God is actually a human construct invented by the Deep State in ancient times, and it benefited that same Deep State to keep up the divine charade this whole time. We are ruling out the influence of invisible Gods, devils, bug-like / octopus-like / or otherwise repulsive-looking aliens, a Galactic Federation, a ‘matrix simulation’, 5th Dimension, Mandela effect, magic, prophecy, and time-travel.

Flat Earth: Controlled Opposition or Psyop

Predictive Programming

Predictive Programming in TV, Movies, Books, and Video Games Predictive Programming: Revelation of the Method

The MFEE Hypothesis relies on the concept of Predictive Programming as a primer for navigating truth in the age of disinformation. This theory (sometimes called Revelation of Method) suggests that Deep State agents deliberately leave hints of future events in popular fiction such as books, tv, movies, video games, and news outlets. This is accomplished by the centralization of media, illustrated by Hollywood’s domination of the world movie industry, and by categorizing something real as fiction, or something that isn’t real, as fact. The goal of this method is to align public opinion with long term plans of the Deep State. Would-be dissenters of these plans then tend to identify themselves early, allowing time for their opinions to be studied and an official counter-narrative cultivated. This eventually leads to the public fighting each other and failing to find the real culprit of their woes. Michael A. Hoffman II states:

"The purpose behind the 'Revelation of the Method' is the implied consent of the populace. If no resistance is raised when they reveal the truth, the cryptocracy is free to continue to follow the satanic precept. 'DO WHAT THOU WILT IS THE WHOLE OF THE LAW.' In other words, when the cryptocracy reveals their evil manipulations and the MAJORITY of the people don't care, its checkmate."


In journalism, students are taught to answer six key questions to allow the reader to approach a topic from various angles. Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why. Instead of systematically dismissing mountains of testimony from our ancestors, as historians tend to do, lets consider it and allow the hi-story to tell itself. We owe it to our ancestors and our descendents both to find the answers to these questions.

MudFlood Energy Event Journalistic Six: Who What Where When How, and Why?

What is the MFEE?

MudFlood Evidence: Buried & Shifted Statues

The MudFlood Energetic Event Hypothesis proposes that the unexplained MudFlood memories collected from around the world starting in the early 19th century were caused by a single energetic calamity. This planet-scale energy coursed across the Earth’s surface, tearing it up and tossing matter miles into the air resulting in the destruction and re-shaping of land masses and the covering up of cities across the planet with mud. Entire mountain ranges were pulled out of the ground in dendritic patterns by positive electric discharge while negative discharge tore canyons out of the earth - identical to the lightning scarring seen across the surface of Mars.

MudFlood Evidence: Buried & Shifted Statues

The emptied buildings of the “reset areas”, recently cleared of life, were then repopulated by orphan trains forming the first cargo cults. Train tracks were promptly built across America, Europe, and Asia supplying humans and cargo. Similarly, the first insane asylums were constructed across the world - everywhere the tracks led - with the purpose of containing the memory of the Great Reset. Excavations of this buried world continued throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, but instead of revealing the discoveries - they were surreptitiously kept secret, redacted, and even out-right lied about. Of all the popular conspiracy theories that exist around the internet, the Mud Flood Energetic Event stands out, opening eyes and blowing minds, and yet no hypothesis has been presented to explain how it happened.

Deductively, such an event would have required a substantial release of energy to move trillions of tons of debris many thousands of miles. We have to look for the source, because without the energy - there’s no MudFlood. For example, St. Helens in 1980 erupted releasing 24 megatons of thermal energy resulting in 3 million cubic meters of volcanic mudflows known as “lahars” being transported over 27 km. So,

How did the MFEE Happen?

Predictive Programming: Interplanetary Space Laser in The Simpsons

The Mud Flood Energetic Event was caused by an interplanetary assault upon the Earth by humans who inhabit the planet Mars. The method used to achieve this event was the construction of large-scale Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) on Mars fired at Earth during opposition (a planetary alignment). These precision instruments of war devastating sovereign kingdoms and airships, wiping out entire continents and islands. Locations that were not pre-selected for destruction instead experienced heavy MudRains composed of the debris from the targeted regions, as well as catastrophic secondary electric discharge.

After the DEWs heated the Earth’s surface enough to create a volcanic region known as the Ring of Fire, a secondary negative discharge arced across America and Asia carving out such structures as the Grand Canyon and forming the tallest mountain regions like Everest and the Colorado Rockies. This secondary discharge may have been unintentional as it added a significant volume of material to the MudFlood Event that covered Eastern America and Western Europe. It also left behind clues too big to be covered up.

