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New Rocket Chat Server is running

Please click here to join our privately-hosted Rocket Chat server. I'll be managing this open-source chat server to prevent loosing all of our research in a future internet censorship sweep.

Discord Server Suspended

The Paradigm Threat Discord Server was taken down, after all these years. I wonder what they were waiting for. Oh well! Only one thing left to do when this happens. Build my own! Check the above link for the new private server! Here was the reason given from Discord Staff:

Discord Censorship

Don't remember promoting any sexual violence against the Deep State or anyone else, but landed in Discord Death Row anyhow. Or was it the Gigabyte Green Mile? In the mean time, click here to join the Paradigm Threat Chat Server. or the Paradigm Threat Telegram channel.

Check out how the old Discord Server shortcut is rendering these days: