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History is Redacted

"I never cared much for studying Human History until I realized it was all lies"

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“History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.”
- George Santayana

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
- George Santayana


Part 1 An Ancient History we can all agree on (Q & A)

Q: How old is planet Earth, or our Sun, or the Universe according to NASA?

The official answers are 4.543 Billion (Earth) 4.61 Billion (Sun) and 13.8 Billion (Universe).

Q: How is the age of the Universe determined?

An Open Letter to the Scientific Community states:

“Big Bang Theory can boast of no quantitative predictions that have subsequently been validated by observation. The successes claimed by the theory’s supporters consist of its ability to retrospectively fit observations with a steadily increasing array of adjustable parameters, just as the old Earth-centred cosmology of Ptolemy needed layer upon layer of epicycles…" (Eric Lerner, New Scientist, May 22, 2004)

Since there is no record of the Creation of the Universe, we must assume the Universe was always there and always will be. NASA, instead, imagines the Universe was created in a "Big Bang", and attempts to ascertain (in earth years) how long it's been since then. Don't be fooled; Theories of a Big Bang/Bounce/Crunch/Rip were inspired by Creationist Catholicism and disguised as Modern Sciences.

Fake Sun Chart

Q: How is the age of a Sun/Star determined?

The official method for determining the age of a star is to profile it's mass, luminosity & temperature against a standard chart of other stars. Of all the methods available, all require knowing the mass of the star ahead of time.

Suns don't have tree-rings. Even if there was some way to profile our Sun on a standard chart of other stars, we only have charts based on the questionable Hertzsprung–Russell Diagram to rely upon. As the Sun existed before recorded history, no one knows for sure when it was formed.

Q: What?

In 1910 by Ejnar Hertzsprung and Henry Norris Russell kick-started the idea of stellar evolution by creating the Hertzsprung–Russell Diagram using surveys of stars performed at the Harvard College Observatory. 4 years later World War 1 broke out. While it seems the timing of the war was unrelated to this discovery and others, it wasn't. The Great War cemented the HR Diagram in place as a central dogma of Modern Astronomy, reasserting unsupported ( and unpopular) Newtonian concepts of Gravity, and as a result, all Stellar age estimates rely upon Hertzsprung–Russell Diagram and therefore on the concept of stellar mass.

Q: So, the Hertzsprung–Russell Diagram is flawed?

The Harvard College Observatory had no way of knowing the "masses" of any star they surveyed just by looking at them with an earth observatory. They couldn't tell how big something was, how far away it was, if atmospheric refraction was throwing off their scale, or if cosmic gravitational lensing was affecting the reading. Harvard simply wrote down what they believed to be true, and now we must all believe it too!

This new Simulated Universe provided by the HR Diagram relied entirely on the hypothetical stellar mass and ignored everything mankind knows about electricity, plasma, ancient testimony, and of course hollow planets and suns. As a result, the HR Diagram is rife with contradictions and impossibilities. For example: Betelgeuse and Proxima Centauri are of similar size (M stars) and have the same surface temperature. However, Betelgeuse is 300 million times more luminous.

Q: Why would Harvard make up a fake Sun Chart?

Maybe one might ask why Harvard promoted eugenics the same year, or why Harvard tried and hung witches at Salem 1691. Their motive was always to enslave the sciences into Catholicism via a modern "Big Bang" Religion of an Expanding Universe created by a Monotheistic Universal Creator God. And they did it.

The Theory of Stellar Mass also predicates on the belief that all planets and suns are solid objects with a dense core. Suns & Planets are both charged hollow bodies, so there is no way to determine the mass of hollow stars.

Q: Planets and Suns are hollow?

NAZIs in Hollow Earth Hollow Earth EU Model

Most civilizations have literary reference points describing a Hollow Earth. Hindu Legend remembers the magnificent underground cities of Patala and Bhogavati. Tibetans and Mongolians describe Agartha, the underground realm and it's holy city of Shamballa. Since even the 16th Century most humans believed the Earth and other spheres were hollow. Available literature described the Hollow Earth in great detail, and it was still possible for humans to travel there and back again. After World War 1, most of this literature was destroyed. Since then, it has been taught in schools that Earth and other Spheres have solid cores formed from Nebular Accretion over billions of years. We are all taught that all 'Hollow Earth' literature is in fact works of subterranean fiction.