The trigger for this event was the World War of 1812 when Napoleon’s army invaded the American-Syberian Rus-Horde Empire from both East and West, burning down Roman-style architecture like the Kremlin and church that later became the American White House. Officially, Napoleon’s nearly 600,000 person army was defeated in Syberia. In this hypothetical, Napoleon’s invasion was successful, threatening hundreds of years of Deep State plans in less than a decade. This forced the Deep State’s hand, requiring a correction of the most extreme nature - a cataclysmic reset of life on Earth. The Deep State chose not to reveal itself or its technology in this event, knowing the survivors would defer to the church’s conclusion - that the defeat of Napoleon was a divine intervention by an angry creator god.

MudFlood Evidence: Tartaria

Where was the MFEE?

The primary target for this event was the new French Empire under Napoleon and its allies around the world. The secondary target was the old enemy of the Deep State - the splintered Rus-Horde Empire which the west referred to as the Great Tartary. The primary goal of this maximal damage campaign was to eliminate all temporal resistance to the Deep State’s plans and prevent a human empire from ever reorganizing on Earth again. The secondary goal was to preserve the churches and mosques of the Rus-Horde Empire, stealing its history, redacting its indigenous Hoardian languages into Latin Root, splintering it’s religious icons, and rebranding it as the “Holy” Roman Empire.

MudFlood Evidence: Secondary Negative Discharge

The Rus-Horde Empire broke up in 1775 as a result of the defeat of Siberian war chief Pugachev by Russian General Alexander Suvorov in the Cossack Rebellion. Up until that point, Tartarian vassal states spanned every continent. Now these states would fall under the influence of the new Latin Empire. Those who resisted the church edict were eliminated and their descendants enslaved. The mythical Kingdoms of the Pacific Islands were systematically annihilated - electrically machined into lifeless atolls. Fortresses as far north as Scotland were annihilated leaving behind melted ruins. The Giants of western America and eastern Eurasia were eradicated leaving behind hundreds of thousands of burial mounds. Land masses like Zelandia, Lemuria, and the Bering Land Bridge were procedurally carved out using a negative discharge leaving submerged continents. Mesas, never before seen on Earth, formed across Western America, North Africa, and the Middle East. Mountains melted in Australia. Alchemic electrical scarring left painted rainbow canyons in China and Tibet. Many Tartarian cathedrals like in St Petersburg and Salt Lake City harnessed the electric onslaught and survived.

MudFlood Evidence: Grand Canyon CrisCross Scaring

The American west coasts were hit by an uncontrollable secondary negative electric discharge that arced across the continent leaving behind a snaking electric scar over a thousand miles long - forming the Colorado River. In the dry desert region the discharge became so large in amplitude that it tore into the Earth creating the Grand Canyon and the Great Basin. Such dendritic scarring and incredible red rock formations like this are found nowhere else on Earth; yet are seen across the surface of Mars - a planet which experienced intense negative electric discharge in the distant past. Andrew Hall describes how electric discharges sculpted the american SouthWest:

“... the land was zapped, carved and seared by electrical storms that could have happened last year, so fresh looked the marks of evidence."_

As the wreckage from these land masses filled the earth’s atmosphere and moved further away from the targeted zones, this debris cooled and fell to Earth as “Mud”. Western Europe and Eastern America were hit by Mudfloods. Online today, one can find many pictures of Tartarian buildings in America, Europe where the earth level has risen significantly above the ground floor with no explanation given. Also one can find various paintings of an event where reddish mud known as “BloodRain” fell from the sky.

MudFlood Evidence: Secondary Negative Discharge

Why did the MFEE happen?

Note: This investigation is a work in progress. Check back soon for more updates!
Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko - a Russian historical theorist, mathematician, and professor

MudFlood Evidence: The Sphinx, a well-known MudFlood Structure, was buried up to its head in sand until archaeologists excavated it. The original Sphinx was OSIRIS, the Tri-Form God representing the planet Saturn, with Venus for a nose and Mars as an elongated beard. In Egyptian Mythology, during the Exodus, OSIRIS fell apart into separate pieces. The Jesuits rebuilt the sphinx representing the RESURRECTION of Osiris, and the return of the pyramidal slave empire. The Egyptian population thus fell under the rule of the Jesuits...

In 1801, by ripping off the nose and beard, Napoleon's army had defaced the Sphinx demonstrating to the Egyptians that their ancient God OSIRIS had not returned and that the Jesuits spoke for no Gods.

