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QAnon is Controlled Opposition

Note: This investigation is **a work in progress**. Check back soon for more updates!

Most people are quickly gathering that QAnon was a (unsuccessful) controlled opposition project. But what about the rest? Assange, Snowden, Manning, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell? Were any of them real? Nope! Were they all highly-promoted by the media when normally such people are black-listed? Yes they were. That's the give-away.

Controlled Opposition - Your Friend Might Be Your Enemy - Truth

Truth Fears No Investigation – Let’s Investigate!

Controlled Opposition - What Is it?

"Controlled Opposition is a Protest Movement, Opposing or Dissenting Voice that is actually being led and controlled by the Government.

"Throughout history almost all Governments have used this technique to trick, subdue and divert attention away from the actual opposition - aided and abetted by the same complicit mainstream media that funded the political campaign of the elected official whilst also managing and controlling his/her public perception - wake up!

"It's primary goals are to dominate, lead and control the 'opposing narrative' and divert the publics attention away from the facts i.e. it is not opposition in any way, shape or form - it is manufactured opposition designed to look like real/true opposition.

"The deeper that you dive down the rabbit hole the closer you will be to realising that you have been programmed since birth - it's a very harsh reality, but it is true!

COINTELPRO (a portmanteau derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram) was a series of covert, and at times illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting domestic political organizations.

Insights into Controlled Opposition






“Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.”
― Santosh Kalwar

Controlled Opposition: Alice in Conspiracy Land If It Sounds Too Good To Be True--It Is.

by Geri Roberts

I'm going to tell you a story. It is absolutely true but of course you have no way of knowing that for sure; and that is a good way to think about what you read and hear--trust no one. Sprinkle it all with a huge helping of salt. Run everything through your own inner Truth Detector but be willing to change your mind later on.

This is the story: When I had been married for twenty years, I felt very secure and smug. My husband and I had been saving money all those years, doing without many luxuries, to put money into our investment property and savings accounts for our retirement and our son's education. My credit rating was golden. I commuted two hours a day for the best paying job, often working yet another job on the weekends. I would look at the homeless people in downtown Philadelphia and feel superior. They were obviously lazy, weak, stupid junkies or alcoholics and deserved to be sitting on the cold pavement in the pouring rain.. How dare they ask me for money!. They were probably not even homeless; just pretending to be to cheat do-gooders out of their hard earned cash.

And then, fifteen years ago I found out that my entire life was a lie. My husband had another wife and children (no, we are not Mormons). There were no savings accounts; the money I had given him to be tucked away had been spent on them. They had been living rent free in our investment property for years supported largely by my salary. We had nothing. I got divorced. I thought my situation couldn't get any worse. Then my job was outsourced to India and I went through bankruptcy and my house was foreclosed on. .

The only reason I didn't end up sitting on the cold pavement in the pouring rain was a family member who took me in and my in-laws who helped me and my son out financially. Today when I walk through the city I try to keep a few dollars handy to give to people who say they need it. I don't care if they do spend the money on drugs or alcohol. I have learned not to begrudge people anything that helps them get through the day..

That is how I Woke Up to how the world really is. I realize that what had happened to me was, to a fairly significant degree, my own fault. I had taken the easy road and trusted people because I had been weak, lazy and stupid. Neighbors and even my in-laws and son had tried to warn me that something was going on but I refused to listen. I just laughed and kept on trusting because it was easier. I never bothered to look both ways and was totally unprepared for the truck that ran me over.

After all this happened, I wandered into Conspiracy Land. Many people who have had the deck of their ship blown out from under them tend to do that. We have found out how unreliable our old reality was and we search frantically for a new reality. And Conspiracy Land was enthralling. There were lots of people around to tell me what to believe and what not to believe; to give me ready answers to any questions I could think of.. I was like Alice in Wonderland looking to the Cheshire Cat up in the tree to tell her what was going on. I was strolling down the easy road once again and not looking both ways.

I loved David Icke. He helped me look at things from a spiritual view point. I read all his books and watched all his videos. They made me feel good about myself again and I needed that. Life was beautiful again; for a while. Then I began to notice that Icke said the same things over and over. Pages of his books were interchangeable. The things he said were true but I kept finding all sorts of topics he never addressed. His films appeared on mainstream channels and were as slick and as glossy as the Marvel movies. I was reminded of my marriage, back when all I heard from my husband were the reassuring things I wanted to hear.. The Cheshire Cat smiled a lot but there was nothing behind the grin. . .