Nevertheless, non-fiction literature on Hollow Earth describes entrances in Paris, France, Staffordshire, England, Montreal, Canada, Hangzhou, China, the Amazon Rainforest, and the Grand Canyon, with the largest openings are at the North and South poles. Fresh water found in icebergs imply there are rivers within the earth that cook and purify water. Hitler famously believed in hollow earth leading many conspiracy theorists to suggest that NAZI Germany was evacuated via submarines to Neu Schwabenland .

Hollow Earth Maps

There are conflicting conclusions over the discoveries of the Kola Superdeep Borehole. In the official account, a 40k ft deep hole was dug, and the project failed after the temperature reached 356 °F. In the unofficial account, fossils, gravity anomalies, and fresh water where found where they shouldn't be, re-enforcing the Hollow Earth Theory.

Q: If the Sun is Hollow, how does it produce energy?

In 1944 C.E.R. Bruce, developed a theory that solar prominences consisted of electrical discharges in plasma and eventually published over 100 papers concerning the electrical basis of various cosmological phenomena. Bruce went on to demonstrate his electric discharge theory over the next 13 years and in 1968 published Successful Predictions of the Electrical Discharge Theory of Cosmic Atmospheric Phenomena and Universal Evolution . However, his work in this area has been largely ignored by mainstream science.

Ralph Juergens Sun Chart

The Electric Sun Model is often attributed to a 1972 article by electrical engineer Ralph Juergens. This model defines our Electric Universe in which orbital & surface gravity of a sun or planet are dependent on it's charge, not it's mass, and suns are powered electrically, contrary to the standard view that the Sun is powered by nuclear fusion. Juergens stated:

"I can find no way to state this diplomatically, so let me be blunt: The modern astrophysical concept that ascribes the sun’s energy to thermonuclear reactions deep in the solar interior is contradicted by nearly every observable aspect of the sun. The interplanetary medium suggest not only that the sun and the planets are electrically charged, but that the sun itself is the focus of a cosmic electric discharge — the probable source of all its radiant energy.”

Ralph Juergens Murdered 1979

Ralph Juergens described the Sun's surface as negatively charged, but modern plasma physicists like Wallace Thornhill and Bernard Bligh insist the Sun's surface is positively charged and fail to respond to or even mention Juergen's negative Sun prediction. Later, Juergens' Sun Model became the core component of the Electric Universe hypothesis, and yet his role in emerging study of Plasma Cosmology is still ignored by historians and Academia at large. In 1979 Juergens died of unknown causes only 2 months after publishing his last paper: Stellar Thermonuclear Energy: A False Trail?. In 2007, Wikipedia deleted the entry for Ralph Juergens. Apparently the establishment wants Juergens' theories to die with him.

Q: How old is the Earth?

Competing theories of Earth's age can be grouped into two categories: Uniformitarianism (4.5 billion year old Earth) vs Catastrophism (Young "under 10k year old" Earth). Both theories are incompatible with the other, therefore the truth cannot lie in between. Instead of basing assumptions on a rock's hypothetical age, we should be making assumptions based on what was carved on the rock millions of times by those who were actually there. After all, why wouldn't we trust the testimony of our ancestors?

The Nebular Hypothesis and Uniformitarian Cosmology

The Nebular Hypothesis was first proposed by Swedish mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg in 1734 and published in "Heaven and Hell" (1758) as he sought to explain "...why the Lord was willing to be born on our Earth, and not on another". Schools across the planet still teach children today that Nebular Accretion over 4.5 billion years is the factual origin story of our solar system. Modern plasma cosmologists will tend to disagree:

"In the Nebular Hypothesis, planets and stars accreted from the dust cloud after the 'Big Bang' billions of years ago. It is assumed that these bodies have occupied more-or-less steady and unchanging orbits ever since. Anyone who challenges this ideological assumption is quickly reminded of the 'fact' that the only forces at work are gravity and inertia." - plasmacosmology.net

"The hypothesis proposes that four and a half billion years ago, a primordial cloud called a nebula collapsed gravitationally, forming the Sun and a flat disk, and it was from that disk that our Earth and all of the planets formed. No number of failed scientific predictions based on this story have yet forced any real reassessment of its tenability."- thunderbolts.info

The Electric Universe and Saturnian Cosmology

Earth was Saturn's Moon 3 Earth was Saturn's Moon 2

Proponents of the Electric Universe Theory challenge the 'Gravity-Centric' model of the universe. They hold that the true story of Earth's origin is that it started out as a Moon of the planet Saturn at a time when Saturn was not yet part of our Sun's orbit. This is why Solar deities and Sun worship can be found throughout most of recorded history in various forms.