War of 1812

By 1812, Napoleon had invaded Moscow with an army of half a million soldiers and burned the Kremlin to the ground, ending the christian european schism over Jerusalem. At the exact same time, his army in America invaded the Colonies and burned the White House to the ground reversing the American Revolution and ending the slave trade. Napoleon had not only liberated Europe and Asia, but America as well. The official story is that the British burned the White House in a sea-based assault, but in 1812 England was still a vassal state of the failing Rus-Horde Empire and would have had no interest in destroying their own colonies’ churches. Instead, Napoleon’s army attacked from the Louisiana territory, traversing through American lands forbidden to the English and Spanish. Napoleon had convinced the Native Americans to let the French soldiers pass through their lands and attack an enemy. Why would the American Giants agree to such a thing? Because they remembered the Church’s Requerimiento of 1513 outlining the native’s choice - slavery and annihilation - threatening their families with subjection to the “yoke and obedience of the Church and of their Highnesses”. They also remembered efforts by the Rus-Horde Empire to impose taxation and usury upon American lands leading up to the Townshend Acts of 1767 and the Boston Tea Party of 1773 when Mohawk Giants tossed 342 chests of tea into the harbor in protest. Napoleon had offered the Americans a much better option - a Republic, like France had. But to do that, he’d have to win the war. With the Americans on Napoleon’s side it seemed nothing but a Divine Intervention would preempt Napoleon’s victory and the Deep State’s destruction.

Who caused the MFEE?

MudFlood Evidence: A deadly rain of stones. Woodcut with
early handcolouring from Conrad Lycosthenes' (Chronicle of Prodigies and Omens) - 'Prodigiorum ac Ostentorum Chronicon'
Published Hendricus Petri, Basel, allegedly 1557. This image appears to show a shower of meteorites - Lycosthenes notes
they are **stones** and not hail.

The entity known as the Deep State is as old as humanity itself and is located in all the secret places of the Earth, as well as places we were told Humans cannot live, like on planet Mars. In their desperation to stop Napoleon, they employed use of large-scale DEWs on Mars that would become the instrument that reversed the victories of the Napoleonic wars, annihilating his army along with the infrastructure of the French Empire and its allies. Between 1812 and 1860, the Mars DEWs eliminated all threats to the Deep State on Earth and set the stage for a reset of history. By doing it this way, the Deep State covered up it’s own involvement while striking the fear of God into the survivors who had little choice but to accept the Church’s conclusion - that Napoleon’s defeat was Divine Retribution by God.

MudFlood Evidence: Buried Cities

During the 40+ years of the MudFlood Event, the Earth became an unlivable desert. If the Deep State was the cause of the MudFlood, then they were in a unique position to become the saviors of humanity as life on earth began to die at increasing rates. Playing God, the Deep State chose a new set of Israelites to survive the apocalypse. Israelite means - one who wrestles with God. These “chosen” humans were kept alive via cargo (or “mana”) from a mysterious supplier that posed itself as the Creator God of the Universe. Eventually, this same God offers the Israelits a slave contract known as The Mosaic Covenent or “10 Commandments” and promises if they live by the contract, that they will be delivered to a promised land. So, after surviving the 40+ years wandering the MudFlooded Earth desert, this “God” delivers each Israelite group to the relative ‘Promised Land’, as promised! Those Israelites who disobeyed God’s command quickly perished, either denied cargo and starved, or were slaughtered by their peers in an attempt to appease God’s wrath. Events of the Mudflood were then further redacted into the ‘Old Testament’, merged with ancient stories, and mass distributed.

MudFlood Evidence: *The York Retreat* Insane Asylum

With the defeat of Napoleon came another Great Reset and a return of Babylonian-style Deep State ruler-ship - everything the French revolution stood against: Slavery and debt prisons. Usury and taxes. Secret Societies. Bloodline Aristocracies. Forced mass worship and labor. Pledges of Allegiance. False Flag Terrorism. Endless Wars. Genocide & Population control. Planned obsolescence, famine, & scarcity. Pandora's Box was opened once again.

The Deep State would continue covering up its tracks by re-classifying all threatening literature as “Fantasy” or “Science Fiction". All references to advanced technology or life on Mars would become suppressed - unless it was categorized as fiction. Those who resisted the Reset disappeared into new or converted insane asylums across the planet. In North America, large-scale asylums were constructed and maintained in Baltimore, New Orleans, Madison N.J., and New York and run by the government with a heavy church involvement. Sometimes the asylums were built and maintained directly by the regional church, like the York Retreat run by Quakers. Under the guise of mental health, patients who remembered the pre-MudFlood world were sequestered, tortured, left to rot to death in small cells. Patients were referred to as lunatics.

When was the MFEE?

MudFlood Evidence: California as an Island, and No Grand Canyon!