And thus I made the acquaintance of an insidious phenomenon called "Controlled Opposition." Basically, it is another trap put in place by the Nefarious Elite to keep people who start to Wake Up stumbling around in circles inside Conspiracy Land without discovering anything of importance. In fact, Conspiracy Land was actually built by the Nefarious Elite themselves. But that doesn't mean it can't be useful. We just have to be careful who we talk to and remember that nobody is what they seem. Investigate all; believe none. .. .

Certain ideas will pop up over and over in different places and talked up by different people. This can be a clue that the idea is planted for us to find and think we've discovered. At first glance these ideas might make sense but some deep thinking reveals the nonsense. One idea that I chewed over for a long time before spitting it out was the theory that the Nefarious Elite adhere to a karmic belief that prevents them from killing. They can trick or hire others to kill for them but must never be responsible for the deed themselves. But there is evidence that the Nefarious Elite kill each other, including their own families, all the time so why in the name of the nine nether hells would they hesitate to rub a few of us out? They just want us to believe that they practice some kind of ethics and they probably find that theory absolutely hilarious, in my opinion. I could be wrong, and I wish I were.

It is also believed that this karmic belief forces the Nefarious Elite to give us warning with things like the Georgia Guidestones of whatever atrocity they say they are preparing for us.. They don't have to do anything of the sort. They just enjoy terrorizing us and making us feel helpless.

An offshoot of this theory is that the Nefarious Elite will go to great lengths to stage events and pretend to kill people instead of actually doing so. Now, I believe this does happen many, many times when it is easier to pretend people are killed than to actually have to clean up the mess. And it adds to the amusement factor to trick us into a display of grief and dismay. There are countless examples of fake bombings and staged mass shootings. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people who are supposed to have died from the faux virus.

There is a well known podcaster who firmly believes that nobody has died in any event. That they have ALL been staged, including the JFK assassination and the Manson killings. I am open to this possibility. There ARE aspects of the JFK murder that are suspicious--the dramatic tableaus of Mrs. Kennedy in her blood stained dress, John-John's salute, the plethora of red herrings and death bed confessions, etc. And even more in the Manson brouhaha. .

But I remember the JFK assassination and Manson murders very well and I can assure you that IT DOES'T MATTER one iota whether or not they were real or staged. The effects of these happenings are indisputable. Sinister forces were used to hijack the minds of the American people for sinister purposes.. Quibbling over whether or not the blood and gore were real misses a vital point and shows a great concern to be proved smarter than the rest of us folks. Our reality is indeed a construct but an unbelievably complicated one. Deciding that everything in it is fake is as blind as deciding that everything in it is real.

Accepting the presence of Controlled Opposition does not mean we should stop asking questions. We can always be fooled but it becomes easier to spot trickery as we read and understand more about it. Some of these people genuinely believe what they tell us and don't realize they are being used. And many of them might not exist at all and are totally made up. .

A good rule of thumb that I try to remember is: If it seems too good to be true, it always is. Invariably and without fail. This includes everything from Space Brothers coming in ships to take us off of Earth to QAnon telling us to believe in the Plan.

And anything in the mainstream media that tugs at our emotions of joy, hope, sorrow or fear is being used to manipulate us into believing some lie and should be considered calmly and objectively. Which is never easy to do. It becomes discouraging to realize that just when we think we have an answer, it turns into another question.

When we start to Wake Up, the world doesn't change. Our perception of it changes. When I lived in a nice house in the suburbs I would have considered the place I live now to be a slum. Now I consider it home and I am grateful to have it. During our lifetime we learn to see not just the ugly things around us but the beautiful things we were blind to previously. Waking Up is a continuing, life time process that continues until our death. And death is not falling asleep, as we have been told all our lives. It is actually Waking Up into our real selves in the real world.












Check this out => Sa[Samsung]toshi[Toshiba] Naka[Nakamichi]moto[Motorola]. ..it could mean bitcoin was designed by the corporations and traces back to them. they played us, but then, the plans were in the scifi books all along, weren't they.


Suppressed Tech Chat:
























Riding the Bus With Bigfoot

                       by Geri Roberts

"She's got photos, Barbara".

"Adam, you had a photo of Bigfoot".

"My photo of Bigfoot is a different story."