The Earth is young with only around 6 thousand years of recorded history. It is not 4.5 Billion years old.

Predictive Programming: The Master 2012

Q: How can we objectively determine the true history of the Earth?

Every civilization on Earth has made monuments to events that occurred in our shared history. The similarities between these monuments (built by independent civilizations that typically never met each other) provides the strongest evidence of the actual age and history of the Earth. This must-see documentary Remembering the End of the World (Full Documentary) is to my knowledge the only animated re-creation based on Saturnian Cosmology. Check it out!

Q: Don't the existence of dinosaur bones disprove "Young Earth Theory"?

Genocide Giants 4 Genocide Giants 2

Dinosaurs existed, and probably still exist somewhere. The Extinction Hypothesis accepted by popular academia was constructed deliberately to erase the real history of the Giants, our ancestors. This conspiracy is known as The Smithsonian Cover-up. The Earth isn't 65 million+ years old any more than it's 4.5 billion. Consider this popular line: When Giants Roamed the Earth .

Nephilim Giants 3

"The eyes of that species of extinct Giants whose bones fill the Mounds of America have gazed on Niagara as ours do now." - Abraham Lincoln, 1848.

The Book of Mormon features Giants in the early Americas, but much like the KJV Bible, it exists as a redaction of many previous works that were destroyed at the same time as it's creation. Decrypted, the Book of Mormon offers a narrative of large-scale humans named the Nephites who were first to inhabit the Americas and then 'fell into wickedness' and had to be destroyed by God (i.e. the central church authority).

A popular online conspiracy theory suggests the Nephilim are the offspring of 'fallen angels' which gave rise to life on earth. While the Book of Mormon sets a denigrating tone when referring to the Nephilim, they were just an ordinary human race, and not 'fallen' or 'angelic' in any way. They were not 'Aliens', and yes, they could build massive megalithic structures much like we can build towers with legos.

The real Nephilim were the Nephites; the Giants of Early America, and they could not be converted by the colonialists, and all had to be killed as the Book of Mormon describes: "Down to the last man, woman, and child". Giants (large scale humans) are confirmed in all versions of the Christian Bible. Numbers 13:33 states "there we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak), and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.”

Q: Doesn't Radio-Carbon-Dating disprove "Young Earth Theory"?

The critics of this method point out that Carbon-14 dating relies on the same circular logic as star-dating: One already has to have a reliable record of actual ages to calibrate new findings on, and nobody has been around that long. The first carbon dating experimentation suspiciously began in 1939 coinciding with the start of WW2, and the results were published 1946, less than a year after WW2 ended. Egyptian tombs of Zoser and Sneferu were chosen to calibrate dating to 2625 B.C.E., however, this cannot be trusted because Pyramids are not tombs for Pharaohs, as I'll demonstrate in this article. Tree-rings have been used to calibrate carbon-14 timelines, but the oldest verified tree-ring timelines only date back to about 750 B.C.E.. While the oldest trees of the world reveal a young, cataclysmic Earth, the carbon-14 timelines skew off into the billions of years. Physicist Wal Thornhill noted in an interview regarding carbon dating:

“I think the problem with radioactive dating is that it assumes the uniformitarian model that radioactive elements were created at some stage in the early formation of the solar system, and since then it’s been a slow process of disintegration. Under the electrical theory, elements are being formed all the time in these discharges and, when you have interplanetary discharges, transmutation of elements is occurring and radioisotopes are being created.”