Most MudFlood researchers will place the event in the early 19th century where we find an abundance of photos of “reset cities” cleared of life, and Tartarian buildings and other monuments buried stories into the ground. There are also quite a few world maps dated before the 19th century which differ significantly from later maps. For example, in North America the state of California appeared as an island larger than the United Kingdom. There is no sign of the Grand Canyon, or the 1400 mile Colorado River. In old maps of Hindustan, the tributaries of the Ganges are significantly different, and there is no sign of the 1500 mile Himalayan Mountain range. Russia released maps from their historical archives of a vast Tartarian empire in Siberia in 2014, in response to a coup in Ukraine. In maps of Tartaria, again there’s no Himalayan mountains, Tibetan Plateau, or Great Wall of China. The land was inhabited, decorated with a majestic balance of water, trees, and natural boundaries - nothing like the uninhabitable wasteland we know today as Siberia. The dating of early photos and old maps suggest the likelihood that the Reset was triggered early in the 19th century. But in what year?

MudFlood Evidence: World War of 1812

The most significant recorded event to occur in the 19th century was the War of 1812. Modern historians split it into 2 wars; one between the British ‘empire’ and their American colonies, and another between the French and Russian Empires. However, the Kingdom of France had been involved in the Colony wars since 1682 and were still just as involved in 1812. Similarly, on the European front, England joined forces with Russia against France in the 1809 War of the Fifth Coalition.

MudFlood Evidence: Napoleon's Unexplainable Defeat

The World War of 1812 split the world in half and battle was joined in every continent. Napoleon’s advanced army failed to occupy Russia and retreated in defeat, losing half a million soldiers in the process, all the while rarely engaging the inferior Russian forces. Decades after the war, French investigators like Charles Joseph Minard would attempt to explain the unprecedented losses mathematically, insisting that over 400 thousand soldiers were lost due to starvation, disease, and desertions. Curiously only 30k soldiers are said to have died in an actual battle, and there was only one battle - at Borodino. Modern historians attribute this historic military failure to extreme negligence and a hypothetical Napoleon “complex”. This mundane contradictory explanation was inscribed by the victorious Sixth Coalition and fails to take into account a great deal of 19th century testimony following the war.

MudFlood Event: BloodRain & Priest
A Jesuit Priest takes advantage of the frightened and confused population as the MudRain pours

## `“God is punishing you”`

For example, the 1812 Overture, which was written in 1880 under Tsarist orders, gives us clues as to how the 1812 war was really won. The lyrics go:

“Mighty Lord, preserve us from jeopardy. Take Thee now our faith and loud crying in penitence. ... And to our land bring peace”

Tchaikovsky notoriously hated the 1812 Overture - likely resenting the Theonationalistic subject matter. Similar lyrics can be found in European national anthems. From 1816 to 1833, the Russian Imperial Anthem lyrics beseech God to “Save the Czar”. Throughout the 19th century British, Prussian, Saxony and Bavarian National Anthems stated: “God Save the King/Queen” depending on the gender of the current monarch. Why do so many European countries have identical anthems imploring a divine influence to intervene in times of trouble. Because the victory over Napoleon in the war of 1812 was remembered as a “divine“ intervention.


MudFlood Evidence: Napoleon Burn Washington Church to the ground

Religion always plays a part in war and clearly played a significant role in the 1812 War, therefore we can assume historians are biased when it comes to answering who burned down all the churches, and most importantly why. They will insist that Tsar Alexander I ordered his most holy and ancient Russian temple - the Kremlin - to be destroyed so that it wouldn’t be destroyed by the French. This of course makes no sense. After Napoleon's defeat in Russian, Tsar Alexander I issued Shishkov's famous manifesto which stated:

In this deed we recognize Divine Providence itself. We will learn from this great and terrible example to be the mild and humble executor of the laws and will of God, not like those who have fallen away from the faith, those desecrators of the temples of God.

By Fallen Desecrators of God’s Temple, the Tsar was referring to Napoleon’s Army who, inspired by the anti-clerical French Revolution, won the world war of 1812 burning down every church they encountered. The Great Reset and MudFlood Event of the 19th century allowed historians to redact human history concealing Napoleon’s victory. They deliberately hid the fact that the anti-theistic French army had burned down both the Kremlin and White House churches in continuity with the events of the French Revolution. Napoleon’s goal was to eliminate the bureaucratic authority of the Catholic, Protestant, and Greek Orthodox Churches, which controlled all world governments. By burning the churches and temples, the slow-and-go Jesuit plan for world domination had been foiled at the highest levels, turned on itself, freeing the Earth from the yoke of centralized religion.

The Deep State knew that if they exposed their technology to reverse the achievements of the Napoleonic wars, it would be only a matter of time until their clandestine ruler-ship would be exposed and then lost completely. To reassert control of the religions of Earth, while continuing to hide their existence, they needed everyone to be convinced that Napoleon’s alliance was defeated by God.