                          Beetlejuice (movie) 1988

I have to begin this article with a picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle I noticed around the time of their engagement. The two were standing up on some kind of platform or porch, smiling and looking down upon a crowd of admirers. I usually try to avoid the sight of Harry and Meghan, but this photo immediately caught my attention because none of these people were looking up at the happy couple (who, by the way, did not look very happy). I noticed that every single person standing in front of Harry and Meghan had their head bent and their eyes cast down.

I was puzzled. "What in the world are they all doing?" I wondered. "Praying to the Royals?"

Because that was exactly what it looked like. Then I realized what was going on. The crowd was taking pictures of the happy couple with their cellphones rather than staring up at them with their own two eyes.

It used to be different. We used to smile and wave at celebrities and call to them in an effort to make contact, attract their attention and make them look directly at us. Taking a photograph was a secondary concern unless you were a professional photographer. We had lots of photos of celebrities on paper in magazines and newspapers. What we wanted back then was personal contact, even just our eyes meeting for a moment. We wanted a relic they had touched that we could touch in turn--a prop from their latest movie or their signature on a piece of paper. Some evidence that they were real.

What does this new ritual of silent and subdued worship of the Nefarious Elite mean? Does it mean anything? Yes, I think it does. And it involves, of all things, Big Foot and what he has been trying to tell me for a long time now, ever since I rode the bus to work.

From 1990 until my retirement in 2010, twenty years of my life were spent riding buses between southern New Jersey and Center City Philadelphia. This involved an hour each way, out of the suburbs, across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, through the tollbooths, into the city in the morning and back again in the afternoon. Over and over the same buildings and streets passed the bus windows, baking in the sun, peering out from beneath a blanket of dirty snow or glistening with rain.

My favorite bus was the one I caught in the dark at 5 o'clock in the morning. It was a local and took an extra half hour longer as it stopped in every small town along the way, crowded with working folk like myself. Passengers often fell asleep but the driver and fellow travelers usually knew everybody's stops and woke them up in time for them to get off. I felt part of a human community and appreciated the extra time it gave me to read and be by myself.

Craving distraction from the monotony, I decided to lug aboard a supply of books on various esoteric topics to occupy my mind. The farther out from every day reality the books took me, the better. This led directly to my mushrooming fascination with ufology, global conspiracy theories and Fortean phenomena.

Ufology immediately emerged as my greatest obsession, at first fueled almost entirely by Whitley Strieber's Communion books. I moved from reading about the topic of UFOs during my commute to pondering and writing about it throughout the day whenever I had a spare moment. UFOs, via Strieber's busy pen, were telling me something important, I became convinced. I was sure that if I read enough, I would discover the answer to a question I didn't even know how to ask.

Strieber's books, the "nonfiction" ones in his Communion saga, enthralled me for quite a while. Enthralled is the right word. The archaic definition of enthrall is "to enslave." You see, this was more than mere interest. I couldn't STOP reading them.

Strieber is an adept writer. I believe his books are embedded with hooks baited with attractive ideas from science fiction, which I had been devouring avidly since childhood. These are ideas primed by the works of Gene Roddenberry, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke (to name just a few). Strieber subtly promised to reveal cosmic secrets to me. I would be one of the chosen few to whom these secrets would be revealed if I just kept reading and trusting the veracity of his experiences. Eventually he would tell me what the aliens (whom he called the "Visitors") actually were and what they wanted and prove to me that they existed outside of his imagination.

A deep sense of loneliness wells up through Strieber's writing and that greatly appealed to me. I identified with his yearning for some kind of completion that only the Visitors could provide and his fellow humans could not. As I read about the mysteries of his childhood, I decided that my own unhappy childhood must contain a hidden contact with something. I too must have suffered trauma in my early years--but at whose hands?

I investigated my own childhood by talking to my older sister. She was my only source of information as my parents were dead and, before his own death, my alcoholic father had managed to alienate the few friends and relatives my family had to begin with. So my sister and I were left pretty much alone in the world. I therefore had to rely on our own memories.

My sister, Anna, remembered that when I was approximately three or four, I would constantly get up in the middle of the night and wander through the house, mechanically performing actions like opening and shutting doors and flushing the toilet over and over without really waking up. I never knew about this and it was interesting but, no matter hard I tried, I was unable to find any evidence of physical abuse or other worldly contact associated with it.