From a Creationist website:

Carbon-14 dating is not based on irrefutable data alone. It has as its basis of understanding, various assumptions which concern the conditions of the Earth tens of thousands of years ago. These assumptions were originated within an atmosphere of long age preexisting ideas. Scientists almost never look for indicators in nature that might speak of a very young age for the world's history. Why would they? Most scientists do not believe that the short chronology of the Bible has any validity at all and most would consider it counterproductive to pursue such a course of investigation. If in fact such an answer were found, it would be quickly dismissed. It would be assumed that there was something wrong with the idea or the data, and a new scenario would be sought."

In this regard, the Young Earth Creationists appear to be correct. The war-time scientific revolution of 'Carbon 14 dating' became the primary means of re-writing Earth's 'Natural' history.

Q: So, how did our Solar System form?

Saturn was the Sun 1 Saturn Polar Configuration: North Saturn Polar Configuration: South

Before the first memories of Earth's history began, the planets of our Solar System were not yet part of our Sun's orbit. Instead, the planets were part of an L-Type Brown Dwarf System that was floating through our galaxy as a positive anode in a neutral galactic environment. As it entered our positively charged Sun's orbit, Saturn would become connected to the Sun's environment as a negatively charged cathode. Saturn's system drew energy from the Sun into itself as a super-capacitor would until it became 'full', at which point the Saturn system exploded stripping it's outer layers and creating the gas planets Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Venus.

Birkeland currents coursed through the planets and forced them into a new collinear configuration, connecting each planet from north to south pole, like an array of batteries. From anywhere on the northern hemisphere of the Earth, one could look northwards and see in order: Mars, Venus, then the gas giant Saturn, then Jupiter, then at a 26.7 degree angle, was our Sun. In this period, the moons of Saturn (including Mars, Venus, and Earth) enjoyed a Golden Age while the collinear planetary configuration showered them with a safe and powerful energy that promoted life to form in abundance. The Bible is a real story, just heavily redacted.

Q: The Planet Saturn was Earth's Sun?

Saturn Polar Configuration: Absu Layer Nine Planets or Realms of the Yggdrasil

Yep! Earth started out as a proto-planet within the brown-dwarf that later became the planet Saturn. A 'Golden Age' lasted 930 years starting 4077 B.C. and ended when the collinear configuration came apart in 3147 B.C. The true origin story was recorded by every culture on earth. All religions today worship the gas-giant Saturn as the Creator God of Earth, which can be demonstrated by identifying Saturnian symbols (especially the Black Cube of Saturn) throughout all modern religions. Watch this clip from "Remembering the End of the World" (1996) - the first documentary covering David Talbott's reconstruction of celestial events in ancient times:

Remembering the End of the World - Abridged

The Garden of Eden

The Christian Bible depicts this age and collinear configuration of planets as the "Garden of Eden". Visible energy flowed between the planets creating the appearance of a cosmic "Tree of Life" and chthonic serpents. The mythical island/continent of Atlantis appeared at the very center of our North Pole, and fixed above it was our _ Creator_: The planet Saturn. Norse Mythology describes a Quantum entanglement called The Bifröst which allowed humans to instantaneous teleport between planets.

Q: Humanity was then cast out of the Garden of Eden?

Correct! It's natural, and happens all the time. When Earth was cast out of Saturn's Garden of Eden into cataclysm, Humanity was struck with a death and darkness that lasted centuries. Our ancestors did not understand why their creator Saturn would punish them so. At the time they didn't know, but it wasn't God's punishment at all. Instead, being cast out of the Garden of Eden was similar a bird being pushed out of a nest by it's parent after it grows too large. It's traumatic, but also part of life.

The continent Atlantis was the center (Tree) of knowledge and technology at the time, but without the collinear configuration holding Atlantis in place, the continent vanished into the Earth's North Polar opening hiding the Tree of Knowledge. The secrets of Atlantis also went underground as various groups sought to preserve the knowledge, rituals, and class-system of the Golden Age. This Atlantean society would later come to be known as the "Deep State" as a result of their choice to keep knowledge secret from their fellow humans, and seek to use it to play God and enslave humanity.

It is possible that as Mars left the co-linear configuration, humans living on the inside of Mars became a break-away civilization from the humans of Earth. Communication between the planets via physical structures like Ziggurats, or via telepathy would still be possible. Physical travel between planets would become impossible until the buildings of the pyramids starting 2624 B.C.E.