See Timeline Reconstruction

After the MF

  1. Cargo cults
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-B53mX4PL8
  3. https://youtu.be/_FSS4ZQZM5M?t=385
  4. Scorched / Uninhabitable Terrain
  5. India and China (Tibetan Peninsula) "The Himalayas at the edge of the northern border of India form a circular arc some 1,600 miles long (2500 km), which has all the looks of the edge of a compression shock area." https://saturniancosmology.org/dryas.php
  6. Siberia
  7. Cities built on fault lines, near volcanoes, and in tsunami zones.
  8. Venice
  9. Salt Lake
  10. Current world map
  11. Science “Fiction”
  12. Miniature DEWs https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/29/politics/us-investigating-mysterious-directed-energy-attack-white-house/index.html https://www.rt.com/usa/522642-senate-intelligence-havana-syndrome-attacks/

Inductive Proof of a world-wide MudFlood Event

Windows Buried and converted to doors

  1. Doors and Windows that lead nowhere
  2. https://youtu.be/DP0qV2DN3mo?t=292
  3. Very high mud flows in kansas city https://youtu.be/N-c7vfg48sY?t=1090
  4. Very buried spire cathedral in Salt lake City
  5. Brick Buildings before Factories
  6. Only roofs being repaired in photos https://youtu.be/N-c7vfg48sY?t=1829
  7. White house and US Capitol do not appear to have a mud layer
  8. Bosnian Pyramids (and some cathedrals) are still covered in soil and vegetation.

Reset buildings have same architecture between Europe, Asia, and America

  1. https://youtu.be/N-c7vfg48sY?t=1900

Inductive Proof of interplanetary DEW

Testimony of apocalyptic comet

  1. December 16, 1811, Caracas, Venezuela was also destroyed. Find accounts of the many disasters associated with the close passing of a comet at “Travels to the equinoctial regions of America”, chapter 14, by Alexander Von Humboldt, as this was more than seismic activity throughout the central United States but was a global catastrophe.

Cultural testimony

  1. Book of Mormon
    Salt Lake City Temple survived the MudFlood covered very high https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eViJmOFjxN8
    Electric scaring stretches from Grand Canyon to Salt Lake City but the Temple survived centering on Lake Powell
  2. Navajo testimony - Some Navajo traditionalists argue Shiprock is the work of the ‘Star People.’
  3. The Nakba & Palestine
  4. Europeans didn’t reach Palestine until Napoleon 1799
  5. Old Maps of Jerusalem in Istanbul
  6. Wrong orientation. Wrong seas.
  7. Palestine unsuitable for holy city. Was a small village of cuds
  8. David vs Goliath story
  9. Modern biblical narrative invented under Louis XVI
  10. Tsar’s Testimony (not a divine intervention)
  11. Suppressed Pirates of the Pacific
  12. https://listverse.com/2015/09/05/10-brave-and-bloodthirsty-pirates-of-the-pacific/

Return of Slavery

  1. The MAAFA is a Kiswahili term for "terrible occurrence" or "great disaster". It refers to the Black Holocaust when millions of Africans died allegedly during the journey of captivity from the west coast of Africa to the shores of America. This memory may instead be the world war of 1812 and the subsequent return of slavery afterwards. French Race Census became illegal starting FR of 1789. Revolution concepts like universal suffrage, abolition of slavery, and citizenship promoted Afro-French immigration. Thomas-Alexandre Dumas became France’s first black general in 1793.
    Between 1807 and 1860, the Royal Navy's ‘suppression’ Squadron seized thousands of free ships of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and sold them (slavery was banned) to the Portuguese-run TransAtlantic Slave Trade. During this time, the British navy relocated 150,000 Africans from the French empire to the British colony of Sierra Leone to work in Sugar Plantations.
  2. Michael Mann, basing his figures on those provided by Justin McCarthy, states that between 1821 and 1922, a large number of Muslims were expelled from Southeast Europe as Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia declared independence. Mann describes these events as "murderous ethnic cleansing on a stupendous scale not previously seen in Europe".