I slowly became disillusioned with Strieber. I noticed that his books led to the same familiar cul de sac. Each book uncovered memories of contact with sinister entities but, in the end, the evidence was--aw, shucks!-- just not there after all. But it might be in the next book. In addition, his hyper-emotionalism started to become wearing, even annoying.

In later years as I read Jasun Horsley's books, I was a bit shocked but, on reflection, not truly surprised when he pointed out that Strieber, along with other writers I admired such as Carlos Castaneda and Peter Levenda, had links to various government think tanks and intelligence agencies. I am discovering that more and more of the books I devoured aboard the bus possess such a background. I have to wonder how much of my world view has been scenery painted and propped up by those sources.

I don't believe that Strieber is lying about his adventures with the Visitors. During my years on the bus I came to understand that I was raised in a literal minded society where everything must be either true or false, fact or fiction. Strieber's books are all of the above.

Strieber seems to believe he is telling the truth and to a significant degree he might very well be, but it is a truth buried under accretions of pain and distortion. Something or someone has primed an engine inside him that allows him no peace or healing. He is a conduit for a message that spiritual enlightenment comes only with suffering and abuse, both physical and mental.

The writer and mystic Jane Roberts says that our minds all possess neatly painted and well tended front doors that look out onto the world. Usually this is the only door of which we are aware. But we can remember a secret back door from our childhoods, a "magic entrance" through which strange messages are delivered. This neglected back door is the liminal space that joins us to the otherworld from which we came and to which we will return, that we are invited to open during our lifetimes here.

I cannot put it any better than did Patrick Harpur in A Complete Guide to the Soul:

"What you knew in your childhood is true; the Otherworld of magic and enchantment is real, sometimes terribly real - and certainly more real than the factual reality which our culture has built up, brick by brick, to shut out colour and light and prevent us from flying."

This liminal space in Strieber's mind has been violently battered open by someone or something. His experiences with the Visitors have become his raison d'etre and he is forever compelled to cram them into an objective reality, much like Cinderella's Wicked Stepsister slicing off part of her foot to make it fit the glass slipper. I have sympathy for Strieber's suffering but disagree with his belief that only our suffering will open the door to that Otherworld.

For a long time Conspiracy theories became my driving interest. In his book Twilight Language, Michael Hoffman claims that this type of literature is in a sense addictive, that it whets our appetite for greater stimulation, more and more salacious revelation without a breathing space for any thought or research.

"Many of the people stewed in morbid conspiracy theory suffer the effects of the mental contagion they imagine they are decoding. The Process ends when the nervous system becomes too anesthetized and stupefied to experience further stimulation."(Hoffman p. 25)

I have to agree. Now I realize that I enjoyed the almost prurient excitement of looking up the skirts of the Nefarious Elite without wondering very much about what lurked under my own skirts. I was a lazy and shallow reader who never examined references or took notes for a deeper study that would help me see the rickety floorboards beneath my heedless feet. I was only interested in the next thrill ride. Like the UFO phenomenon (to which is it related) Conspiracy Land contains truth but all too often a heavily distorted truth designed to serve some hidden agenda.

Fortunately writers like John Keel and Jacques Vallee slowed down my headlong rush into the growing conspiracy and alien abduction fields of literature. The UFO phenomena, whatever it is, has been here among us humans for a long, long time and involves more than spaceships and aliens. I realized that before I received any answers, I needed to go back and decide what questions I wanted to ask.

So I went back into books on folklore, psychology and mythology, all the fields I had ignored because they required thought and work to understand. I took notes and kept a reading journal. I dragged a dictionary around with me and looked up words I wasn't sure of and wrote down the titles of books I needed to read for myself. I stopped (almost) buying clothes and going on vacation and out to dinner. Instead I used my extra money to buy those books and to send away for copies of articles and research papers.

For a long time I ignored the field of cryptozoology. It was all so silly. Who could seriously believe that dinosaurs lived in lakes, giant cats stalked the English countryside and a species of hairy, smelly ape men haunted North American forests?

There was an immediacy and genuineness to encounters with Big Foot and his ilk that Strieber's polished writing lacks. I knew instinctively that these encounters had something to tell me. Gradually my I began to pull my head out of the true/false snare that had held me captive since my school years.

Big Foot demands our undivided, complete attention. With glowing eyes, he comes marching out of a flying saucer and parades around someone's backyard. He is even seen piloting a flying saucer. He jumps in front of speeding cars. He hides in the woods around our campsites and cries like a baby, hoots like an owl and gibbers in an untranslatable language. He tries to snatch our beloved children and pets from us. He steals a basket of vegetables from someone's porch and in its place leaves a gift of a headless mouse carefully wrapped in a leaf.

