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Harry Potter and The Carnivals of Life and Death: A Tribute to James Shelby Downard

"Well, Harry's got a wonky sort of cross -- that's trials and suffering. But this here could be the sun -- that's happiness. So... you're going to suffer but you're going to be happy about it." —Ron Weasley reading Harry Potter's tea leaves in The Prisoner of Azkhaban

I grew up in the United States during the fifties and sixties when movies and television shows began a mission to shape our view of the world around us, past, present and even the future . The Old West was tamed by brave lawmen. Perry Mason administered justice to rich and poor alike and he made sure the guilty, and, not the innocent, were always punished. The crew of the Star Ship Enterprise promised a world free of injustice and want. Doctors and nurses cared for the sick until they dropped from exhaustion and never expected payment. By the way, doctors smoked inside hospitals, often right before a cigarette commercial. As Dave Barry says: "I'm not making this up."

As an adult I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome/hyperlexia, which could have explained the rapt, beady eyed attention I gave to my favorite shows and actors as a child. Everything the press said about them I read obsessively and believed totally. I perused forbidden issues of "Movieland" and "Sixteen" magazines (my father threw out any movie magazines and comic books he found in the house--at the time I couldn't understand why).

John Dee studied the stars in the sky no more diligently than we Americans studied Hollywood stars. Yes, there is a reason MGM came up with that little conceit and I slowly came to some understanding of that. Yet, the more disillusioned I became with movies and television, the greater my fascination. We were all being tricked. But how? And why? Was money the only engine driving this glittering behemoth that filled our world with heart rending beauty and ugliness?

As a grownup, I kept a supply of random library books to fill the time spent on the buses and trains to work. Some seemed silly distractions and I read them for amusement. David Icke and Reptilian Shapeshifters? David Hoffman and Twilight Language and an alchemical plot to transform the human race? And that kook James Shelby Downard with his secret cabal ruling the world? Russian mathematician. Anatoly Fomenko and the New Chronology that totally turned history on its head? Whitley Strieber and his UFO's and alien abductions? Give me a break! Why were they writing science fiction and fantasy all the while pretending it was real? Hucksters! Madmen! People who believed this nonsense were deluded and pathetic.

I read them all. I read and read for many years.. Somebody was lying about the very foundation of reality. Suddenly I was determined to find out who, and why.. I discovered that the people on television and in magazines who told me these "conspiracy theorists" were crazy had never read the actual material that they were deriding. And I had and, you know, what? The more I found out about the world, the more sense those "crazy" people made.

That is how I fell down the "conspiracy rabbit hole" (as the mainstream calls the Quest for Truth).

I kept reading, but now it was serious. I took notes. I researched references. I spent more on books than on food and clothes. This was life and death, I needed to find out what was behind this construct called reality. . I studied writers I had previously dismissed as total wackadoodles; people such as Jay Dyer, Henshaw & Freeman and Thomas Sheridan. I now understood that I had been the "wackadoodle" for trusting in the brick and mortar towers and shiny surfaces around me.

David McGowan and Peter Levenda ripped the pretty wrapping off my beloved Hollywood. Inside I found links to ritual murder, pedophilia and, black magic . But, you know what, I still have deep feelings for Tinsel Town and the escape pod it provided during the misery of my childhood. Knowing that our culture is created and did not grow naturally fascinated me. Who was the Wizard hiding behind that deceitful curtain of Hollywood? And what was he doing in there?

There seem to be no answers to all this searching; only more questions. But questions can be revealing. The establishment press tells us that Hollywood is just having fun and making money. I was starting to understand that these talking heads and enslaved media personalities lie about EVERYTHING and what they say about Hollywood is no different..

I have learned much in the years spent holed up in my bedroom, hidden behind ever rising stacks of books, my head permanently covered with earphones attached to conspiracy podcasts. I learned not to believe in "conspiracies" but to use them as a jumping off point for more research.