Negative Lightning scar

MudFlood Evidence: Melted Rocks in Utah
are said to have been caused by millions of years of erosion  
but may instead have been **actually melted** by electric discharge strikes
during the MudFlood Energy Event
  1. Not Intentional
  2. Secondary reaction caused by Lorentz Force
  3. Circular - Negative, Snaking - Positive
  4. Shape of laser
  5. Grand canyon
  6. No fly zone
  7. No history prior to 1776 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Grand_Canyon_area#Spanish
  8. Not appearing on old maps i.e. 1688
  9. Rio Grande dried up 1890
  10. Water was redirected west through Grand Junction creating the ‘Colorado River’
  11. Local population redacted into ‘Sinagua’ (without water) and ‘Hopi’ (obedient). Montezuma’s Castle may be fake, ( which is harder to prove)
  12. TODO: https://youtu.be/ZZB4-JEU-eQ?t=85
  13. Lake Mead
  14. Formed by the Hoover Dam on September 30, 1935
  15. Lake Powell
  16. created 1972, feeds Grand Canyon
  17. Other scaring
  18. Colca & Cotahuasi Canyon, Peru
  19. Fish River Canyon, Namibia
  20. Rain covers up old scars. Desert preservesPositive Lightning Scars
  21. Sand Deserts and Dunes result of negative scaring
  22. from the MudFlood?
  23. Found on Mars
  24. The majority of the sandy shorelines in marine protected areas are eroding, raising cause for serious concern
  25. Waikiki has seen so much erosion that over the past century they have had to import sand. taking sand from the beach is now illegal in Hawaii
  26. Alternate Theories
  27. Old Seabed
  28. weathering bedrock
  29. River rocks
  30. Mesas and Melted Mountains
  31. Yet Shiprock itself, and a number of similar formations are well removed from those volcanic fields, standing alone on the high desert plains. They are attributed to an ancient volcanic complex called the Navajo Volcanic Field but are not surrounded by lava flows, ash deposits, or any other features provably volcanic in origin
  32. Mars mesa and knobs are separated by flat lying lowlands. They are thought to form from ice-facilitated mass wasting processes from ground or atmospheric sources
  33. India Map Changed
  34. River changed direction
  35. No Himilayan Mountains
  36. No Ganges River (3rd largest river on Earth)
  37. Another Map with no Ganges river or Himilayans
  38. Largest rivers no longer end at Gulf of Kutch

Positive Scaring - Colorado Rocky Mountains

  1. Normal mountains formed by ‘arc blast’ planet-sized sonic waves, and have erosion.
  2. Colorado Plateau
  3. Pyramids
  4. derived from the Greek 'pyramis' (cf. 'pyros')
  5. Positive lightning scarring regions
  6. Palestine
  7. Conflicting Maps of Palestine
  8. before 19th century, maps of Jerusalem in Istanbul
  9. Many copies of Giacomo Gastaldi's highly influential map of 1559 shows Jerusalem in Palestine.
  10. Antwerp 1619 showing Jesus, Masada, Jerusalem
  11. Paris in 1707
  12. Napoleon’s troops reported Red Sea was at least 30 feet higher than the Mediterranean and would cause flooding of the nile.
    French wanted to improve shipping ( Statue of Liberty). British wanted to prevent.
    Built by machine, Suez flooded the Nile starting 1869 until 1970.
    Nile is only river flowing north in the world, but it also flows south in Sudan for 200 miles.
  13. Masada - mesa
  14. Also ‘Massah’ means ‘Testing’.
  15. Jerusalem Mudflood - “In recent months remains of an impressive building from the Hasmonean period (second century BCE) are being unearthed in excavations the Israel Antiquities Authority is directing in the Givati parking lot, located in the City of David in the Walls Around Jerusalem National Park. https://www.biblewalks.com/Givati
  16. The older hypothesis is that the Dead Sea lies in a true rift zone, an extension of the Red Sea Rift, or even of the Great Rift Valley of eastern Africa. A more recent hypothesis is that the Dead Sea basin is a consequence of a "step-over" discontinuity along the Dead Sea Transform, creating an extension of the crust with consequent subsidence.
  17. Appears in fake older maps
  18. Melted Buildings
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV6VloeMypk&list=UUIZoTgebXiFVoyqnXyS7GoA&index=31
  20. Melted mortar around bricks - ‘brick drops’
  21. Vitrified fortress of Scotland
  22. https://youtu.be/hV6VloeMypk?list=UUIZoTgebXiFVoyqnXyS7GoA&t=1564
  23. Suomenlinna Fortress of Finland
  24. Asia
  25. No Himilaya Mountains. River used to be different
  26. Great Wall built on positive scars
  27. None of the Europeans who visited China or Mongolia in the 13th and 14th centuries, such as Giovanni da Pian del Carpine, William of Rubruck, Marco Polo, Odoric of Pordenone and Giovanni de' Marignolli, mentioned the Great Wall.
  28. While portions north of Beijing and near tourist centers have been preserved and even extensively renovated, in many other locations the wall is in disrepair. The wall sometimes provided a source of stones to build houses and roads