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

Sumerian and Assyrian myths remember Saturn's collinear configuration as the first Tower of Babel, and when the 'tower' fell in 3147 B.C.E, humans scattered and no longer shared a unified language. Afterwards, the Deep State would begin attempts to reassert control over humanity. The cataclysm and world flood that followed allowed them to convince humans to construct Ziggurats to rebuild the Tower of Babel, but also to survive any future world floods.

Eventually the Ziggurats also fell, but not by God's hand. Again, it was 100% natural. The towers created a circuit connection between the ground and the upper layer of the electromagnetic field of the Earth. This connection brought down powerful energies along the sides of the towers. All humans within the buildings or on the staircases were hit with this energy could no longer function, think, talk, or remember anything. The same effect can be achieved in a lab by applying electrodes to a human head. Therefore, humans abandoned the tower in all directions feeling once again smitten by their Creator. Acts 7:43 states:

"You took up the tent of Moloch and the star of your god Rephan, the images that you made to worship; and I will send you into exile beyond Babylon."

The second reason the towers failed is that gravity increased on Earth, and the towers collapsed from within. The Deep State would eventually build pyramids to correct for this mistake.

Q: Why were the Pyramids built?

Pyramidal Empire: Pyramids around the World

Between 2624 and 2427 B.C.E., in less than 200 years, all the largest pyramids were built along the equatorial zones of the Earth. There are two reasons given by historians for building many thousands of pyramids across the planet.

  1. Slaves built the pyramids as Tombs ( or grain silos) for their afterlife-obsessed masters. This is circumstantially disprovable as King Sneferu built at least 3 pyramids Bent, Red, and Saqqara. The tomb/silo theories also fail to explain why the pyramids were so massive, above ground, or pyramidal.
  2. Ancient Aliens built the pyramids as power plants. The 'ancient aliens' theory pushed by the History Channel is meant to re-enforce faith in the Uniformitarian 4.5 billion year old Earth, and is otherwise without merit.

In modern times, Arechologists have confirmed that the design of the pyramids concentrate electromagnetic energy . Still, they fail to ascertain the motivations behind pyramidal construction. Once the testimony of Saturnian Cosmology is included, we can know the true motivation of the builders. The planets were no longer in a collinear configuration, but they were still in close proximity to each other, allowing for strong Birkeland jets to periodically create quantum entanglement between each planet during periods of alignment. The Deep State built the Pyramids of Earth and Mars with slave labor to enable communication (and transportation) between each location. Stone and gold idols built at these locations would carry sound between the Pyramids convincing the slaves that a ' Supreme God' was speaking to them.

This network enabled a quantum-entangled Pyramidal Empire on both Earth and Mars which lasted over a thousand years until the Exodus event of 1492 B.C.E.

Q: What was the 'Exodus' event?

Exodus from Egypt

The Plagues of Egypt occurred as a result of shifting conditions within the solar system between 2193 and 1492 B.C.E., rather than all at once. The first set of plagues was caused directly by the Earth passing through Jupiter's outer 'Absu' layer in 2193 B.C.E. and establishing its own electromagnetic field against the Sun. This had the effect of parting the Absu 'sea' layer of Jupiter's outer EM field and turning the 'sea' red. Everyone on Earth saw the sky split and turn red on this day. A massive whirlpool of fire then decimated Egypt and killed Pharaoh Merenre II. A drought and pestilence would begin lasting 200 years. Food storages became contaminated with lice and gnats. Livestock and crops were consumed by swarms of locusts and flies. Humans developed boils. However, as the pyramids still functioned, the Empire persisted.

The 'Exodus' marked the end of the Pyramidal Empire as the Earth entered its final orbit in the solar system, leaving the proximity of the other planets forever. As a result, the pyramids would no longer function, and the empire collapsed. Gas giant Jupiter had recently consumed Venus, and as it ejected the smaller gas planet, a terrifying dooms-day comet streaked across the sky for over 50 years as Venus found it's final orbit. This 'angel of death' passed over the fallen empire, and the Exodus of slaves began. To the faithful, the visible God 'RA' would become invisible, and be renamed 'Amen-Ra', meaning "Ra who is invisible". In modern Christianity, the same invisible God is mentioned in the Holy Trinity. The 'Holy Ghost' is the invisible component of Christian God.