I suffer from such severe OCD/agoraphobia that I had to retire early. Even before the Great Virus Hoax I was capable of going weeks, and even months, without leaving the house. Occasionally my family drags me out into the sunlight for a few hours. I mention this detail only to demonstrate the pathological dedication I devote to my research--I have no choice.

I have taken a hard, hard look at the movies. And I have made some tentative conclusions about what is going on there.

Michael Wann says that Wikipedia tells us only what we are supposed to know: Here is the official history of film on Wikipedia::

Although the start of the history of film as an artistic medium is not clearly defined, the commercial, public screening of ten of Lumière brothers' short films in Paris on 28 December 1895 can be regarded as the breakthrough of projected cinematographic motion pictures. There had been earlier cinematographic results and screenings by others, but they lacked either the quality, financial backing, stamina or the luck to find the momentum that propelled the cinématographe Lumière into a worldwide success.

As far back as 1825 there is evidence of mysterious activities involving "magic lanterns". Internet information about who did what and when things were invented is all very vague. Technologies seem to have appeared before they were officially "invented". The words "discovered" and "invented" are used interchangeably in some kind of shell game. The word "magic" is an important clue in that whatever was going was hidden. Or, even a better word, occult. I have developed the sneaking suspicion that electricity and even photography and film in some useful form has been around for centuries among the Elite but the peasants just recently were permitted to find out about it. And why is that? The Nefarious Elite give us nothing for free.

Here's an interesting question: What were people actually doing with this occult technology before it appeared in our midst, like Athena leaping fully armed from the head of Zeus?

In 2013 the BBC released a TV show called "Ripper Street" set in 1889. It is about a London police precinct called " Division H" charged with policing White Chapel six months after the "Jack the Ripper" murders. The first episode is titled "I Need Light." The body of a young woman is found and it is feared that the Ripper has returned. The team of detectives trace the murder to early filmmakers who are not exactly producing Disney cartoons. They are producing pornography and snuff films. As something begins, so it goes.

Is all this fiction really fiction? Are all facts really facts?

In "The Anvil of the Psyche" Thomas Sheridan identifies the Freemasonic lodges as the source of commercial realities that have appeared in the modern age and this occult knowledge had been "used to indoctrinate and empower the lodge members". Sheridan tells us that manipulators of the human mind such as Edward Bernays can be considered magicians and the propaganda and public relations he developed is sorcery. And the most powerful spells are cast by film, as the advertising industry well knows..

I had been working on a novel about Hollywood, black magick and the intelligence services, when I was struck by a random thought: What if there really was a place like Hogwarts where children were trained in black magic but without all the fun and cuteness of the Rowling stories? No, impossible. But so many things I once thought impossible have turned out to be very possible....

I now have to ask: Why has Harry Potter been able to fly his broom everywhere in the Muggle world, unscathed by really probing questions? We all just wave at him: "Hi Harry!:. And give our children unfettered access to his adventures. My son and used to discuss the Potter books and happily watch the movies together.

A few articles do discuss the elements of alchemy visible in Hogwarts but really nothing critical. They discuss how clever Rowling has been to use Latin in magical spells although it has been used for that task many, many times previously in stories.

Very significant is the narrative we have been told constantly about the Potter movies: That a cast of distinguished, family oriented stars joined a gifted writer to demonstrate the power of love and friendship and the triumph of good over evil. We are happy to accept that narrative and stop there.. And after all, it's just a movie and some children's books.

A lifetime of studying Hollywood and its works has given me a nasty, suspicious turn of mind. I can't stop asking "What is going on beneath the surface of Harry Potter?"

JK Rowling deserves deserves some serious research, better than I can do. Consider the fact that she claims she speaks five languages and was employed as a researcher and "multi-lingual secretary" for Amnesty International, which certainly makes my antennae go up. Yet she was an "almost homeless" single mother treated abusively by her cruel husband. She was too overcome with inspiration to find a piece of paper so she had to make notes on a napkin, an airline vomit bag ( there's a message to us!) and her own dresses. She also used a manual typewriter. I fully expected to hear about an evil stepmother who forced her to sit in the fireplace ashes and befriend the household vermin. Despite all these privations, Rowling seems a nice lady. She says that she gives "almost"(she likes that word) all her astronomical earnings to charities.

