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A science fiction story based on Saturnian Cosmology.

This is a work in process

Audio Drama Concept & Plot synopsis

The story is told from the narrow perspective of the observer/author as if reading a family chronicle that has been kept from the first memory of Earth's history into modern day, similar to books of Mormon or Bock Saga. Narrative style is similar to that of War of the Worlds by H.G.Wells. The family chronicles its experiences for each time period, narrating what they saw happen, even if they didn't understand why it happened. Here's an example of an Audio Drama series.

Prologue - The Before Time

This tells the story of the darkness before the Golden Age. TBD

Chapter One - Ech

The protagonist Ech was born in the Golden Age - a time when the Earth and other planets were new and bursting with life. She lived in the middle of the configuration - the Garden of Middle Earth - with her family and enjoyed an idealistic existence with the many creatures. The planets Mars-Venus-Saturn towered ominously close in the sky bound by magnificent rainbow currents of energy that twisted and took root in the North Pole of the Earth. At some point she develops a curiosity towards the sky gods and travels north to the location on the ground where the rainbows meet the ground. Her friends and family are horrified that she would leave the Garden and risk the unknown dangers north.

At the North pole, Ech finds a series of simple stone henge structures that someone has built and left behind. She notices each structure reacts to the rainbow currents as they pass over creating temporary gateways of quantum entanglement. Timing it carefully, she runs into one gate as it lights up and is surprised to find herself walking out of another gate on a different planet - Mars. However, the temperature is drastically colder, and there isn't much light. This was Jotunheim - the south side of Mars. Daring the cold, she continues traveling to the north side of the planet where the temperature is warmer. There, she finds a series of spectacular cities built of giant Emeralds - Atlantis.

Ech is greeted by the inhabitants of Atlantis - smaller humans of a light skin and fair nature. They inform her that she passed a series of trials (discerning the travel gates, daring the cold of Jotunheim) and is initiated into their religion and educated in the ways of science. She is also taught that the Creator (the 3 planets in the sky) has ordained the priesthood of Atlantis with a very special power - the ability to grant wishes of any kind. All one has to do is simply ask the Creator itself at the Grand Court of Atlantis where it manifests. Once her education was complete, Ech was told to travel back and evangelize the Atlantean Creator God religion to the people of her homeland.

Chapter Two - The Wishes

Back home, Ech regales others with her incredible experiences north. She boasts of the all-powerful nature of the Atlanteans and their claim to be able to grant any wish. Many are convinced and join the religion however there are many skeptics. Eventually the debate comes to a head as the skeptics claim that some things cannot be cured by wishes - greed, envy, wrath, gluttony, pride, lust etc. Challenged by this, Ech insists that her mentors can indeed solve these natural evils and once again travels north - this time with an entourage.

Eventually they make it to Atlantis. Ech brings her people to the Grand Court of Atlantis and the Creator God manifests as a large floating apparition in the middle of the room. Each of the entourage asks for a cure to the natural evil they face and are met with the same response. They are told to submit themselves to the will of the Creator and obey the commands of the priesthood utterly - and their wishes will manifest, but only if they remain loyal. The apparition vanishes and the priesthood speaks. The entourage is ordered to return to their homeland and await further instructions. They are told that by capitulating to the will of the religious collective of Atlantis, they will be each given according to their needs, and they will be happy. Contemplating this, Ech and her entourage return home to Middle Earth.

Chapter Three - The Revolt

Back home, a division forms as the promise of divine-gifts-for-loyalty splits Ech's growing Congregation. One side believes the Atlanteans had oversold their abilities and were demanding too much in return for promises that weren't guaranteed. The other side took the Atlanteans at their word and feared that any disloyalty in their ranks would inevitably lead to their society being shunned by Atlantis and forbidden to access its technology. Eventually the dispute results in a physical fight between the two sides. As this is a time before weapons, no one gets seriously injured.

Ech, having stayed out of the fight, endeavours to resolve it by planning yet another pilgrimage to Atlantis for the purposes of confronting and resolving the enduring religious dispute. On the journey, she contemplates the possibility that the priests who trained her could have lied to her about representing the Creator God, but remains convinced that there must be a logical explanation to the religious dispute.

Chapter Four - The Wizard

Ech and her entourage reach the Grand Court of Atlantis and once again face the floating Creator Apparition who now appears very angry at the perceived disloyalty in Middle Earth. Many people in the entourage fall to the floor in awe and fear of the Apparition, but Ech stands up and challenges it instead. She asks:

If you are the Creator, then why do you ask to be worshiped?

The Apparition does not reply. She asks again:

Why deny your gifts to whose who aren't loyal to the Grand Court?

After a pause, the Apparition replies:

It is for your own protection. You must not eat from the Tree of Good and Evil for on that day you will certainly die.

Ech replies:

I can't abide watching my tribe fight each other over this any longer, so show me the tree and let me be the sacrifice, 
and prove once and for all the power of the Creator.

Again the Apparition paused, as if contemplating a response. Abruptly it vanishes leaving the courtroom silent. The members of the court immediately began shouting over each-other. Order was eventually restored, and the head priest orders everyone out of the Court and makes a proclamation banishing Ech and her people from Atlantis forever for the crime of blasphemy. They return to Middle Earth disillusioned once again.

Chapter Five - The Tower Falls

Having returned to their home Ech and her people put their experiences in Atlantis behind them. They felt that clearly they were out of their league messing with Gods and unknown forces. The idyllic Golden Age continues in Middle Earth, and they see no reason to ever return to Atlantis. At all times in the sky they could see the Tower - the rainbow bridge stretching from Earth to the planets Mars-Venus-Saturn.

Eventually visible changes occurred to the Tower as it began a period of collapse. Mars violently oscillates reaching proximity with Earth and causing major cataclysm. The people of Middle Earth began to hear rumors from Atlantis - that the Creator was unhappy with its creation for being disloyal.


Chapter Six - The Great Deluge


More coming soon

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