Big Foot displays a disturbing interest in human reproduction, spying on teenagers in lovers' lanes and accosting menstruating women. He hangs upside down from a trailer home roof to peer through the window at a woman as she undresses. He has been seen throughout the world in the company of the spectral, bride-like Woman-in-White.

Big Foot is as terrifying as King Kong on a rampage and as goofy as the Three Stooges. Why is he doing all this this? What does he want from us?

During my last few years on the bus I read and read while I scribbled in my notebooks, intently following bibliographic bread crumbs. I did this right up to the last bus trip I took on the day I retired eleven years ago. On that day Big Foot's appearances, along with the entire UFO book of riddles, were still a total mystery to me. And it all remained an undecipherable puzzle until that day in 2019 when I first saw that picture of Harry and Meghan and, just like that, I solved it.

Before I tell you the answer I came up with, I have to tell you that it is my answer and no one else's. It belongs only to me because the UFO phenomenon talks to each of us personally. No bulk mailings will ever arrive at that liminal backdoor in our mind; only revelations meant only for us.

Here is what Big Foot was saying to me:


Big Foot is just one of the forms that our Daimon assumes, the guardian who stands at the threshold of our liminal space, who serves as interpreter and intermediary between us and the Creator. Our Daimon is the psychopomp ready to lead us where we need to go and will wait patiently at that backdoor in our head until we are ready to let it in. As the fascination of the UFO mystery catches us up, our Daimon will morph into the form that most appeals to us. Mothmen, angels, five foot tall owls, giant black panthers, Men in Black and Black-Eyed Children and leprechauns are all various disguises worn by the same force.

Big Foot simply wanted me to put down the books, forget the cellphone, take off the headphones, turn my back to my email inbox and Facebook, and use my eyes and ears to look at and listen to my fellow humans. He wanted me to look past all that pretty painted stage scenery and see what was really there.

And I discovered that to look at Big Foot was to look at myself. And I did not like what I saw.

I realized that I spent all those extra hours and endless years sitting in a bus riding in circles on rubber wheels on a cement highway, hoarding time when I should have been less miserly with it. I now regret the time I didn't spend outside in the yard with my son, talking to my friends and co-workers or watching the squirrels and blue jays up in the trees outside my suburban house when I had a suburban house.

In Prisoner of Infinity Jasun Horsly says "Simply stated, to understand the UFO, it is necessary to understand ourselves." To that, I can only say "Amen."

The natural world and the people in it are rapidly losing one another; not to technology, but to a belief in technology. We believe what the voice of a machine tells us rather than looking around with our own eyes and listening to one another with our own ears.

I admit I am afraid to lose my modern way of life--my computer, refrigerator, hot water and flush toilet. I don't want to go ALL THE WAY back to nature. But I think we are encouraged to buy into the idea that we must choose between our technologic comforts and a life in harmony with the natural world, that the two are incompatible. We find ourselves trapped inside the box instead of thinking creatively outside it, outside the true/false paradigm.

Each of us are descended from people who lived as part of the Earth. Not just on top of the Earth, but with it, both physically and spiritually. Anthropologists and archaeologists can attempt to reconstruct the lives of our ancestors, but in reality they have no idea how people actually lived thousands, or even hundreds, of years ago. We have been convinced by the scientists that it is impossible to live in physical and spiritual comfort close to the Earth without the technology they give us.

But there is a growing evidence that in the past people might have done just that--that civilizations might have once existed on Earth with access to a technology that made lives easier but that did not invade our privacy, reduce us to wage slaves or rob us of our human dignity and inherent power.

For centuries we humans have been removed from our traditional lands through force, economic pressure, the violence of war or outright trickery. Now that we have left it, the Earth is wracked by lethal storms, plagues and epidemics, floods and fires of mysterious origins. Perhaps the UFO phenomenon, in all its many guises, is simply the Earth looking for us, asking where we went, just as Ceres searches everywhere for her lost child. We may never be able to return to our ancestral lands or even know where they were originally located on the Earth, but we should remember that we can always return to one another.