It has been quite a while since I have seen such a coordinated onslaught of press releases (AKA propaganda or, more succinctly, lies) churned out for any book or movie since Marilyn Monroe accidentally stood over a New York City steam vent. (Marilyn could do wardrobe malfunctions much more gracefully than Janet Jackson).

A quick glance at the production press releases of the Potter movies reveals a level of deceit that would render Louis B. Mayer speechless. I believe it is a given that the books were written AFTER the movies were planned out, or even parts of them filmed. Warner Brothers was so eager to get their hands on the Boy Who Lived they gave Rowling, a previously unpublished author, a million dollars for the rights. Well, I might buy that one. Movie executives occasionally overindulge in luncheon martinis and make deals with attractive women they later regret.

But the punchline, and this is a howler, is that they also GAVE HER CREATIVE CONTROL OVER THE MOVIE AND THE CASTING. I would sooner believe that the Pentagon gave a twelve year old permission to take a two hundred million dollar fighter jet for a spin because he wrote such a great paper on the Wright Brothers.

The graveyards of Hollywood are filled with the trampled bodies of brilliant writers who produced works of genius that they tried to keep out of the clutches of movie executives, and they all came to a bitter, penniless end. NOBODY gets a sweetheart deal like this in Hollywood. To make this clear, please remember that Hollywood is not a place, but a business mind-set.

The casting of the adults (the children are a can of worms I will keep lidded for now) is another give away. Since by decree of Queen Rowling no American actors were permitted to soil the sacred halls of Hogwarts, a line of the most decorated and beloved actors in the British Isles formed to volunteer for the honor of appearing with Harry. The reason given: More than one actor confided to the press that he had no idea who Harry Potter was but his children ( grandchildren, niece or nephew or Tiny Tim from Camden Town--God bless us everyone!) entreated him to take the part for their sake.

Actors LOVE telling people they accept parts for sentimental reasons. "It was my mother's favorite book. She died with it clutched in her hands and I just KNEW I was destined to star in the movie version." Back taxes or blackmail by their agent who secretly works for organized crime never has anything to do with their decision.

"So?" You say. "Just shows that everything old is new again."

True. But years ago a friend gave me an insight into the opaque depths of Potterdom that I didn't understand at the time. Brenda was a devout Catholic and she hurried over to my house after a three day retreat with Dominicans (I think it was the Dominicans we can blame for this) to tell me that she intended to destroy all her Harry Potter books and DVDs because the priest had told her that JK Rowling was a witch and Harry Potter was a plot by Dark Forces to destroy Christianity.

I knew she was serious. Brenda once found her daughter with a Ouija board. She sprinkled the item with holy water, chopped it into pieces and buried the pieces in the yard. I nodded politely but after she left I am ashamed to admit that I made fun of her beliefs. Little did I suspect that eventually people would be laughing at my beliefs, too.

I turns out that Brenda was totally wrong about Harry Potter. (I still haven't decided about the Ouija board).. Because Harry Potter is no threat to Christianity. He is not trying to destroy it. The Catholic Church is doing a fine job of that by itself, thank you very much. The Vatican is being eaten alive from the inside out, like a caterpillar full of hatching wasp eggs, by a group of evil men in red robes and funny hats. Harry doesn't have to destroy anything. He's just a road map telling us where we've been and where we are going.

You see, James Shelby Downard would have recognized Hogwarts. He was a student there before it even opened its doors. So were:Houdini, Michael Jackson, our old friend Marilyn, Thelma Todd, Mackenzie Phillips, Virginia Rappe, Charles Manson, Corey Feldman, and so on and so forth, the long casting call of victims initiated into its rites, used up, and then spit out by the Hollywood machine we all know and love. .

Harry Potter is the Big Reveal, Revelation of the Method, an inside joke only a few people find hysterically funny. A wink and elbow in the ribs we Muggles don't even notice.