End of Piracy

  1. European and American piracy ended between 1710 and 1730, but the prosperity of the Barbary pirates continued until the early 19th century.
  2. Asian Pirates in the 18th and 19th century
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zheng_Yi_Sao
  4. No Pacific maps prior to 19th century
  5. Except one german map with no date on it
  6. And Magellan who is fake
  7. Magellanomania is a code word for ‘circumnavigation’.
  8. Crossing the Pirate-owned Pacific Ocean was ‘certain death’ in Magellan’s time 16th century.
  9. https://galkovsky.livejournal.com/60793.html

Continental Changes

  1. Island of California?
  2. North region incognita (Spanish for ‘unknown’)
  3. Break up of Mu
  4. Not a continent, a collection of Pacific Ocean ‘free lands’ that became classified. The British received them only in the middle of the 18th century, after the capture of Manila as part of the Seven Years War.
  5. Expanding Earth model shows huge ocean in Pacific
  6. French Indochina, French Polynesia, and other Pacific “Pirate” Islands may have been targeted by the DEW for being allies with N
  7. lemur fossils being found in both Madagascar and India, but not in Africa or the Middle East
  8. Marshall Islands
  9. sunken ships sent to the bottom of the lagoon by the tests in 1946 and the gigantic Bravo crater. Equivalent to 7,000 times the force of the Hiroshima bomb
  10. Ring of Fire
  11. Caused Secondary Positive Discharge after Primary Pacific Ocean Negative Discharge
  12. Estimated 75 thousand volcanoes larger than half a mile in high in the Pacific Ocean
  13. Over 450 volcanoes — 75% of Earth's volcanoes — are located along the Ring of Fire
  14. Alaska
  15. no map history prior to 1774
  16. 1774 map looks very different
  17. Australia & Zealandia
  18. Incognita
  19. Antarctica
  20. still completely undiscovered and unknown in the middle of the 18th century. Hard to reach
  21. Treaty of Paris
  22. “The actual geography of North America turned out not to match the details used in the treaty”

Processing of earth material

  1. Sky falling paintings
  2. Multiple Sun lasers attacking
  3. Bloodrains

Known Events and dates

  1. 1801 Hualalai eruption http://don-lindsay-archive.org/creation/hawaii.html
  2. 1808-12-4 volcanic winter
  3. 1812 New Madrid Earthquakes
  4. 1815 Tambora eruption 7VEI 92.000 victims locally
  5. 1845 The potato famine in Ireland had sent more than fifty thousand Irish to New York by 1847
  6. 1883 Krakatau 6VEI
  7. 1888 Great Blizzard https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Blizzard_of_1888
  8. 1908 Tunguska electric explosion
  9. 1930 Dust bowl kill 7k people https://www.denverpost.com/2011/05/12/when-deadly-dirt-devastated-the-southern-plains/
  10. 1938 Unknown light phenomenon covers Europe https://www.bluearmy.com/an-unknown-light-in-1938-demands-our-attention-even-today/

Inductive Proof of a Reset Coverup

Ancient technology “SteamPunk”

  1. https://alienstar.net/thousands-of-years-ago-ancient-civilizations-had-batteries-and-electricity/
  2. Moving street walkways
  3. Advanced Balloons https://youtu.be/N-c7vfg48sY?t=1980
  4. Electric cars from 1800 https://youtu.be/N-c7vfg48sY?t=2297
  5. Napoleon’s advanced army
  6. Napoleon’s Airships https://youtu.be/N-c7vfg48sY?t=2197
  7. Moore's Law, QWERTY keyboard

Giant mound cover-up

  1. Giant Doors https://youtu.be/N-c7vfg48sY?t=2826

Orphan Trains

  1. https://youtu.be/DP0qV2DN3mo?t=378
  2. According to the museum’s website, the Orphan Train Movement transported around 250,000 needy, neglected, and orphaned children from New York to other regions of the United States and Canada from 1854 to 1929.
  3. In 1850 the U.S. population was twenty-three million. By 1880 it had more than doubled.
  4. The mid-1800s wasn’t a good time to be a kid in New York City. Mud and excrement puddled in the streets. Children and adults slept in sagging, damp shacks. Dirty homes, dirty roads, dirty clothes, and modern sanitation waited decades away. Only the luckiest of these immigrants escaped, since few businesses paid this first wave of American immigrants—mostly Irish, British, and German—a living wage. From 1854 to 1929, these trains, sponsored either by government funding or sponsorship by wealthy philanthropists, sent roughly 200,000 children to the Midwest (with most to Indiana in the first decade). Applications were accepted from virtually any area except those in slave-owning southern states to preserve the race-based plantation system 30 degrees to the equator.
    One veteran of the orphan train, a Missouri Orphan Train veteran described her foster parents in clear terms: “They weren’t mean, they were cold, and they showed no feeling toward me. When I was 15 or 16 I decided I’d live in a garbage can before I’d stay there any longer.”
    200,000 Kids Rode the Orphan Train

Resettable cities across the planet today

  1. Victorian-style Architecture may be influenced by the need to protect from the possibility of a future Mudflood event after 1830.