The final Exodus wouldn't occur until over 700 years later in April 19th 1492 B.C.E. when Earth finally left Jupiter's orbit forever. This event disabled the pyramids forever ending the Pyramidal Empire and starting the final 'Exodus' event.

After the Exodus, humanity experienced a period of relative peace that would last over 2 and a half thousand years. Some humans maintained the slave rituals of the Pyramidal Empire including usury, circumcision, baptism, and burial of the dead. It wouldn't be until the 13th Century CE that the Deep State would regain control over the Earth through usury religion. This was accomplished by reconnecting the 'royal' leadership bloodlines of the Egyptian Diaspora and refashioning the slave cult of Dionysus into the modern religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Text of each major religion disfavour the immorality of usury while at the same time authorizing its practice through the deuteronomic double standard .

However, as the diasporic bloodlines of ancient egypt were mingled and could not be proven, it would become necessary to invent a fake 'unbroken' bloodline connecting the timeline before the unpopular Egyptian Empire began to the settling of Palestine. This fictional bloodline would be called the 'Israelites'.

Q: Who are the "Israelites"?

Black cube of saturn 4

The most definitive reason for the invention of the history of 'Israelites' is the creation of the State of Israel. Starting in the 13th century CE, Jews and Christians accepted the history of 'Twelve Tribes of Israel' as fact. In the 19th century, the historicity of the 'Israelites' was discredited as having no sources outside the OT, but regardless, Palestine became colonized with Jews seeking the "Holy Land". Jews today insist their ancestral lineage can be traced back to Abraham of the Bible, but the story of Abraham is an astrological allegory for ram sacrifice. No such person as Abraham ever existed. Jews today insist Moses led their people out of bondage in Egypt, but Moses (Mo-Zeus) was the planet Jupiter, and again, not an actual person.

The Exodus story was not exclusive to one or more 'tribes', but was experienced by every human on Earth (and Mars). This is why traditions held by the Jewish diaspora can be found in non-jewish communities throughout Africa . So the real question is: What is a Jew?

Q: What is a "Jew"?

Black cube of saturn 4

Thanks for asking! The "Jews" as we know them today did not exist before the 13th century. It was the Renaissance of Europe that invented the modern Jew, Christian, and Muslim, along with a fake 'chosen people' history ascending back to the fake 12 Tribes of Israel.

Most religions before the 12th Century C.E. were syncretic and seldom disagreed with each other over religious beliefs and practice. This peace would end with the invention of the biblical 'Chosen People' narrative. The Deep State's primary motivation for inventing "Abrahamic" religions like Judaism was to restore the ancient Egyptian slavery practice of usury. To this end, the new religious would have to be centralized and denominated. All Abrahamic religions are encrypted Egyptian religions in disguise . All Abrahamic religions generally forbid knowledge to outsiders and women, and have similar or identical beliefs and rituals like circumcision, baptism, burial of the dead, and belief in a resurrected deity. The biblical stories of Abrahamic religions all decrypt into Astrological Allegories that tell tales that never happened of people who never existed, like Abraham, David, Jesus of Nazareth, Adam & Eve etc.

The failed Jewish messianic prophecy of 1666 led to the 1698 Hasidic Revolution which re-asserted centralized control of Judaism world-wide based on 'dyansties' of rabbinical families. The Haredi Jews would be responsible for finally erasing syncretism from Judaism, replacing traditional rabbinic scholarship with occult saturnian symbol worship. For example, Jews today still don't realize the Black Cube they wear is a symbol of the planet Saturn, or why they are ordered to keep Saturn-day holy. Nor do they realize that the tradition of burn 'chametz' during the holiday of Passover is actually in rememberance of the Exodus Event when the world saw the Comet Venus 'pass over' the Earth.

The history of Judaism before the 11th Century C.E. is fake and there are no synagogues in the world were built before the 11th Century.

Q: What is a Muslim?