Big Foot and his relatives tell us over and over that evidence of their reality will never be obtained with our technology. In The Trickster and the Paranormal George Hansen discusses the traps that lie in wait for those searching for such evidence. Photographs will be blurred or reveal fakery, physical specimens will vanish from locked safes, phones and tape recorders will malfunction. The human mind will even be affected and groups of people who have cooperated willingly in the hunt for this evidence will suddenly quarrel and sabotage one another when they think they are close to obtaining it.

As for the thought that I might have been the victim of some kind of physical abuse as a child--that might be possible. I know for a fact that I had experienced mental abuse from an early age. But I've given up all desire to dig any deeper into the unhappiness of my past. I can't change the past but perhaps I can prevent it from poisoning the future.

I keep thinking of a sign an office manager used to keep on his desk:

"When you're up to your ass in alligators, it's difficult to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp."

I know that I will die with my swamp undrained, but that's okay. Right now I just want the alligators to leave me in peace for a while. I've been trying my best these past couple of years to do as Big Foot demands and LOOK around me. I've lost my lawn full of trees and wildlife but I now grow flowers in my tiny cement covered backyard in the city and, weather permitting, I hang up laundry instead of using the clothes dryer. I talk with my neighbors as they sit on their front steps--something I never had time to do in the suburbs. I write letters to my friends with pen and paper using snail mail instead of email which is becoming a quaint but fun new activity for us.

I still read about a wide variety of topics, but not obsessively. I've started a dream journal in the hope that strange messages will appear in my liminal space from that myusterious Otherworld.

When I looked back through my dream journal recently, I was surprised to note that I still ride the bus to and from Philadelphia in my sleep. My dreams often feature an eerily glowing city in which the historic hospital (the oldest in the United States) where I used to work has morphed into a looming glass walled tower that climbs far up into a night sky. Or sometimes I find myself in an unfamiliar Philadelphia full of trees and gardens with cushioned seats, populated by friendly people in old fashioned clothes. Other times I desperately run through dark streets chasing a bus I keep missing.

I always wake up before I catch it, but I'm sure I'll be able to board it eventually, and it will take me home.


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Examples of Controlled Opposition

Does Assange, or those who care about his interests, know he is part of chambers working for the U.S. government?

Examples of Controlled Opposition

"I am going to go out on a limb here as some, or many of the names on this list are going to suprise, and challenge some people - nonetheless please allow me to add some context. I encourage you to do further research and to keep asking questions."

Communism & Stalin

Who funded Marx? Who was behind the Bolshevik Revolution? What groups did Stalin target and kill? What group did Stalin not touch? The West always needs a bogey-man and a threat. Once it was Communism, today it is terrorists of any kind.

China & Mao

Communism was funded by the West (see 1). Mao Zedong got his start as editor of the Yale China Association Student magazine re-focusing it on 'thought reorientation,' and operated a bookshop out of its medical college. (source: Wikipedia)

Al-Qaeda & ISIS

Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA to fight a US proxy war against the USSR in Afghanistan. The program went underground ( black) after the war ended. ISIS is essentially Al-Qaeda re-branded.

Wikileaks & Assange

"I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud." What about the Bilderberg conference? "That is vaguely conspiratorial, in a networking sense. We have published their meeting notes." - Julian Assange, Belfast Telegraph ( source below). Assange doesn't talk about western state sponsored terror and while he has talked about banks he hasn't attacked the central banks, BIS or World Bank.

Edward Snowden

He told us that the NSA spies us - didn't we already know this? Snowden doesn't talk about, or release documents on western state sponsored terror, illegal wars and occupations, torture, 9/11 or even a corrupt politican or banker - if he did have top-level clearance he should have been able to find some evidence. The US Gov't even allowed his pole-dancing fiance to fly to Russia and marry him.

Donald Trump

My take on the Great Reset we're currently in. This isn't the first Reset caused by the Deep State. First Great Reset was the Ottoman invasion of Europe 1492. With a pandemic as cover Christians were wiped out or fled to America. Next Great Reset was possibly the Reformation 1516, Christian Cathars (from Russia) were catherized in fire. After that the next Great Reset was the defeat of Napoleon in World War Zero 1812. Anyone not catholic, copy-catholic (protestant), or otherwise converted to monotheism was slaughtered leading to orphan trains. 1912 sinking of the Titanic triggered yet another Great Reset with a world war and a pandemic. Just like 1812, 1912 had a 40 year genocide follow it called the Great Depression (120 million Americans) the Holodomor (66 million euroasian Christians) and other genocides, and more orphan trains. 1812 and 1912 gave the Deep State a roadmap of how to do another reset around 2012. If you still don't think the 'Great Reset' is a real thing, you aren't aware of what was said at DAVOS June 2020.