  1. The Renaissance
  2. “rediscovery” of classical philosophy, literature and art.
  3. The Jesuits attempt to rewrite history

Other clues

  1. Lack of Dates in the Bible
  2. Red Skin Indians
  3. Pacific Ocean Name (vs Atlantic)
  4. Johnny appleseed

Modern Predictive Programming

  1. Flash gordon
  2. Simpsons
  3. SouthPark
  4. War of the Worlds
  5. Star wars
  6. James bond
  7. Final Fantasy (movie & games)

Dinosaur bones & Carbon Dating deception

“Advanced” usury technology

Will there be another MF?


Alternate Theories

  1. Hydraulic mining
  2. Unrelated Disasters
  3. Dust Bowl (cover up)
  4. Tunguska Event
  5. Other Energetic Event that's not caused by a DEW
  6. Meteor Strikes
  7. Great Blizzard of 1888
  8. Nuclear war
  9. Buildings damaged to make new buildings
  10. Great Wall of China
  11. Colosseum of Rome,Italy

Hypothesis Checklist

  1. Falsifiability - Hypothesis is wrong if
  2. Another energy source to explain the movement of mud
  3. Another explanation for MudFlood buildings
  4. A collection of unrelated disasters can explain the MudFlood
  5. Another explanation for Melted Buildings and fortresses found world-wide
  6. Napoleon legitimately failed to invade Moscow in 1812
  7. Life on Mars can be disproven
  8. If recently created locations like Australia, Israel, China, India, or the Grand Canyon have a history before 1776/1812
  9. Parsimony “Occam’s Razor” - Hypothesis excessive if
  10. A simpler explanation for - MudFlood / melted buildings, the added grand canyon or break up of Mu continent, and the reset of civilization - than a space laser on Mars targeting geo-political enemies on Earth.
  11. Scope & Fruitfulness
  12. By limiting the scope of this event to our solar system affairs, we can predict that this event is not repeatable and will never happen again
  13. Conservatism
  14. The conclusion of this hypothesis does not “fit” with any modern knowledge-systems, and instead suggests that academia as we know it is little more than an elaborate system of control meant to obfuscate any and all truth.


Predictive Programming in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Hayao Miyazaki's #1 best anime features a post-mudflood apocalyptic world, poisoned topsoil world-wide, a prophecy of a saviour and "promised" land after wandering in the desert, and Earth destroyed by human made weapon. This is yet another example of Revelation-Of-The-Method predictive programming driven by a MudFlood narrative and thus providing many clues as to the unredacted true story behind it.

Other Dates

MudFlood Event Redacted Dates: 
    1801 Hualalai eruption http://don-lindsay-archive.org/creation/hawaii.html
    1808-12-4 volcanic winter
    1812 New Madrid Earthquakes
    1815 Tambora eruption 7VEI 92.000 victims locally
    1883 Krakatau 6VEI
    1888 Great Blizzard https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Blizzard_of_1888
    1908 Tunguska electric explosion
    1917 Halifax Explosion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halifax_Explosion
    1938 Unknown light phenomenon covers Europe https://www.bluearmy.com/an-unknown-light-in-1938-demands-our-attention-even-today/

Controlled Opposition Agents

MudFlood Controlled Opposition Deep Fake by
KorbenDallas from StolenHistory.net

Controlled Opposition agent KorbenDallas deliberately misled MudFlood investigators by claiming engravings by
G. Piranesi illustrate a 'Pre-MudFlooded' view of the Russian Winter Palace when compared to modern photos of the same
However, the featured engraving shows the Konstantin Palace from the rear, not the Winter Palace from the front.
This example of Revelation of the Method promotes discreditation of MudFlood Research as the StolenHistory.net
thread is purposefully and perpetually net-boosted and designed to be easily debunked.

For years now, the MudFlood topic has been dominated by controlled opposition agents like the admins at stolenhistory.org or Flat-Earthers like Philipp Druzhinin. You’ll find that when approaching the actual truth of any conspiracy theory, you will encounter a series of corporate-funded gate-keepers attempting to lure you off the path of your investigation - and into controlled opposition conclusions; New Age movements like 5D, Flat Earth, Fetus-looking Ancient Aliens, or invisible Gods. Keep an open mind, Inspector - and happy investigating!

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