Both religions of modern day Judaism and Islam are encrypted with saturnian cosmology and openly worship the Black Cube of Saturn without realizing it. The only real difference therefore between them is that one religion represents a 'chosen by God' people and the other does not. This means Judaism has the authority (of the Abrahamic God) to practice usury upon the non-Jews which includes Muslims, Christians, and everyone else. For religions that forbid usury, like Catholicism or Islam, Crypto-Judaism is employed as a loop-hole where a Jew converts to a Muslim or Christian in name only, retaining their rights to practice usury. Just like the Judaism and Christianity, the history of Islam before the 11th Century C.E. is ** fake**.

Q: What is a Christian?

Cathar suppression

The story of Cathar suppression that inspired Christianity is true, and may be the second most redacted story since Creation. The date for the advent of modern Christianity was redacted and pushed back 12 centuries to around 1 AD. Just like the Judaism and Islam, the history of Christianity before the 11th Century C.E. is ** fake**.

Note: This investigation is **a work in progress**. The claims in this section are in need of revision

Modern Christianity was created out of the suppression of Cathars by the Catholic Church (i.e. Church purged by Fire). Catharism was a dualist gnostic movement in based on the teachings of Mary Magdalene that spread from Istanbul before being systematically annihilated and redacted into the Christian Bible and Islamic Quran. This is why both major religious text consider Mary Magdalene to be exalted among women. Catharism emphasised personal spiritual knowledge (Gnosis) and rejects every 'orthodox' belief system and ritual practiced by the Catholic Church. Cathars considered religions inspired by Saturn (Satan) to be materialistic and evil. They viewed the Church of Satan as a plague, and the Church viewed them as a threat. When the Church sent Languedoc Knights to convert or kill the Cathar heretics of southern France, the Knights replied:

"We cannot. We have been reared in their midst. We have relatives among them and we see them living lives of perfection."

Q: Who is Jesus Christ?

The story of "Jesus Christ" before it was redacted by the Catholic church occurred in Istanbul in the 12th Century. Biographies of Czar-Grad's ‘Byzantine’ Emperor Andronicus and the Great Russian Prince Andrey Bogoliubsky exist as surviving testimonies about the historical Christ which match up nicely to the redacted New Testament literature put out by the Catholic Church, but differ in many significant details. For example, Christ was of a race of hairy human giants similar to the mythical Sasquatch. He was born in the year 1152 AD (rather than around 4 BC), in modern day Crimea (rather than Palestine), and his mother Katya (later renamed Mary in the Latin bible) was born in Cathaya, a far eastern region of Tartaria, and was buried in the Crimea.

During this period, the Deep State Holy Empire spanned from western Europe to Istanbul with Jerusalem #1 as their capital. Their slow-and-go plan was to spread a centralized usury religion based on redacted old-testament narratives and an invisible creator lord which their priests spoke for. This plan was foiled in less than a decade by Christ as this “prodigal child” returned triumphantly to Jerusalem proselytizing an anti-establishment religion promising freedom from tyranny and an end to usury. This forced the hand of the Deep State which saw no other option than to crucify Christ in a gruesome public display within the tall gates of Troy. The objective of the crucifixion was to put down his insurrection and make an example of its leader.

Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn - Star of Bethlehem

The last 'Great Conjunction' of Jupiter and Saturn was seen when Christ was alive, known as the 'Star of Bethlehem'. On December 21st 2020, Jupiter and Saturn's great conjunction at 0ᵒ in the night sky marked the 840 year anniversary of the Crucifixion, and the founding of the Great Christian Tartarian Empire. Celebrities around the globe regard this date, but the Deep State ensured its significance went unnoticed by the mainstream media.

Q: Why would Jesus be called a Messiah by anyone?

Just like the Tower of Babel, the Messiah story also exists in many forms in different times. With each cataclysm, a prophecy would emerge predicting a Messiah who would end that cataclysm. The most significant Messiah story is that of Planet Jupiter's intervention on September 6, 2349 B.C.E. remembered around the world as the Day of the Dead , the most terrifying event in all of human history. In this event, Jupiter appears to die on it's "cross" coma tail, and disappear into a cave created by the earth's shadow upon the Absu. With Jupiter's influence gone, Planet Venus attacks Earth with plasma discharges for 2.5 straight days until on the third day, Jupiter returns upon it's coma tail, now appearing as a throne, ending the cataclysm. This Dying-and-rising deity would be remembered by different names in different places; Quetzalcoatl in Mesoamerica, Grecian Gods Zeus and Dionysus, Osiris of Egypt, Lord Shiva of Hinduism, and even Beowulf.