George W Bush was taken out on 9-11-2001 if you hadn't noticed. All appearances after that date were staged. Today he appears quite brain-dead. Obama was then scheduled to win to enable the race war as race would be blamed for 8 years of economic/human rights deterioration. Hillary was supposed to beat Trump in 2016 to enable a gender war and start the pandemic. After 4 years of poverty and death, Trump was supposed to beat Hillary in 2020 to 'put a man in charge', and then oversee another 4 years of America's destruction. We would then be back on the Agenda 2030 schedule and ready for a New World Order government to supplant our Federal and State.

So the Deep State was planning a Great Reset on Feb 14th 2016 (Valentines day, bummer...) under the cover of war and another pandemic. The 9/11 COUP of the United States Government triggered 2 new wars and the rise of ISIS. Pressure on Russia triggered another in 2008, 2014, and 2022. After Crimea, the Russian intel community began a defensive campaign informing the world on the CCP planned zombie virus and 5G rollout, jadeHELM (Homeland Elimination of Local Militia) 2015 invasion of Texas, and other ways our government has been hijacked since 9/11. Our US Generals finally took it seriously and plan was formulated to save our country.

The Great Reset was then executed prematurely by the US Army and their candidate, Trump, which is why we're seeing it fail completely. The "Trump Plan" as executed has been 100% successful, regardless of what the controlled opposition agents like qanon or Mike (Pillow) Lindell have to say. Under Trump the US Army was rebuilt, has avoided WW3, defeated ISIS caliphate which covered 17,520 square miles in 2017 (everyone forgot), exposed the Federal Government a.k.a. Deep State, and saved America. Trump is not running again - he is a Deep State Creation that turned on it's creator. Happens all the time. Hitler. Napoleon. We can't ever elect anyone like that again. Vote Ron DeSantis in 24 (or Marjorie Taylor Greene). From here on out Trump will do whatever he needs to do to take the Deep State down with his personal sinking ship. That was the plan, and he was happy to do it.

Bernie Sanders

His campaign was sabotaged by the DNC and manipulated by the super delegates and Bernie didn't speak up about it and demand change. He played his role becasue his job was simply to ensure that Hillary won the nomination. He was also used to open up the debate about socialism which is where the US and world is headed (see point 1 about Communism).

Alex Jones

Alex talks a lot of truth and he has woken a lot of people up but there are topics that he won't touch that I am not prepared to go into at this stage other than to suggest that you research who Stalin didn't target and kill (point 1). Alex often loses it, watch his rant with Piers Morgan on CNN. These rants are intended to make him come across as crazy and he saved it for CNN so that the masses that saw it will more easily dismiss him as a looney.

ALL Mainstream Media and Hollywood

They all spread lies, there is no such this as true investigative journalism. 90% of US citizens get their news from 6 media companies. Hollywood movies pre-program the masses.

Musicians, Actors & Celebrities

Research Aleister Crowley and the role that the Illuminati and Occult plays in music and movies etc.

RT News

RT lobbies for cultural Marxist progression, UN Agenda 21 and global warming propaganda. Larry King now works for RT after working for many years with CNN. Max Keiser also comes across as a little crazy at times, just like Alex Jones does. Watch the video below of Max Keiser doing an interview with Alex Jones in a car (under sources).

Almost All Alternative MediaRussell Brand, Jesse Ventura etc

Paid actors and clowns. I can't even be bothered wasting energy on them, it's so obvious.

Almost All Alternative Media

The bigger and more popular the alternative media organisation is the more it is controlled opposition. They speak a lot of truth but once again, there are some topics that just won't touch.

And so many more - most of we are told is a Big, Fat Fabricated Lie!

Don't Believe Me? I Encourage You to Do Your Own Research!

Communism by the Backdoor (Part 1 of 21) - Watch the Full Series

Hillary Clinton Admits that the US Gov't Created Al-Qaeda = Controlled Opposition

Obama Admits that the US Gov't Trained & Funded ISIL/ISIS = Controlled Opposition

Edward Snowden = Controlled Opposition

The Gov't Wants Us to Rise-up and Wake-Up - That Gives Them a Reason & Cause to Take Our Guns Away and Implement Martial Law - You Know This Because They Want You To Know It and They are Using their Controlled Opposition Agents to Do It!