So let's climb on board the Hogwarts Express and take a tour of :Potterland, keeping our tongues firmly in our cheeks because that gives us the clearest view of what really might be going on behind the pretty stage scenery. Let us examine the Potter works as mature, higher minded adults..

Students are summoned to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Magic(k) with an irresistible spell, as Mr. Dursley finds out. All his frantic efforts to protect his nephew from the horrors of the Ritual Satanic Abuse awaiting him at Hogwarts are in vain. His own son Dudley, who already has serious emotional issues from living with Harry, just as his mother Petunia developed from living with Harry's mother Lily, is injured by a painful transformation spell that requires surgery.

We Americans just don't get Hogwarts. We don't understand that the British upper class send their children off to boarding schools from a tender age so they can be caned and bullied into becoming the Masters of Empire untroubled by empathy or consideration for any person who is not themselves. American elite families such as the Bushes will do the same thing. "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" is a carefully researched book by Fritz Springmeier. There is a good reason the Nefarious Elite are trying to make that book go away.

At Hogwarts the new students are sorted and processed into "houses" so they can compete against each other in violent sports and accumulating demerits to win a useless lump of metal called the house cup by informing on one other. Surprisingly, they are provided with tables of delicious food at mealtimes, which is usually not the case in English boarding schools, so I hear.. Later we discover that this luxury is provided by the labor of a race of enslaved house elves. I shan't discuss this topic any more because once I start can't stop; and this is only an overview.

Hogwarts is a huge castle haunted by the ghosts of alumnae, filled with stairs and corridors that constantly change. There is a giant basilisk living in the basement that tries to kill Harry and a ghost of a murdered student in the girl's bathroom that keeps trying to kiss Harry, A homicidal tree in the yard kills birds when it is not trying to kill Harry. Don't forget the giant spider in the woods that tries to feed Harry to its "children.". .

We soon find that Harry's progress at Hogwarts is not measured by passing exams, but by staying alive. His teachers are even more dangerous, being either cruel or incompetent and often both. The dreaded Voldemort seems harmless by comparison. The title " Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher" is an amusing double speak straight out of Orwell. They are really "Teachers Who Will Try to Kill You With Dark Arts And Make Damn Sure You Don't Know How To Stop Them.".

Harry's first D.A.D.A. teacher is a Milquetoast of a wizard who managed to get the evil Voldemort glued to the back of his head and then tries to kill Harry, which nobody ever notices. The second year teacher, Magical Me, is a conman who plagiarized his books,,which nobody ever noticed, and he is willing to kill Harry and Ron and also Ginny to preserve his secret (Hmmm..the plagiarism issue with her books has plagued Rowling herself many times...Yet another fertile topic for research...?)

The Prisoner of Azkabhan brings us Remus Lupin, who seems to actually teach something useful and is a good friend to Harry. So it's no surprise when he forgets to take his meds during a full moon and turns into a rampaging beast and tries to kill Harry. And nobody seems to notice.

In the Goblet of Fire Harry is taught by "Mad Eye "Alastor Moody, an auror who is really a Death Eater disguised as Moody who keeps his form by constantly drinking a magical potion as he tries to kill Harry, which of course nobody ever notices. Faux Moody teaches the students to resist the Dark Arts by making them watch an animal being tortured to death. Many Potterheads actually consider Faux Moody an excellent teacher.. You know, the animal he tortured and killed was only an icky spider, after all. The transformation of children into wizards continues apace.

By the way, the real Moody was billed at Hogwarts as the greatest Black Wizard catcher ever, yet he was easily tricked by a Black Wizard into being trapped in his own magical trunk for an entire year. All together now: "And nobody ever notices."

Dolores Umbridge arrives in "Order of the Phoenix" , She is a mandarin assigned to whip Hogwarts into compliance with some as yet unrevealed program, although we can guess what it is. She actually has the students read and write and so everybody loathes her.. I find Umbridge the most the most revealing character.in the Potter cabal. She punishes Harry by making him write with a Black Quill. This is her own invention and as Harry writes the words do not appear on the paper but are rather carved into Harry's own flesh.