Later, in 2050 B.C.E., Jupiter caught on fire for 20 straight years. To the Jews of the Bible narrative, this was Moses and the Burning Bush who led the 'Israelites' to Palestine. The narrative continues with the Jews being driven out of 'Israel' and awaiting the return of their Messiah to once again 'save the Jewish Nation'. The Bible narrative then makes it clear that the 'Jews' deny Jesus Christ as their Messiah and directly cause his crucifixion and death.

So when Pilate saw that he was gaining nothing, but rather that a riot was beginning, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying "I am innocent of this man’s blood; see to it yourselves." And the Jews answered, "His blood be on us and on our children!"

Q: If Jesus never claimed to be the Jewish Messiah, why are the Jews blamed for his crucifixion?

This antisemitic canard was explicitly written in the 13th Century C.E. by the Latin Church to serve the purposes of their centralized authority. They invented Antisemitism as a schism between old-testament worshipers and new. They invented the 'Jew' as the exclusive old-testament worshiper awaiting the return of a Messiah that already came. They replaced Cathar dualism with Monotheism. They redacted parts of Earth's true origin story in reverse to create the Book of Revelations, causing Christianity to become Apocalyptic.

Q: Will there be an "Apocalypse" in the future?

No. The events of 'The Apocalypse' as described in the Book of Revelations already happened in the past. Every centralized religion today was converted by force from previously-held indigenous memories of the creation of the world, re-writing their origin story in reverse by the central Church authority. This simple trick works for any indigenous creation myth, and inverts the religious motives of entire countries in preparation for an Apocalypse that has already happened, and will never happen again. Some examples of modern (rewritten) apocalyptic religions: Baháʼí, Buddhism, Christianity (Revelations), Mormonism, Hinduism, Islam (Yawm al-Qiyāmah), Jainism, Judaism, Norse Mythology (Ragnarök), Zoroastrianism, Jehovah's Witness, Isaac Newton Prophesy, Branch Davidians, UFO/5D Religions, Mayan Calendar Conspiracy, and many others.

Q: Why can't we all agree on one version of history?

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
― George Orwell, 1984

History has been redacted and is still being redacted today which gives the Deep State unlimited influence over our present and future. An example of a modern redaction is the Irish Potato Famine which was an obvious genocide planned by the Church of England that was later rewritten as a 'potato famine'. Humans aren't this bad at eating or staying healthy. In reality each famine/plague was planned in advance as a means to re-assert control over a population.

Earth was Saturn's Moon Spires Roman Power Pyramid Saturnian Icons

The 'First' version of history, is the true Origin Story that humans on earth actually experienced, which is told through traditions and artifacts but is otherwise forgotten. The 'Second' History is the redacted (politically correct) version of the true Origin Story created by those who would control us (and each other). This is the history we are taught in public school where the earth is 4.5 billion years old. Therefore, The Third (and final) History is whatever humanity eventually agrees is the actual truth, and we will.


Comparative mythology is the comparison of myths from different cultures on Earth that typically had little or no contact with each other. By cross-referencing ancient testimony by every civilization, we can objectively reconstruct an un-redacted 'true' timeline of Earth History (and our Solar System). Our ancestors weren't liars, and they weren't insane. They simply drew what they saw in the sky.

Contextual Evil occurs when one life form needs to prey on another to survive. This can happen between animals in nature, but also between the planets themselves. We are not fighting a war, or against an enemy, but instead solving problems of Contextual Evil that exist in our shared reality. Our history has been redacted by an evil human influence who seek to control our present and our future. Therefore, achieving peace on Earth predicates on our ability to agree upon history. The official/redacted history presented to us describes a planet of endless war which leads us to believe that this evil influence has always been there, and always will be. However, our true history remembers a peaceful earth marked with natural cataclysm where the evil influence never lasts very long, where evil empires fall the fastest, and where, without exception, peace and revelation always prevail in the end.

We are of the Earth; to Her we do return. The future is inside us; it's not somewhere else. - Thom Yorke

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