Here is a description of an early form of smallpox inoculation from a 1906 century textbook by Hough Sedgwick:

A spot, usually on the upper arm, is scraped by a lancet, so that the outer layers of the epidermis are removed; the spot is then rubbed with an ivory point, quill or tube, carrying the virus. A slight and usually unimportant illness or indisposition follows, and the arm is sore for a time, a characteristic scar remaining.

Dolores Umbridge represents the government and her job is to reveal to Harry and all the other students what lies ahead of them. And ahead of us, too.

Severus Snape turns out to be a good person who only pretended to be a bad person and did bad things so he could save a good person from bad things that he helped cause to happen to that person to begin with. I think. That just about sums up Snape.

Professor McGonagall teaches transfiguration. She is Maggie Smith in a witch's hat looking terribly embarrassed, as if she wished she were somewhere, anywhere else. And so she should.. She still has enough self respect to say that acting in the movies "wasn't satisfying" and "didn't feel like acting." But Maggie is a trouper and stays on script with the comment that the Potter franchise allowed her to bond with her grandchildren.

We constantly see the advertised villain, the all powerful Voldemort, as a either a confused shriveled manikin carted around by masked Death Eaters or an incoherent figure who twitches and doesn't seem to know where he is and what he is doing while he reads off a teleprompter. (I see an opening for a political joke here but I would never stoop that low).

Somebody is pulling Voldemort's strings. Whoever could it be? .

And what would Hogwarts be without Dumbledore? Probably a much happier and safer place. Tom Riddle was an inmate in what is supposed to be an orphanage but more resembles a hospital for the criminally insane. Dumbledore visits him there, and seeing that the boy is a deranged psychopath who likes to set fires, he naturally invites him back to Hogwarts and teaches him magick so that he can try to kill Harry. And everybody else.

When Sirius Black, the only person who isn't trying to kill Harry, escapes from Azkhaban and supposedly wants to kill Harry, who does Dumbledore hire as security guards for the school? The disgusting soul sucking psychic vampires, the Dementors, who let Black out of Azkhaban to begin with. Dumbledore claimed he was unable to prevent the Dementors' presence and forbade them from entering Hogwarts. So of course they are allowed to watch a Quidditch match, where they try to kill Harry..

But not to worry. Since everybody is watching Dumbledore makes a big deal out of saving Harry. He needn't have bothered because most of Harry's friends are so upset about their loss to a rival house that they are sorry he survived. The transformation of children into wizards is proceeding pace.

When Dumbledore finds Harry staring yearningly at his dead parents in the Mirror of Erised, he never encourages Harry to form some kind of bond with the only family he has left, the Dursleys. They are Muggles and Harry's hatred and distrust of them is reinforced at Hogwarts. No--Sirius Black, an accused murderer of uncertain temper who shape shifts into a huge black dog appears as his "Godfather".. But at least he is not a Muggle... .

I find Dumbledore to be the final goof, taking the piss on us Muggles, as the British charmingly put it. Despite droves of clues handed to us, we blithely believe all the propaganda served to us about the great and noble Dumbledore.

What more can I say about Harry Potter? Only that whoever did write those books and produced those movies had a deep understanding of magick. And that is Magick with a "K". The whole Potter construct reeks of Aleistair Crowley..

Like Harry, our children are being initiated into a spiritual slavery teaching them to turn their backs on what makes them human. Hollywood has been working hard at this and they are getting better and better at it.

In the last Potter episode, Harry and friends are manipulated into mindlessly fighting and dying by Dumbledore and the Council of Magic in a vicious war. Sound familiar? They are conditioned to accept the necessity to kill "evil" to protect "good". This is a constant theme used in Hollywood but this might be the first time it is aimed at our children. When we see the main characters at the end of the last movie, they are sending THEIR children off to Hogwarts to be assimilated as they were.

Why are our children being conditioned by Hollywood to accept without question what their rulers tell them? Take a look outside the window at the faces wearing masks and you might have an answer. .